I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a Lululemon Upload than this Lululemon x Roksanda Colab. This collection just resonates with me so much , and I think it’s absolutely beautiful and so luscious . This is only half the collection with the second half of the collection being released January 2020 – Thank Goodness for that reprieve!

Roksanda Ilinčić is a Serbian fashion designer based in the UK, and she is known for her bold use of color, feminine silhouettes and unabashedly feminine designs. Her designs are fresh and modern, with classic tailoring and understated elegance. Her sculptural silhouettes are perfectly suited to a collaboration with Lululemon using structured technical fabrics.

I adore every single color block combination in this collection and had a very hard time choosing between the Break New Ground Tights in both colors and the Face Forward Define Jacket in both colors. I’m really glad some of the pieces I loved from the Vogue article will be released later in the winter because it gives me time to save up and get those pieces as well. I’ll have a section below showing the items coming for Jan 2020.

When I first read about the collection on Vogue last week I was so excited, and then immediately disappointed when the article mentioned the price range being $78 – $998. I just assumed the majority of the pieces would be in the $500 – $998 range pricing me out (especially considering Lululemon Seawheeze Rainbow Reflective prices which was a price barrier I would never cross). Luckily it’s just the Inner Expanse Infinity Coat that is outrageously priced. Although that jacket has a lot of function and versatility and can be worn 26 different ways, so for once, I don’t feel like a lululemon parka is unjustly priced. The price points overall are definitely higher than Lululemon’s regular items, but I would call the pricing very reasonable and accessible to the typical lululemon shopper.

These pieces are bold, and aggressively, unapologetically feminine with the little splashes of Schiaparelli pink over subdued plums and golds. They are statement, but very much wearable for the everyday which is why I love them. I ordered several pieces which I am looking forward to reviewing.

Are you ordering anything from the collaboration? Or the regular upload? If this collaboration doesn’t resonate with you, there are several regular upload items tonight that are all awesome. What do you think of the Lululemon x Roksanda pieces?

Lululemon x Roksanda

Lululemon x Roksanda

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Face Forward Define Jacket, Lululemon x Roksanda
Face Forward Define Jacket, Lululemon x Roksanda

Break New Ground 1/2 Zip

Break New Ground 1/2 Zip  lululemon x Roksanda

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Break New Ground Tight

Break New Ground Tight  lululemon x Roksanda
Break New Ground Tight lululemon x Roksanda

Face Forward Duffel

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Inner Expanse Tight

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Inner Expanse Infinity Coat

Inner Expanse Infinity Coat  lululemon x Roksanda

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Face Forward Skirt

Face Forward Skirt  lululemon x Roksanda

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Break New Ground Onesie 

Break New Ground Onesie  lululemon x Roksanda

Shop The Lululemon x Roksanda Collection Right Here

Break New Ground Swiftly

Face Forward Trouser 

Break New Ground Crop

Break new Ground Crop

Inner Expanse Bra

Inner Expanse Infinity Coat


The Regular Lululemon Upload Items

Ready To Rulu Pant

Ebb to Train Tight Wash

Ebb To Train Jacket *Wash

Ebb To Train Jacket

In Movement Crop

Fleece Flurry Jacket

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  1. I’m definitely not buying anything from the collection but am looking forward to your reviews!

    I hope LLL has a nice holiday collection this year because I’ve been quite underwhelmed lately. The last full price purchase I made (and kept) was in July.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I like some of the collaboration items, but the the use of bright yellow ruin it for me. It’s just not a color I like.
    Looking forward to hearing how you like the items you ordered.

  3. I really like the capsule! Very fashion forward. Am eyeing a couple of items (that I can afford)- the duffel bag is tempting, swiftly and the 1/2zip. What did you order? Looking forward to the fit review!

    1. I love the duffel. It reminds me a bit of the puffy Bon Voyage Duffel lululemon made years ago, only even more beautiful. I ordered the duffel in pink, the Define in both colors (to keep one), the Break New Ground tights in both colors (won’t keep both), and the Break New Ground 1/2 Zip (although I think I will prefer to get the color version in January. I ordered a ton but definitely can’t keep it all, probably just two items.

  4. Yes, I need fit reviews too!! I love the pink duffel. Super cute! I’m really tempted by the Break New Ground tights. I’m enjoying the crazy pink/marvel combo. It’s fun!! I can’t seem to pull the trigger at $168 though. I will wait and think it over. Maybe hope for WMTM prices.

  5. I’m trying not to be so negative but I just can’t do $1000 for a coat that looks like I’m wearing a life preserver over it with a hood. Over a 1/2 of a raincoat? Ok, I’m definitely not bold enough for that and by next season, it will be shelved. The other colab items: seem to go along with the new star wars trailer that was just released. Otherwise, I do like the ready to rulu pant – wish they still included the inseam with description though.

  6. For me, some of the colors I love, but I feel the pieces themselves fall into the category of “fugly”. Hopefully it is somebody’s cup of tea though!

  7. I am happy that Lululemon innovates and tries to offer something different and fashion forward that I’m sure will resonate with a lot of people. (It’s a question mark whether it resonates with their wallet as well.) It is certainly a bold step, and solidifies their market position to collaborate with a young fashion designer that offers a different take on athletic/athleisure wear. That said, even though I admire the pieces for their uniqueness, I like to wear simple and fuss free things on my body that are preferably monochrome, without huge logos and lettering.

  8. Uhh no. I don’t get it. I can’t even tell what the items look like there are so many colors and layers with each piece, and not in a good way.

  9. It’s an interesting collection. It’s not my thing either but I really like the define jacket. Such a bold beautiful spin on it. I won’t buy it as I wouldn’t have the courage to wear it, just admire from a distance. I am so looking forward to seeing these items on you cristina ( maybe how you look in the jacket will boost my courage! I especially liked the navy/ black colour blocking

  10. All of it falls under my no category. I just want pieces that I can sweat in, are comfortable, and that I won’t hate in six months. If it crosses over into street wear, bonus.

  11. sorry but this is a solid No for me. some items look like they are going to ‘swallow’ the person.
    the pink color combo is ugly. just no.
    the black and yellow reminds me of a bumble bee. or those yellow/black traffic signs.
    this looks more like those haute couture collections you see on the runways that no one will ever wear them. such a waste of resources in the name of fashion.

  12. I guess I’m just boring, but this is a no for me. Athleta on hand is killing it! I love their soft, cozy items and shimmer. Wow how times have changed!

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