Window Shopping at Athleta

November 22, 2019

Wanna go Window Shopping at Athleta with me today? Oh my! I’ve heard whispers the past few weeks that Athleta has really been knocking it out of the park with their designs lately and I finally went and took a little look. I usually avoid browsing Athleta for long periods of time because it is so restrictive to shop online as a Canadian. The designs have to be stellar for me to overcome the burdensome Canadian duties. Well, these swirly rainbow reflective run tights are absolutely worth it! So many other pieces caught my eye as well. I am forever in love with my Alo Foxy Sherpa (almost sold out!) so I will not stray, but Athleta has some equally awesome sherpa designs in their ‘Sherpa Shop‘. The Athleta Sherpa prices are pretty great, too!

Officially making it on to my Christmas Wish List is the Reflective Tights, the Velvet Vest, the Ritual Jacket and the Motto Tights. Ok maybe the Ski Jacket too!

Window Shopping at Athleta

Athleta Swirl Reflective 7/8 Tight in Supersonic
Athleta Swirl Reflective 7/8 Tight in Supersonic
Athleta Swirl Reflective 7/8 Tight in Supersonic, Window Shopping at Athleta
Athleta Swirl Reflective 7/8 Tight in Supersonic, Window Shopping at Athleta

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Athleta Ritual Jacket

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Reversible Sherpa Sweatshirt
Athleta Reversible Sherpa Sweatshirt

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Tugga Long Sherpa Jacket

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Headlands Hybrid Moto Tight

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Double Cozy Karma Recover Jogger

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Athleta Twilight Tight

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Love this velvet down vest!!!! Especially from the back with the cuffed hem, and in the front with the high neck.

Lofty Velvet Down Vest

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I love the retro ski jacket look here. This shape is like the blazer of winter coats. I saw a woman at school drop off the other day wearing a jacket this shape, and it was color blocked with a jewel tone orange at the front and back, contrasted with white, and it had gold hardware on the belt. It was a stunner! She looked so amazing and elegant in such a casual outfit.

Grace Peak Jacket

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9 responses to “Window Shopping at Athleta”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow! I love everything. I wish we had one in Canada.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I wish there were in Canada too!! I don’t know why they can’t come up here too.

  3. Stacy says:

    Ooh, I love it when you window shop! It’s fun to see your picks.

    Those swirly reflective tights are beautiful!! I price is scaring me away a little. A wish list item for sure though. I really like the longer cream-colored sherpa jacket and I’ve found myself admiring it every so often for the past couple of weeks. (Your Alo one is so cute, but I have a long torso and I know I probably wouldn’t wear it due to the shorter length. But, I have bounced in and out of my cart a few times while cruising the Alo site!) I like the vest too, but I don’t know if I want it or not. I feel like I need to try it in store first.

    I recently bought the Rainier Tights. They are very similar to Lulu’s Toasty Techs, but they are more comfortable (and this comes from someone who owns 5 pairs of Toasty Techs.) The waistband on the Rainier’s is slightly thinner and has a bit more give when you move around. The seams are placed a little better, so you don’t get that slight pulling around the pockets as you get on Toasty Techs. I think the rise is also higher on the Rainer. The fabric is very much the same on both tights, buttery and soft! I wore them on a hike outside this morning, and they kept me nice and warm. I would say the only drawback on my Rainier pair is that I chose the Leopard Reflective ones, and they are kind of distinctive. So, I’ve worn them over and over, but everyone knows it because of the pattern! I plan to snag a more plain colored pair soon!! But, the reflective print is very cute and fun! I feel like Athleta hit it out of the park with the Rainier tights.

  4. Jenn says:

    I love athleta. If I travel to the states I always shop there. I make sure to sign up for their email list and I get 20% off one item. I make sure my daughter gets one too so I can get 2 things discounted. Last time I was there in the summer I thought I heard 2 of the staff mention that Athleta was opening a store in Toronto. I hope so because I am finding a lot more things that I love there compared to Lululemon. I got there reflective pants last year and have worn them a lot.

  5. stylistadiva says:

    Just bought the Alo sherpa jacket in dove grey! 30% off with black Friday discount. The duty is steep to send to Canada, however my order arrived the NEXT DAY. ONE DAY! Unheard of! So pleased with it!

  6. GG says:

    Hi Stylistdiva, Thanks for the heads up on the Blk Friday discount. Could you possibly share where this code is? I don’t see it on the website when I go there.
    Thank you!

  7. Heidi says:

    I always shop there when I go to the US! It tends to get pricey though with exchange factored in. I have quite a few casual pants from them. I was recently in NYC and bought the Rock Ridge Jacket. It is stunning on and I’ve had so many compliments on it. I also picked up a Speedlight shirt. Similar to the Swiftly’s but Athleta’s are more “stylish” they also have that rubber stuff on the hem so they don’t ride up, the fabric is so soft and the side ruching is a nice touch. I really wish Canada had Athleta!

  8. Jenn says:

    Apparently Athleta no longer ships to Canada. Was just going to order the reflective pants but they have stopped shipping internationally. That is really disappointing ,I was really looking forward to those tights.

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