The Upload is live! Finally! Check out the newest Lululemon Drops.

Not a super exciting upload today but I did order the Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant. I’m curious to see how they fit on someone very curvy. They will either be very lengthening with all of those vertical lines and verticle ribbing, or they will be too overwhelming in the hip area. They look cute online though and very stylish. Once again this week I am loving a lot of the new colors; Magenta, Algae, and Soleil, just waiting on the right item to purchase in those colors.

Did you order anything today?

I have a few informative posts coming this month so stay tuned!

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  1. The Rally Wrap came out in a new colour and a new price. I bought mine a year ago on sale for $89, originally it was $130. The price now is $148.

  2. I would love a review on the Urban Strides pants. I’m a fan of the On the Fly pants and am thinking of ordering the Urban Strides.

  3. I like the magenta and the yellow colours – but it’s hard to know what it’s going to look like in reality. The pink taupe colour looks like a light pink in the photos but actually it’s more of a lavender colour.

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