Lululemon Holiday Uploads have begun!! This week is Black Friday, and the start of the twice weekly Lululemon Uploads all the way until Boxing Day!

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The Lululemon Holiday Uploads (Pre Black Friday)

On Repeat Rulu Hoodie

 Lululemon Holiday Uploads

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Warmth Stabilizer 1/2 Zip Hoodie

Warmth Stabilizer half zip hoodie

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Warmth Restore Sherpa Full Zip

Warmth Restore Sherpa Full Zip
Warmth Restore Sherpa Full Zip

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Radiant Jacket II

Radiant Jacket, Lululemon Holiday Uploads

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Define Dress

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Wunder Under High Rise Tight Foil

Define Jacket Spark

Define Jacket Spark, Lululemon Holiday Upload

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Wunder Under High-Rise Tight Foil

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight  Foil 28"

Swiftly Speed Long Sleeve *Shine

Love this!

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Speed Up Short *Foil

Kitsilano Turtleneck Rib Dress

Kitsilano Turtleneck Rib Dress

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  1. I’m so happy it’s glittery stuff to get few wears over Christmas season. Save myself money not needing any of it. Foil stuff was on markdown for a long time last year. But happy for those who enjoy these pieces.

  2. A decent upload! I finally used the two gift cards from my October birthday. I ordered the scuba plush in heathered black. Not sure about sizing so ordered both tts and size up. Hopefully it is not thinner than last year’s.

    The manifesto and foil pieces look festive but not sure I will reach for them much. I have the manifesto energy bras in black and red from last year so I am good.

  3. The plush hoodie (Adobe) I ordered for a relative feels and looks the same as the adobe one I ordered last year. I read the online review that said it was thinner, stretchier, and larger than the previous season. I can’t speak to sizing since I ordered a completely different size, but otherwise they look and feel the same to me.

    But I did notice that the heathered black (which I also have), looks slightly different this year. Last year the hardware was gold toned, this year it looks silver (at least in the photos).

  4. Oh man. At first I thought my wallet was going to have a problem, but after getting over the initial excitement of all the new shiny things, I hardly did any damage. My only purchase was the Ombre Speed Ups that finally restocked.

    I didn’t like the Manifesto print from the anniversary collection, and I don’t like it now either.

    After the sneak peek of the Energy Bra High Neck in Cosmic Shift Multi, I was excited to see it upload, but I actually don’t think I like it. It’s almost like granny’s ugly wallpaper.

  5. I have 3 plush scubas from last year and I ordered the nightdiver color last week. The nightdiver fits and feels exactly like the other 3 from last year. I’m not sure what others are talking about when they say the material is thinner? I compared the nightdiver one to all 3 and the thickness feels the same to me. Fit is exactly the same too. I’m not seeing any differences.

    I love the lavender shine ls swiftly. I got the grey and pink glitter ones last year and they are so cute under a vest. I’m also tempted to get some speed ups in the black manifesto print. I love manifesto print items from seasons past and the shorts are fun. The black on black is subtle, yet different enough from plain black. I’m looking forward to the twice weekly uploads!

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