The Lululemon Upload is up! Lots of pretty items today. Loving Magenta Glow but also really liking the new yellow Runderful Long Sleeve. I’m still debating what to get in Magenta Glow and Algae Green – I’ll let you know what I end up ordering.

Did you order anything today/

Rain Rebel Jacket *Cotton

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Gathering Storm Short Jacket

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All Yours Hoodie

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Runderful Long Sleeve

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All Yours Crew

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Define Jacket

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Gathering Storm Long Jacket

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  1. I really like this vibrant pink (magenta glow), although it might be different in real life. That reminds me: what kind of lighting do they use on these poor models? Half of them have orange skin.

  2. Here I am posting about my love for Algae Green again–but it runs deep. However, I’m still not crazy about the available pieces. I sweat a lot and don’t want to wear bottoms in a mid-tone green. I’d be down for a (non-FTBW) bra or a Swiftly tank, though. Maybe next week.

  3. Pretty colors – at least on the screen, but who knows what they’ll actually look like IRL – but not one item of clothing I’d want to buy. I keep hoping they’ll do a beautiful print or color in a CRB II but Lulu seems to have completely abandoned that approach. I give up.

    BTW -do you know if Carolyn permanently stopped doing LuluAddict?

  4. I like the Algae green Fast & Frees but want to see the color in person. (And I figure they’ll probably end up on WMTM). I haven’t been excited about an upload for quite a while. ?

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