Lululemon Upload

November 19, 2019

The Lululemon Upload is live!

I ran out and purchased the Velvet Define Jacket yesterday as soon as I caught wind that the Robson store had them. Here is the fit review if you are curious. I got both the black and moss rose and I’m deciding between the two. I also am loving the On The Fly Jogger Velvet, but those will wait. I’m so happy when the holiday extended return period comes around because it really gives me time to think on my purchases.

The Plush Scuba Hoodie in Night Diver is tempting me. I love the plush scubas I got last year and I’m not even a scuba fan. They are so cozy and stretchy. The weather is mild enough in Vancouver that I’ve been getting away with just wearing hoodies as my jacket. Since I’ve been living in my cozy and warm Alo Foxy Sherpa, I’m going to hold off on this plush scuba for now. I forgot that I am also eying up the As Promised Sweater. It’s really beautiful. I need to check that out in store.

I ordered the pink Roksanda x Lululemon Inner Expanse Tank. I’ve had my eye on that from the foreign website and wondered when we would get it. I still am in love with this capsule. I wasn’t sure what size to get so I sized up in the Inner Expanse Tank. I hate a tank being too fitted around my middle so I think sizing up was the right call. I can’t wait for the Roksanda 1/2 Zips to come out in the other colors, and the colorblock define.

Did You Get Anything This Week?

This Weeks Lululemon Upload

Scuba Hoodie Plush

Scuba Hoodie Plush, Lululemon Upload

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Define Hooded Jacket Velvet

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Wunder Lounge High-Rise Tight  Velvet

Wunder Lounge High-Rise Tight 28"  Velvet

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Cozy Calling Turtleneck

Cozy Calling Turtleneck

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As Promised Crew Sweater

I like this!

As Promised Crew Sweater

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As Promised Cardigan

As Promised Cardigan

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Scuba Hoodie Cashlu

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Define Jacket

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Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

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Sit In Lotus Wrap Cashmere

Sit in Lotus Wrap  Cashmere

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Dash All Day Bucket Bag 

Define Jacket *Luxtreme

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Align Super High-Rise Pant  Velvet

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Align Super High-Rise Crop Velvet

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On the Fly Jogger Velvet Trim

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Calm Calling Long Sleeve Wash

Calm Calling Long Sleeve  Wash

On Track Short Sleeve Wash

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7 responses to “Lululemon Upload”

  1. Anon says:

    Please let me know how stretchy the velvet pants are!

  2. Gymmie says:

    I’m delighted that there is nothing that I need. I can’t justify the casual wear like sweaters cardigans joggers velour at the Lulu prices. I might buy it at a fraction of the price from a clothing retailer knowing that I just want it for a few wears and then dispose. The resale of lulu just isn’t there anymore to recoup enough of full price.
    I suspect those getting 25 off sweat collective might justify it. But they are discounting prices to get select sweet collective to buy.
    I do like their tech gear but I have waited for wmtm as prices are high and I just have way too much
    I am waiting for Black Friday for a few items but if prices aren’t great I really don’t need more of similar stuff

  3. Andie says:

    I absolutely LOVE the plush scuba hoodie that I bought last year. I just purchased one as a Christmas gift for a relative. She is 5’2” and 105 pounds so I ordered a size 2 hoping it would be the correct fit. If anybody is of a similar size and wears scuba hoodies I would love feedback.

  4. Lacey says:

    @Andie – I’m 5’2″ and 108lbs and wear a 4 in scubas. I could probably size up to a 6 and be happy as well. I used to have a 2, but it was skin tight, and I could only wear with a tank or sports bra underneath. I lift though, so my upper body is probably a bit more meaty than average.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought a plush hoodie but not fancy in the rest. The velvet looks um well… cheap.

  6. merrly says:

    @Andie I’m also 5’2″ between 100-105 and comfortably wear a 2 scuba. I can layer a shirt or long sleeve underneath though layering anything heavier would be too tight in the arms and to zip up. Sizing depends if she’s going to wear layers under I guess.

  7. April says:

    My plush scuba from last year pilled after one washing. The interior of the hoodie is divine, though.

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