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September 10, 2019

Shop The Lululemon Upload! Not a huge one this week but lots of camo repeats from last year. The On The Fly Pant in Camo and the Scuba Crew in Camo (and the Pullover) where both fast sell outs last year. New this week is also all the new wool jackets. I like the look of the Roam Far Wool 3-in-1 Jacket more than any of the previous years 3-in-1 parkas. It’s overkill for my climate though.

I like the Retreat Yourself Pullover a lot. It’s so similar to an Alo Hoodie I’ve been after for a while.

Are You Shopping This Lululemon Upload Today? Do any try-ons?

In case any of you are wondering about scale on the large Now And Always Tote, I am 5″4. I will try and get more photos for you later tonight. I think I’m keeping camo over manifesto but not quite decided yet.

Shameless Plug for the jewelry I’m wearing. Bracelets and Pendant Necklaces available here at Empress Mala Designs.

Now And Always Tote, Camo

Buy the Now And Always Tote Here

Shop The Lululemon Upload

Roam Far Wool 3-in-1 Jacket

Roam Far Wool 3-in-1 Jacket

Shop This Here

Roam Far Wool Coat

Roam Far Wool Coat, Shop The Lululemon Upload

Shop This Here

Roam Far Wool Bomber

Roam Far Wool Bomber

Shop This Here

Swiftly Speed Hooded 1/2 Zip 
Water Resistant

Shop This Here

On the Fly 7/8 Pant Incognito Camo

Get these fast if you want them! They sold out really quick last year.

On The Fly Pant Incognito Camo

Buy These Here

Scuba Crew

Don’t hesitate with this one either. Fast seller last year!

Scuba Crew Incognito Camo

Buy This Here

Fleece Flurry Jacket

Fleece Flurry Jacket

Shop This Here

Retreat Yourself Pullover

This is so cute! Reminds me a lot of this Alo Hoodie and this one I’ve been eyeing for a long time.

Retreat Yourself Pullover, Shop The Lululemon Upload

Shop This Here

On Repeat Dress

On Repeat Dress

Shop This Here

Retreat Yourself

Shop This Here

Hooded Define Jacket Nulu

Hooded Define Jacket Nulu

Buy This Here

All Yours Crew

All Yours Crew

Shop This Here

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28″ 
Full-On Luxtreme

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28"  Full-On Luxtreme, Vert Shibori

Buy This Here

Outrun the Elements 1/2 Zip

Buy This Here

Esker 7/8 Trouser 
lululemon lab

I’m not a huge fan of the Lab items but I like these trousers.

Eskar Trouser, Lululemon Lab Work Pants

Shop This Here

Reykur Jumpsuit 
lululemon lab

Shop This Here

What Is Happening To The Lululemon Image?

It’s so strange to me that Lululemon was so well known for it’s feminine designs. This appealed to women so much that it put Lululemon on the map for activewear. Now they are really chasing after this androgynous aesthetic. I don’t see any women in any age demographic dressing in this yeezy norm core style, but, I see women in every demographic still wearing the iconic Lululemon yoga pants. I don’t hate these designs, I just feel really neutral towards them. Isn’t that worse? Meanwhile I am shopping up a storm in consignment shops picking up all those beautiful old Lululemon vintage items.

Shop The Lululemon Upload Right Here

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18 responses to “Shop The Lululemon Upload”

  1. Carol says:

    Girl, you are looking fit lately!

    • Cristina says:

      Thanks!!! Not much fitness going on though. I’ve been way too busy. All diet/calorie deficit. Results would be way better if I could make time for the gym again.

  2. Ann says:

    Your so much slimmer from your last photo post!

    I don’t care for the styling or pricing of this Lab collection. The few Lab things I’ve seen in person have not impressed me. Again, mainly due to the price point. However, I do love good basics and would probably dress up the lab pieces with bright and bold accessories.

  3. shadowy_lady says:

    Adding my voice to say you look ah-mazing Cristina! Whatever you are doing, keep up the good work 🙂

    100% agreed on the new lulu image. I also got attracted to the brand originally because of their feminine designs.

  4. Ecop says:

    All these unisex designs make me really wonder how they can supposedly fit both male and female bodies. I mean you would probably have to have a very specific female body shape to be able to wear effectively mens’ clothes. Seems like LLL wants to cut out 99% of their female customer base which is a strange my opinion…

  5. Ecop says:

    P.S. I do like the new wool coats and down jacket – but they’re very expensive.

  6. Ashleigh says:

    I got the Retreat Yourself pullover in the rustic clay. It’s such a great colour for fall. I do like the sand colour as well – if I love it, I might be tempted to pick up a second colour. I really like the look of the 3 in 1 wool coat, but it’ll be something like $600 after taxes, and ugh… I don’t know if I want to commit this early in the season. I got the mini Now and Always tote in manifesto (and I like the manifesto in this smaller size). I’m considering the larger one in camo, but still debating it.

  7. LZ says:

    I really don’t understand the appeal of the Lab pieces. Who wears this stuff–and where do they wear it? It seems to all hit WMTM eventually and sit there forever, so again, I don’t get it. Having said that, I did recently pick up a Lab Noir Jacket II from Poshmark, but it’s nothing like this weird modern stuff now. It’s a lightweight swift bomber with some mesh detailing–super cute!

    Nothing for me this week.

  8. Andie says:

    Your tote bag is really cute! The U.S. upload has lots of lab items that are unisex 👎. (At first I thought both models were women until I read that one is named Joshua).
    Not sure what’s going on, but this new post doesn’t show up on my iPad, it only shows up on my iPhone.

  9. Anon says:

    I didn’t expect to order two coats
    Bought roam wool bomber (pink) and the 3-1 coat (black) My family and I’ll be in Banff for 5 weeks in January for a long overdue winter skinning vacation. Now I am all set with these two coats. Lord knows it will be FREEZING there

  10. Amy C. says:

    I have that same problem! I was wondering what was up with that, too!

  11. Susan says:

    I agree that Lululemon is taking a weird direction with the androgynous lab pieces. Personally, I’m not into that style and if I was, I wouldn’t be looking to Lulu to fill that need for me. I look to them for cute workout clothes in fun colors and prints that fit well. I’m not into the shapeless thing at all. It seems like the Lab stuff has gotten stranger and stranger. It used to be that the Lab would come out with small twists on already popular styles and cuts. Now it just feels too avant-garde to me. It’s a waste of fabric imo.

    I was looking at the WMTM upload today. It occured to me that they really need to take a step back and look at what they are churning out. 450+ items on WMTM this AM!! I wonder why no one is considering the huge volume of merchandise not being sold at full price. They need to really look at their designs, colors and pricing. They need to scale back and not release so many different things each week, or use slightly different shades of the same color over and over. There used to be a time when I could identify designs and knew many of the color names. Many of the distinctive staple items went away and now I mostly only know someone is wearing Lulu because I see the little logo.

    The purses are honestly the most exciting thing they’ve put out in months and months. They are so cute! But I won’t buy them unless the price drops, they have gone beyond my limit of what I’ll pay for a Lulu bag. It’s a shame really. They probably would have sold them out if the prices were about $40 less.

  12. Pixie says:

    Ok, I may be the only one, but I LOVE the lab stuff! For me it is very Urban street wear, and that’s how I dress. It always sells out at my local Lulu. I like that I can get more at lulu now than just my workout gear. I know the lab stuff isn’t for everyone, but it’s not supposed so be. I got the white Reykur jumpsuit, and I will rock the heck out of that! I also want the Reykur pant in black and the one shoulder leotard.

  13. Amy says:

    Two things–first, I wonder why the blue Ashta Long Sleeve Tee sold out so quickly. I added it to my cart, but it sold out (in almost all sizes). I wonder if it’s nice?

    Second, I don’t love Lulu’s Lab items. On why they are changing their image, I suspect that they are keeping up with the times. A lot of young buyers are finding the binary masculine-feminine marketing (think of Abercrombie in the 2000’s and even up to now) outdated. I read a quote recently that said “Abercrombie marketing is everything we’re fighting against”).

    Recently, Lulu featured a trans athlete on its instagram page (relating to a podcast). I’m hopeful that Lulu will continue to push forward for images that allow us to see non-binary and trans people. The androgynous marketing for this series was appealing to me (I’m a CIS woman) because it seemed to be about a more accepting future.

    • Cristina says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree that the message lululemon is signaling is a positive one. Living in Vancouver there is a lot of great opportunity for exposure to non-binary fashion, especially in the gym environment. I can honestly say that the typical lululemon items that we’ve always loved is also worn in a non binary way and I’ve seen that quite often. From the colourful prints to basic core women items. I just have not seen that lab style worn anywhere.

  14. Kat says:

    You look so fit! And the jewelry is really nice too 🙂 I love Mala beads

    • Cristina says:

      Thanks Kat!!
      I got your message and didn’t get a chance to respond yet. Definitely considering it, I will get back to you shortly.

  15. Gigi says:

    The Ashta long sleeve is very nice; I ordered a second. It is substantial, soft Peruvian cotton in a beautiful blue color with subtle dip dyed features. It is long and slim fit which I love for running (I chafe like crazy with synthetic fabrics, cotton is my only go-to for daily runs even though it doesnt wick moisture). I buy Emerald long sleeves a lot for this purpose, but this one is much nicer fabric, little bit of edge to the design and perfect length. I too was surprised though how fast it sold out, I guess a very limited run. I would say it fits large. I am normally 6-8 in Lulu tops and the S was not clingy at all. I ordered the XS for the second (only size left) and it should be ok as well given how the S fit.

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