Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale is Live!

381 products for Canada / 571 items for USA 

5 days of markdown drops with new items added daily!

Whew, that was a frantic scramble to the Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale. We weren’t expecting it to upload until tomorrow! I purchased several items which I’m excited about, but was disappointed at the comparably small upload Canada got. Canada got 381 items while the US had 571 items. There were so many items from the US upload I wanted. Many of those items have never even been upload to Canada in the first place. Boo to that! I believe this sale is online only, which makes considering coronavirus pandemic and the store protocols. Wait times to get in to my local store today where an hour and a half!

I ordered liberally as a strategy this time, anticipating a few order cancellations. I might go back and order another pair of leggings I’m considering

What did you guys order tonight? Share your lists!


The Best Picks Of The Lululemon Warehouse Sale

What's Selling Out Fast Online

My Order (So Far)



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  1. The website isn’t very stable this morning. Or as the web page says “having a moment.” When will they learn?

    1. I think this years sales are a lot higher for the online sale. Much higher traffic than usual.

  2. I do like that they’re limiting # of item purchases this go around though – to keep the resellers from just grabbing everything!! (I saw that on reddit)

  3. Just spoke with GEC. Their website has completely crashed and they aren’t taking orders over the phone.

  4. I just got an email saying my order had been cancelled – but then when i checked on their site only PART of the order was actually cancelled. Just something to be aware of before reordering parts of a supposedly “cancelled” order….

  5. disappointed to see the sale went live early in the morning on East Coast. by the time I logged in at 7am Pacific time, pretty much everything in sizes 6 and 8 were gone. I hate it when companies do that!! West Coast customers are always a second thought.

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