Behold, the Lululemon x Roksanda Haul! My biggest Lululemon Haul in 10 years. Some of these pieces are selling out fast so if you have your eye on something, snatch it up. I think this stunning blue and black Face Forward Define Jacket is just about gone. Don’t even wait to read my review. I’m telling you right now just go get it. Come back and read this post after.

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I Love The Collection. Here is Why:

This collection is by far my favourite thing Lululemon has ever done. Roksanda x Lululemon is just incredibly beautiful, and really special. The collaboration is pure genius and such a perfectly symbiotic marriage of design styles, and contrasting fashion realms. Lululemon x Roksanda celebrates exactly the thing Lululemon was known for from the beginning. Unapologetically feminine designs, boldly taking up space in a male dominated market where women had not been previously acknowledged or taken seriously.

If statement pieces and high fashion designs are not for you, then stop right here. Just remember though that women wearing pants used to be absurd.

I love that they took Lululemon’s most iconic design (or ubiquitous depending on perspective) and played with exaggerated proportions. I love the Face Forward Define Jacket and don’t find it all that ‘out there’ to be honest, but to some it may be really pushing the envelope. Fashion is meant to be fun, and exciting and a means of self expression. Clothing is your armour against the world.

Fashion VS. Apparel

Some days, probably the majority of the time, I like to wear all black to the gym and take up as little space and attention as possible. Some days I’m in the mood to have fun with what I wear, and wear colors and styles that are pleasing to me for no other reason than I love it. It doesn’t have to make sense or mean anything and it doesn’t have to fit in the status quo.

If pink puffy sleeves are stirring something in you right now and you are really bothered by this collection, nobody is telling you to wear it. You never have to waive the fashion freak flag ever if you don’t want to. Isn’t that the beauty of 2019? We can wear what we want and be as loud and absurd as we want. We can go to the gym and wear shorts as short as we want, sleeves as puffy as we want or skin as covered up as we want. You don’t have to explain yourself for what you like or who you are. This is what I tell my girls whenever they get the ‘Ewe, your wearing THAT?’ from their harshest critics. That female aggression is relentless.

On Wednesdays, we wear whatever the hell we want to wear.

For those of you that love the collection too, or are admiring it from afar, these are my thoughts:

First Up, Jackets (Not The $1000 One Though)

Lululemon x Roksanda Face Forward Define Jacket + Break New Ground Tight

Lululemon x Roksanda Haul Face Forward Define Jacket

As I said above, I love that Roksanda took Lululemon’s most iconic and long standing favourite, the Define Jacket, kept it’s essence and created something very fresh and exciting. This jacket will look equally awesome worn with jeans, a great handbag and some big sunglasses.

Ignoring the silhouette for a minute, the design details on this are just so extra and perfect. The hardware is substantial and there is a loop along with the zipper pull. The back of the jacket has a contrasting patterned rope detail at the shoulders and at the adjustable waist on both sides. You also see that contrasting repeated on the inside of the jacket. The same round woven rope is carried through on all the designs in the capsule in different widths and color combinations.

The technical fabric has structure and drape in all the right places, switching from soft nulux to a more woven nulux jacket material on the arms, and a silkier material at the back.

The new silhouette is dramatic not just because of the sleeves. The neckline is a bit higher which gives it such an elegant and edgy look. The higher neck also really balances the proportions of the sleeves along with the ever so slightly wider shoulder, and slightly longer back flap. The taper of the sleeves from the top of the arm to the wrist is also beautifully done. The body of the jacket looks the same but the tailoring has been altered and perfected.

Sizing: I took a size 10 in this. I would take your usual Define size and not size down in it at all. The front is still structured like a Define and the back is meant to be flowy.

Lululemon x Roksanda Haul Face Forward Define Jacket
Lululemon x Roksanda Define Jacket, Lululemon Roksanda Vogue Article Jacket
Lululemon x Roksanda Haul Face Forward Define Jacket
Lululemon Roksanda
Lululemon Roksanda
Lululemon Roksanda
Lululemon Roksanda

Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights

Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights

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Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights

The Break New Ground 1/2 Zip looks deceptively simple online. That’s the beauty of really well made high end designer items. The proportions on this pullover are so amazing. I love the zip up neckline and how high it goes. It looked equally great zipped up all the way, and zipped down. I really, really love the victorian style sleeve ruffle with the adjustable rope ties. The cinch ties also allow you to wear the sleeves up higher to show off a long sleeve top underneath. Such perfect consideration to layering. It’s such a great contrast to a sporty street style look. Of all the pieces I thought for sure I would end up returning it was this one, only because it seemed like it would be really plain and simple. I was so wrong though because I love it and will wear it a lot.

Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights
Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights

The sides are adjustable as well. You can unzip for a looser fit, or zip them up.

Sizing: This is another very confusing lettered sizing item. I ordered a medium in this but really wasn’t sure what to pick. I’m typically a size 8-10 in lululemon. I am happy with the fit. I could have easily done a size L as well but this is perfect and I can layer it over a long sleeve.

Lululemon x Roksanda 1/2 Zip

Next, Roksanda Super Hero Tights

Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground Tight

Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground Tight

All of the photos above are featuring the black and navy Break New Ground Tights. They are just beautiful and not really ‘out there’ as far as design concepts go. I love the color blocking on them in both colorways, and love the large logo at the back of the calf (and on all of the pieces), and the contrasting rope pattern at the waist. Black and Navy is a combination I love, and the neon yellow gives it such a cool sporty vibe. I would wear those even on my most Basic Bitch days. I think what Roksanda does so well is balancing colors in a very flattering way. What stood out first for me in this capsule was her use of color, and how she proportioned each color with it’s contrast. In this Marvel colorway, I REALLY love the little hints of Schiaparelli Pink.

I took a size 10 in these which is my usual size. They are compressive and fit snug, similar to the Seawheeze Reflective tights from this year. I wouldn’t say they fit tight, they just have compression thanks to the Full On Luxtreme. The waist is a really nice rise. For all of the colorblocking and the compressive fit, I didn’t feel any of the seams at all. I just read that the seams are bonded which is why you don’t notice them.

I’m 5’4 and short legged so I do lose a little bit of the detail at the lower leg, but I still love them.

Lululemon x Roksanda

Lululemon x Roksanda Gym Bag

Lululemon X Roksanda

If you where to get one item from this entire collection, and it’s hard to choose just one item, it should be this bag. It’s beautiful and functional and like nothing Lululemon has ever done before. Yes, I even love this bag more than any 2013-2014 Lululemon gym bag and they’ve had some really beautiful bags in the past. It fits a 15″ laptop and it’s a full size gym bag which will fit a change of clothes, shoes and a multitude of gym bag necessities. It has plenty of hidden compartments and pockets and two really roomy water bottle pockets. I love all the rope detailing and the contrasting colors. The top of the bag zips fully closed which you don’t see online. For how big this bag is, I love that it’s not super wide.

If you are being picky about function there are two things to note on this bag. The crossbody strap is a round rope and if you only ever wear your gym bag cross body, the rope might feel uncomfortable on a fully loaded bag. It’s a soft rope, not hard, but the shape might dig in with a lot of weight in the bag. The crossbody rope is not adjustable in length. The other thing is that the interior of the bag is dark and if you lose items in dark bags you may feel annoyed by that. On the positive side though, you won’t see how gross the inside of your gym bag gets. Who cares though really because this bag is stunning and I love it. I will wear this as a large purse somedays because I love it that much.

Lululemon x Roksanda
Lululemon x Roksanda Duffel
Lululemon x Roksanda Face Forward Duffel Bag

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  1. You look great but I have to say I’m not a fan of the jacket. I heard only a few of each of the items were made so I suspect it’s targeted to be unique few of a kind pieces, so I get that.

  2. OMG .. amazing!! I know this collection is not for everyone but for those who enjoy unique pieces … this collection fits the bill!!

  3. Omg! They look great on you! The 1st jacket in the blk/blue defines your torso. The tights look great too! How do you like the duffel bag? Can’t tell the proportions. Do you have a pic with you holding the duffel? I know the collab is not for everyone, but I love the colors and most of the pieces. Which ones are you keeping??

  4. Thank you for modeling these unique pieces, Cristina. I also enjoyed your eloquently expressed thoughts. I like the use of rope as a design accessory, and I am intrigued by the the duffel. That’s about it. I would not wear anything that this capsule offers, because nothing would go with my pared-down/minimalist and mostly practical lifestyle. I would feel like a medieval royal pageboy in that puffy sleeved Define jacket, especially paired with tights. (That’s just me, I’m a firm believer of not giving a hoot about what other people think if I like something.)

  5. You look great! Especially like the first jacket in black/blue. It really defines your torso! I think the leggings look flattering on you too! The 1/2 zip looks overwhelming though? Too big? Love the duffel- is that 33L or smaller. I might buy that if it’s less than 33.
    Which items did you keep? I like most of the collab- color combos , feminine flow. Not for everyone, true – It is fashion forward and I’m liking it!

  6. Christina – I remember in another post you mentioned that you probably won’t be keeping all the pieces that you bought from this collection. Having tried them one, which pieces are you keeping and which ones are you returning?

    1. I’m not sure yet. It’s a very tough choice and I wish I could keep it all. For now, my definite yeses are the blue define, the 1/2 zip, the duffel bag and probably the black and navy tights.

  7. You look amazing. I love this line on you, all so flattering and looks like it was made for you! I can see this capsule working better for people that live in large cities. Thank you for the fit reviews!

  8. Gotta say while I dismissed this capsule as a no, you are absolutely rocking it. Only thing I didn’t like on you were the pink tights. Everything else is fabulous, I agree with the other two comments of this capsule looks like it was made for you, and better for large cities. Keep us posted on what you keep, but my vote is go for the splurge ( all except pink tights!) you can always cut yourself off of other spending for a couple of months!??

  9. Really? Sorry, Cristina, I’ve got to disagree with you on this one. This collaboration is an absolute train wreck. The only “genius” about it is that they’ve convinced otherwise intelligent women to walk around looking like court jesters. No thank you.

  10. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful review! I was especially interested in hearing about the high quality of the pieces and how everything was made to fit so well…wish Lulu still did that with their regular stuff. That pink bag would be my number one pick, too!

  11. Very, very well done review, Cristina! Thoughtful and insightful … I am very happy with the pieces I received and thanks to your review have placed another order!

  12. That jacket looks so great on you! As soon as I read your review I clicked over to the Lululemon site. Too late! The jacket is completely sold out in the blue/black. Thanks for the great reviews.

    1. awe I’m sorry!! I see a size 12 in the Marvel just popped back up. Hopefully the one you want pops up at just the right time.

  13. Since everyone wants to be so honest here, I’m going to share my honest opinion too. I think the appeal of lulu to a lot of women is that it offers simple outfit-picking, easy to wear comfort, flattering styles, and you’re “cool” wearing gym clothes for, well, everything because the lululemon logo is there so everyone knows you paid a lot for it. I live in a city and often any gym/studio feels much more of a fashion show than a workout. I think most people who live in their lulu don’t know how to put together a proper outfit or just don’t appreciate fashion when it’s not amazing bum enhancing leggings. I think these pieces are not for that majority crowd of today’s lulu wearers. I think you rock the shit out of them, and just like the way not everyone can rock a purple
    Pixie cut without the right attitude, I think your obvious genuine love for these pieces is going to wear them so well. Not everyone appreciates the fashion industry and their comments clearly show that. I wanted to share some love with you even if you already know. <3

  14. I applaud your attitude toward fashion! While these pieces are definitely not my style, I can see how other people would appreciate them. I can tell you truly love this collection, and it makes me happy to see that! Keep doing you!

  15. Wow–those are so much more fun and wearable than I thought they would be. I completely agree on the Break New Ground 1/2-zip. Please do not return that one, it’s so amazing on you.

  16. Agree with Reya. Most mainstream lulu wearers are exactly those people who would never ever wear something interesting or “high fashion” unless it was a LV bag or something else that everyone else has too so it doesn’t stand out. The Negative comments are predictable. You look awesome Cristina! Keep it all!!!!!!! I like that half zip thing the best. Unbelievable that it came out of lululemon, tbh.

  17. I love this post and it’s great that you found some pieces you love! I think this collection has items for those who are into fashion/bolder statements as well as some items for those who are more into function/practicality.
    The one item I really loved the look of was the 1/2 zip. I appreciated the thoughtful design and the understated special details. Unfortunately I don’t like to pull half zip outerwear on and off over my head. If it would have been a full zip I would have ordered it as soon as I got your notification.
    Even though I didn’t order anything, it’s been fun reading people’s opinions about this collection.

  18. I really like this collection and though I wouldn’t wear all the pieces, I do think they’re interesting. The only thing I ordered was the Break New Ground crop. Not the most exciting but something that suits me. I do wish I’d ordered the half zip but it’s too late. Do you (or anyone) know what colour it’s coming in in January?

  19. Oh all the haters, there will always be haters. Clearly this collection isn’t for them. I live in a city and I adore couture and high street fashion. This is to appeal to people that are into artistic pieces, not the cookie cutter clones. Fashion is mean to be fun! I’m sorry if I don’t want to look tike the suburban momfia. Rock the pieces you love. I sure as heck am. I just wish I could afford that big coat!!! I did manage to snag the define jacket in the navy from a local shop today who got it in as a return.

  20. so, I am not a fan of the collection. That 1/2 zip looks like a black garbage bag. The define with tights does remind me of a royal pageboy (someone already mentioned this!).

    with that being said, Cristina you look amazing!!! wear whatever you like. and keep up the good work because it shows!

  21. You look AMAZING in this collection! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I LOVE what you said about high fashion and wearing what resonates with us. So great!

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