The Lululemon Upload is live!! Upload post will be a bit late today. So sorry!! Please check back after 3pm PST. In the meantime, shop the upload here, or shop the Roksanda x Lululemon collection below.

By the way, I ordered this skirt and I adore it. One of the tights will go back in it’s place.

Along The Way Dress

Along The Way Mock Neck

Water Bound Hoodie

Morning Restore Jogger *Velour

Morning Restore Pant, Velour, Lululemon Upload

Warm Down Jogger *Velour

Flurry Up Super High-Rise Tight

Flurry Up High Rise Jogger

Love these in black!!

Flurry-Up High Rise Jogger, Tech Fleece, Winter Running Jogger

Sweet and Sherpa Mittens

Tweet-Tweet… put the sherpa items in your shopping cart. Trust me.

Show Me The Sherpa Snood

Show Me The Sherpa Snood

Show Me The Sherpa Beanie

Show Me The Sherpa Mittens

Sweet and Sherpa Neckwarmer

Sweet and Sherpa Earwarmer

Shop The Sherpa Accessories Here

Power Position High Rise Tight

Power Position High-Rise Tight

Power Position Super High-Rise

Power Position Super High-Rise

Stand Out Sherpa 1/2 Zip

Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Get Stellar Jacket

All Yours Zip Hoodie

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  1. What are your thoughts on the sizing of the skirt? Is the waist band tight or forgiving? I want to order but don’t know what size – I wear a 4 in all LLL but according to their new sizing, a 4 is an XS with 24 inch waist. I’m closer to a 26 inch waist. So do I trust their size chart? Thanks!!

    1. I went with a large which corresponds with a 10 (they updated the size charts!). The waistband was snug going up over my hips but it was only because of the non stretch rope belt. Once on it fit really well, and maybe a bit loose in the waist. I wish my store had it in because I would like to try it on in the medium and have the belt out when I slip it up. I’m happy with the large though and I think it’s the right size.

  2. I watched a YouTube video of someone who bought a number of items from the Roksanda collaboration. She bought the skirt and it looked great on her. I didn’t like it in the website photos at all, so I was surprised that it looked so good in the video. I hope you love it! ?

  3. Thanks Cristina! I’m glad you like the skirt! I’ve had my eye on that and the puffer coat (which I’ll admire from afar since it’s way out of my price range). Would love to see a try on of the skirt if you get the chance ?

    1. Ugh, that puffer coat is so beautiful, especially if you’ve seen other photos of it worn broken down and in different ways. Totally out of my price range too. I hoped it was going to not sell so I could snatch it on markdown but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

    1. I can do. I wasn’t going to because the last fit review for this collection was a bit ‘touchy’ ??. ha ha! I’ll try and get one up in the next few days. The length was slightly longer than midi which is another reason I’d be interested in trying on the medium vs. the large. I think the length is fine as is though and can wear with flat shoes or heels with plenty of ankle and lower calf showing.

  4. I’d love to see a try-on post about the skirt too! I also didn’t like it that much in the website photos, but I’ve loved it in every IRL photo I’ve seen. I’d be curious about fit and how you will style it, shoes, etc. Lulu’s styling has been bad lately, so it’s harder to tell how to put the outfits together IMO.

    Also, don’t let the haters bring you down. I thought the pieces you ordered were super cute on you! For some reason, larger sleeves get everyone going. (Remember how upset people were over the balloon sleeves on that sweatshirt a couple of months ago?) I guess sleeves make people mad!

    1. Balloon sleeves and toes/feet really trigger some people and bring out hostility and neurosis. At this point in my life I just find it really amusing and interesting. Projecting those types of emotions out into the world really exposes where a person is at psychologically.

      I will try really hard to get a post up on the skirt soon, and style it the way I plan to wear it. Maybe I’ll show several shoe options. I can’t promise when though. I seem to be really bad at over promising and under delivering on posts. ?

  5. Lol! “High bp”!! I loved the collection on you. The balloon sleeves are ‘in’ this year. I wanted to get the define after I saw it on you, but I waited to long- sold out. I think the skirt is going to look great on you as well. I’m hoping for it to go to wmtm. In the meantime, I need to try one on- can only imagine what the sale price will be and wmtm is a final sale. Too bad people can be so mean with their opinions. Sorry you were hesitant about doing a fit review for the skirt. I have been reading your blog for a long time and you have helped me make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy. Fellow readers: there are nicer ways to give your response. The collection is not for everyone, but you sure rocked the fashion. Looking forward to your skirt review.

    1. Hi Evelyn, are your comments not coming through properly? You’ve left several ‘hi’ comments over the past week. If there is a problem with leaving comments, you can email me to let me know.

  6. Yes please do a for review! That skirt is so great! What are the Roksanda pieces that you have made of? I’m hoping for high quality fabrics, but lulu makes me nervous when they say generic things like “sweat wicking Fabric!” instead of just Admitting that it’s all polyester or whatever. Would appreciate details (and fit review). Thanks 🙂

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