The Lululemon Upload is live!

What a fantastic upload today! The absolute must have for me was the Now and Always Tote Bag, and the Now and Always Crossbody Bag. I actually ordered two of the tote bags because I couldn’t decide if I wanted Camo or Manifesto. I think I’m going to end up keeping the Manifesto print since it’s more commemorative of the Lululemon Shoppers. If you are a long time Lululemon collector, you probably feel the same way. Sadly, Canada did not get the mini version which also comes in pink.

Another hit for me (which I am not able to purchase just yet) is the Ready To Rulu Pant. This is my favourite cozy fall sweat pant ever from Lululemon. It just looks sleek and stylish for a sweatpants and not sloppy the way most sweatpants look. I love it in the green!

The new Free To Be Tank in the ombre print caught my attention, as did the Run To Reset 1/2 Zip in blue, and the pretty cotton knit Summit Stride Sweater. I just love the first fall uploads from Lululemon!!

*Wanted to mention, my email newsletter will be updated for next week. A few of you mentioned a problem with the outbound link on it and I will be updating the newsletter so that it works better for you.

Did you order anything today? Are you planning on getting the new Leather Bags from Lululemon?

Run to Reset 1/2 Zip

Run to Reset 1/2 Zip

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Summit Stride Sweater

Summit Stride Sweater

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Now and Always Crossbody Bag

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Now and Always Tote

Now and Always Tote, Lululemon Upload

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Now And Always Tote 
Mini 8L

Now and always tote mini, lululemon uplloa

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Free To Be Tank * Everlux

Free To Be Tank Everlux , Brushed Spray Dye Lunar Purple

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Ready To Rulu Pant

These are a must if you are looking for the coziest sweat pants.

Ready To Rulu Pant - Frosted Mulberry, Lululemon Upload

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Always On High-Rise Tight 28″ 

Always On High-Rise Tight, Lululemon Upload

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Run to Reset Tight 25″

Run To Reset Tight, Lululemon Upload

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Dance Studio Jacket III

Dance Studio Jacket

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Train Times Pant

Mini Dusk Floral Antique Bark Black/Black

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Here To Move Jacket

Here To Move Jacket

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Align Pant

Align Pant, Mini Dusk Floral, Lululemon Upload

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Wunder Under Crop II Scallop

Wunder Under Scallop Lululemon

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  1. Wow! I’m definitely going to check back and see how you like the totes! I love both prints you ordered but they’re $198 here in the U.S. The leather accents are a nice touch for sure. I’m really liking some of the fall colors but no purchases for me this week.

  2. The bags do look really nice. I hope the store near me will have them so I can see them in person. I like the manifesto one as well.
    I am also interested in the Summit Stride Sweater. I’ll probably wait for some reviews to show up before ordering.
    I don’t know about the email newsletter. Is that something I can sign up for?

    Thanks for all you do. ?

  3. First time that I can recall seeing a bag with real leather accents. I picked up the large in black and camo and the small in the embossed manifesto. I will return one of the large ones back depending on which one I like best. Since I no longer live near a store it’s just easier to get both to see in person. As a long time collector of Lululemon I just couldn’t pass this bag up. If it’s nice quality like some of the recent bags they have put out I’m sure I’ll love them!

  4. Cristina, can you let us know how you like the bags once you get them? I am tempted but not sure if they are worth the high price.

  5. Thankfully for my wallet, I didn’t remotely like anything this upload. I purchased 3 pairs of pants on Sunday, so I need to chill anyway.

  6. My sister just told me she ordered the manifesto bag in the small size. I would love to see a review when you get your bags in because I’m still on the fence due to the higher price!

  7. For the most part, I’ve always love Lululemon bags. Of course the ones back in the day were much better designed, but I do believe they seem to be improving upon that more recently. That’s a bummer that they’ve started using leather—their bags always were my first brand to consider because I knew they wouldn’t be leather and I knew they would be ethically made—and now I’ll have to look elsewhere.

  8. Theres a tag on the bag that says “We’re Committed To Mindful Choices In Our Raw Materials And Responsible Sourcing Is Important To Us. The Leather Trim On This Product Is Sourced From Leather Manufacturers Who Have Been Audited And Medal Rated By The Leather Working Group”

  9. A very $$$ week for me. I had to back out of sea wheeze due to an injury so I made up for it this week. Got the large manifesto tote and black and pink cross body bag. I have to carry a big book and laptop for school and Now and always large bag is perfect. Love the leather trimming. Love it that it expands to fit more stuff. I also got the pack it down long jacket which is perfect for when I need to shove it in my bag

  10. I received my bag and honestly they might be up there with some of my favorite Lulu purchases ever. The quality really reminds me of the original Lulu we all miss. Especially the embossed canvas. It is so pretty. I might be tempted to get the small one in the same print.

    1. Hi Buggie, you are still able to see the weekly upload posts, right? I know a few weeks ago someone mentioned not being able to view them on their iPad. Uploads still happen at the regular time so if you ever don’t see them, something is up (technology wise). I am still here and not on a blogging break at all, just getting into the back to School routine so have been a bit preoccupied. My kids are each in different schools now so it’s a really big routine shift for us. I will be back to more regular blogging soon! Thanks for thinking of me!!!

  11. Hey! No! The last post I see is this one (sept.3). I just checked on my computer as well as phone and nothing since then. I’ve been checking regularly to see if you have bought/reviewed anything from Sezane since you’re the only person I “know” who shops there. Lol. Finally messaged here cause it seemed like something must be wonky (or wrong). Glad it’s not the latter!

    1. I just realized that for some reason you aren’t seeing posts. I have posts up from Sept 3, 10 and 17th. Are you not able to see 10th and 17th?

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