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My 2019 Beauty Favorites

by Cristina
My 2019 Beauty Favorites

I wanted to share some of My 2019 Beauty Favorites, in case you are needing some shopping inspiration for last minute gifts in this category, or you are doing the ‘one for you, one for me’ shopping strategy. Maybe you just need a little pampering and self care after pulling together this holiday season for everyone in our lives. This is definitely a very small list as I don’t tend to buy a lot of new beauty products yearly, but I have really loved these items.

My 2019 Beauty Favorites

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Malin and Goetz Deodorant

It took a looooong time for me to find a natural deodorant that works, with a formula that I like and that doesn’t irritate my skin. Finally I found the one that replaces my trusty Secret antiperspirant and is #1 on My 2019 Beauty Favorites List. Malin and Goetz is such a holy grail that I’ve stock piled a few of them to have on hand. I even gave one to my friend and she has also fallen in love with it.

Natural Deodorant Sampling Sucks!

I have HATED every other natural deodorant I’ve tried, but I really love this one. I think it’s because this is a gel like formula and it doesn’t contain any irritating baking soda. What I loved about my Secret deodorant is exactly what I hated in all the natural deodorants. The chalkiness of the antiperspirant created such a great barrier to friction in addition to blocking my pores that it always felt the most comfortable on my skin. Natural deodorants that are a paste, or that have that same chalky texture always dry me out and cause irritation from the baking soda. Malin and Goetz is a gel like formula, and it’s so moisturizing.

What I love About Malin and Goetz Deodorant

I noticed within a few days of starting Malin and Goetz that the little hair follicle bumps I’ve always had on my armpits started to disappear. The gel formula also creates a barrier (sort of how alo vera does) so I don’t have that friction feeling. I hate the feeling of friction in my underarms when I don’t wear deodorant and this is the only other deodorant I’ve found that has the same comfortable feeling I had with Secret. It gives you the feeling of antiperspirant, but without the pore blocking effects.

I had to get used to the feeling of my pores being able to sweat again. Sometimes I will have a damp feeling in my armpits, but I won’t have any bad smell. This freaked me out a bit at first until I realized that it’s actually normal to sweat in that area. I’m not sure why Malin and Goetz is so effective at eliminating BO smells, but it is. I love the scent of the Eucalyptus but it’s not a super obvious scent, and it’s not masking anything. Somehow the deodorant works really well at neutralizing or preventing BO.

Sometimes I do need to reapply it, late in the day if I’ve had a really busy and active day, but that hasn’t happened often.

The Only Negative

At first this deodorant seemed really pricey, but the one I am currently using I’ve had since June, and I’m just starting to hit pan. The only problem is it’s hard to find in Canada, so I stock up on it at Nordstrom or if I happen to travel to the US.

If you are looking for a natural deodorant, definitely you must try this one.

Rahua Perfume Oil

I am a bit of a perfume junkie and I don’t have a signature scent. As a perfume collector, I like to rotate through depending on my mood. I don’t think I could ever be monogamous to one scent, but this one comes close. I think because it’s really simple and subtle, and it’s not quite a floral and not quite a woodsy scent. Neither of the two notes over powers the other and it’s so well balanced and subtle. I love the scent of Palo Santo so I think liking that is a prerequisite to liking this perfume. Palo Santo smells like a florally, liquorice scented wood and it doesn’t smell like incense or like a meditation studio.

Aleppo Soap

Aleppo Soap is soap that has been made in Syria for thousands of years. The ingredients are really simple. Just olive oil, laurel oil and lye. This is similar to Marseille soap except that it adds the laurel oil and the soap is cured for one year. The soaps are cured because that enhances the antibacterial qualities in the laurel oil. Aleppo Soap is really great for sensitive, eczematic and psoriatic skin and is incredibly moisturizing, especially in the winter. You can buy the soap with different ratios of laurel oil. The most soothing version of the soap is the higher concentration of 40% laurel oil vs. a 10% laurel oil.

Aleppo Soap isn’t found at conventional retailers (yet!) but you can find artisan vendors on Etsy, or in Canada there is this little boutique that sells Syrian-Canadian made Aleppo Soap. I ordered from this Canadian boutique, but I also wanted to try this Etsy shop based in Sweden.


I’ve reviewed other eyelash growth serums in the past which where successful for me. I believe that most of the eyelash serums on the market are effective in varying degrees. I started using this Revitilash in the summer when I got a two pack, and just recently finished the first tube. I’m so happy with the results and will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. I found that my eyelashes started to grow longer and thicker pretty quickly, even though it says you won’t see results for the first three weeks.

My 2019 Beauty Favorites

Honorable Mentions For My 2019 Beauty Favorites (Items I’ve very recently purchased):

Eve Lom Cleansing Balm

I love cleansing balms in general. I’ve heard really great things about Eve Lom over the years and have really wanted to try it but found the price point very high. I recently found a little mini size and although the value is less than if you just buy the full size, it’s perfect to trial it first to make you like it. It even came with the little muslin cleansing cloth! So far I’m really liking it. I also really like the Elemis Cleanser and I haven’t decided yet which one I like the best, or that I’d fork over for a full size of.

Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lipstick

Ugh! This is expensive lipstick. It was such an impulse purchase and I got suckered by the beautiful holiday packaging in addition to the awesome formula. Did I need a new lipstick? No. I’m sure there is probably a dupe for this color somewhere. I loved this matte formula though and the fact that it wasn’t drying or dry looking. It made my skinny lips look plump. I got the color Christy which is a pinkish nude. I really liked this everyday color on me a lot and found it pretty flattering for a nude.

So Tell Us….What Have Your Best Purchases Been in the Beauty\Self Care\Self Pampering Category for 2019?

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Anonymous December 13, 2019 - 5:47 am

I am just curious. Why did you decide to try natural deodorant? I’ve never considered it. What are the benefits you’ve found?

Cristina December 13, 2019 - 7:30 am

The biggest benefit is the change in my skin in that area. I used to have really bumpy hair follicles and it just looked ugly and like I had a 5 o’clock shadow. My pores where so clogged up with the antiperspirant that I often also had red bumps. Switching to Malin and Goetz cleared up my skin in that area really fast. I didn’t bother doing the ‘detox’ that is often recommended with switching to natural deodorants. I was interested in moving away from natural deodorants because my skin was getting itchy and irritated and I also didn’t like the buildup that happened on my fabrics.

Lacey December 13, 2019 - 11:25 am

I have also switched to natural deodorant for 2 reasons: I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to almost all regular brands (even sensitive) and the fact that regular antiperspirant/deodorant never actually kept me from sweating. I love my Think Sport deodorant and don’t sweat more than before–even without the antiperspirant in it.


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