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Lululemon Summer Sale Haul (so far)

Lululemon Summer Sale Haul (so far)

My Lululemon Summer Sale Haul has arrived! This isn’t everything I got, I still have a few more items coming. The sale goes for 3 more days and each day Lululemon is adding fresh items to the sale. 

I did have a few items cancel on me, including the non-sale Align Tanks I ordered. I’m not mad though. Lululemon and especially employees are BUSTING THEIR BUTTS right not to provide us with their normal yearly summer sale under abnormal and very challenging circumstances. I’m so grateful for any effort anyone is making right now to create a sense of normal and seasonal routine amidst chaos. Let’s try to be chill as some of our items cancel or get delayed. 

This is my favourite so far. I'm really glad I ordered it. I love these Lab tights too!!

I have the other Swiftly Relaxed Short Sleeve 2.0 in the purple dapple dot print and loved it. I didn’t know it also came in a pink version at some point so as soon as I saw it on the Lululemon Summer Sale I had to get it. The rainbow striations are slightly more visible in this one compared to the purple version. 

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These Lululemon Lab Kasta Tights are awesome. They have always grabbed my attention online but for some reason I didn’t pull the trigger. They are on the very pricey side, but they are finished with a lot of nice details. I love the zippered ankles.

This is a fun print. I like it a lot. Not something I'd like in tights but will look great layered with a black tank.
Love the tee. I already knew that though because I have it in white already. The leggings.... it's gonna be a no for me dawg.

I got this LA Boyfriend Box Tee earlier this summer and tie-dyed it. I loved the fit of it and the weight of the cotton. Here is that post

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  • Love the relaxed swiftly in the top photo. Good call on rejecting those brown tights. They look too much like you’re not wearing anything on the bottom.

  • Agreed on the pants. Besides looking nekid, the color doesn’t suit me at all. I think they look great on darker skin tones though, maybe cool toned too.

  • I had to admit defeat as well and return the saddle aligns …. I really like that colour though and a top of some style in that colour would work for me

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