The Lululemon Holiday Upload 2019

The Lululemon Holiday Upload 2019 is here! One day early to maximize shipping days. You can order all the way up until December 22 at 10pm to receive your item by the 24th.

I’m tempted by several items today. Surprisingly, the Wunder Under Mesh in Garnet is calling to me. I don’t usually gravitate to the mesh panel leggings, but something about it in garnet is so pretty. I’m also loving the Scuba Sherpa Hoodie Long in heathered spanish oak, and the Here For Serenity Sweater in pink is adorable. I’m also really loving the new floral print. If I where to get something this upload it would probably be the floral scuba, and the WU Mesh in Garnet.

View the last Lululemon Holiday Upload 2019 Here.

Are you tempted to buy anything today? Are you purchasing any Lululemon Christmas gifts?

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I would 100% be sold if the Warmth Restore Sherpa Wrap came in this Heathered Spanish Rose color.

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Warmth Restore Sherpa Pullover

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Here For Serenity Sweater

So cute!! Wish this was just a tad longer. I may try it anyways.

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Define Jacket Luxtreme

Floral Illusion Antique White Multi, Lululemon Holiday Upload

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Scuba Hoodie *Light

Tempted!! This seems like such a unique holiday scuba. Scuba prints in awesome colors are so rare the past few years.

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Sculpt Tank II

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Wunder Under Pant High Rise Ray

Love the look of these tights.

The Lululemon Holiday Upload

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Lost In Leisure Jogger

These are intriguing as well. I am tempted to try them out but sort of wish they were tencil, not cupro.

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Wunder Under High Rise Mesh

The Lululemon Holiday Upload 2019

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Wunder Under Crop Mesh

The Lululemon Holiday Upload 2019

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight Shine

Kinda love these too! The all over shine tights aren’t for me but I like this panelled version with the retro arches.

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The Lululemon Holiday Upload



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  1. Wow, I didn’t think new product drops couldn’t get any more boring and uninspiring. Seriously, nothing new put out by LLL is compelling me to buy. Boring, Boring, Boring

  2. Thanks for all you do! Love the uploads. I am happy that I don’t need anything. Haven’t bought anything in a while yay! I did use 25% sweat discount yesterday to buy full length on the fly pant in navy since I like the black ones and can wear for dress down days. The crops were too short for office in winter. And I got a crb in night diver colour and waterbound hoody in pink for runs. And the aligns in the mini specs dye herringbone. I only got 4 things and normally I would get all 15 lol. Yay!
    The new floral print is similar to the grandma peony print from last year. They had nice floral print on foreign site with faded blue purple mix. If we get I may jump on those

  3. I really like the new floral print! There have been so many florals I haven’t liked over the years, but this one is pretty. I’m eying the sculpt tank in it, but will wait til it hits WMTM, which i know it will at some point!

  4. none of them tempt me 🙁 I like the look of the material of the sherpa jacket but I do not like that it has two tones (brown and beige). I also feel it’s again too boxy/relaxed fitting for my liking.

    I guess I just have to wait for the feminine silhouettes to be trendy again.

  5. That scuba sherpa hoodie is really calling my name. It’s so pretty and I think it would look great for skating. If they have their super fast shipping again this year I think I’ll get that one.

    I always admire how you find the best product photos. When I scroll on my own I think the upload is meh but you curate the best of the best on every post.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I made a last minute order with the holiday sweat collective discount last night before it expired. I got the Mesh WU in garnet and the WU Ray. I also noticed they added a relaxed Rest Less Pullover to WMTM that kind of looks like a sweater print. I don’t remember seeing this before, even in the full price section? I got the garent/white/frosted mulberry one, although I was tempted by the black/white version as well. I waffled back and forth about buying the new floral print scuba. It’s so pretty, but I have quite a few floral print ones already. I ended up talking myself out of it. I’m sure I will eventually purchase one. I’m already regretting deleting it from my cart.

    I’m also kind of digging the grapelicious print, but would like to see if it’s as vibrant IRL.

  7. @Stacy – I noticed a new WMTM item, too. I don’t remember seeing either version of the Fool’s Gold Hotty Hots at full price. I love that color and would have snagged them in my size. Sadly, they are now sold out.

  8. I think you are right, Lacey! I didn’t notice those before either. I also noticed that the SS Swiftly Shine in White is on WMTM. It makes me wonder– Was that there before? Did I not notice it? Is Lulu trying to gaslight me?

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