Lululemon Holiday Upload

Small little Lululemon Holiday upload today but these two beautiful Special Edition Speckle Shine items just dropped. I got to try them on in store yesterday. You can see my photos as well as store photos below. I really loved the tights especially.

The Lululemon Holiday Upload 2/2

Define Jacket Speckle Shine

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Speed Wunder Tight 28″ Speckle Shine

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Speed Wunder Mid-Rise Tight 28″ Speckle Shine

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Align Super High Rise Short 10″

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  • Got to be real. The shiny define is defining Lu lu right now… low class. I think they are moving away to the “ trendy” side of fashion and not following their core values. Trend in my mind hasn’t firm footing. I worry about their designs for future work – out wear. With respect to other view points…. my personal opinion.

  • So sad, yet so real. I agree.

    – lulu decline in terme of design, femininity, and versatility been going on since 2016, so a good 3 years now. The cie demonstrate no sign of slowing down this sad curve***. Only few piece (single digit) attempt to mirror vintage Good, Old lulu that created a firm fan base – that is eroding for “on and off” shoppers!

    – Educators (sale person, lets be serious!) in store are less and less friendly and authentic sport enthusiast. I had the worst experience not long ago.

    – 2013 sheer pants fiasco was the beginning of the end in therm of quality. My cops dating from 2008 are in amazing shape compared to my 2018 edition dying already.

    hoping for better days, in the mean time, my wallet is very secure.

    *tks lulumum for your gifts idea post!!!

  • I think the black sparkle leggings look fine, but it’s just not my thing. I visited in store a few weeks ago when they had recently dropped a number of “shine” items. They didn’t feel good to the touch and I thought they looked kind of cheap. It’s an easy pass for me.

  • Lululemon is way behind Ultracor and other trendy brands. Ultracor did and still does this sparkly style.
    I saw the sparky tights and does NOT look like they’ll hold up. Everything about this sparkly crap from lulu looked cheap in my opinion when I saw them in the store . They need to copy Ultracor better. Ultracor full length leggings are pricey because they are made very well and with really cool patterns.

  • I keep trying to post but for some reason it’s not getting posted. How’s the texture of the sparkle? I’m thrilled to see a new nulux print and hope it’s not rough or anything like that.

  • I’m not digging this part of the Define’s description: Over time, the foiled-and-flocked detailing will take on its own well-loved look. For best results, wash inside out in cold water, lay flat to dry.

    It sounds like it will show wear super fast, but they’re trying to sell it as intentional. ?

  • I loved the look of the pants when I saw them in store a few days ago so I picked up the black pants and define. Didn’t look cheap at all – in fact I think it was done well to account for the fact that anything with this kind of treatment will inevitably wear off a bit over time. I didn’t see the garnet color originally, but it looks great on you!

  • These will make great WMTM items that will sit on there for a while. I like shine and sparkle but not this. From Lululemon I’d prefer something classier like a shine type pant, not too flashy but just a nice sheen material.

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