The Lululemon Upload

September 17, 2019

The Lululemon Upload is here!

Not a huge upload today but I am really eyeing up this beautiful yellow Another Mile Jacket, and the pink Highlines Pullover. Did you shop for anything today or try-anything on in store?

Another Mile Jacket

Another Mile Jacket, Honeycomb, Lululemon Upload

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Slush Hour Parka

Love these rain boots and have been thinking about getting them since last spring.

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Winter Warrior Parka

Winter Warrior Parka, lululemon upload

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All Afternoon Cardigan

All Afternoon Cardigan

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Rest Less Pullover

Rest Less Pullover

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Wunder Under High Rise Flocked

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Yin Vibes Turtleneck

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Show Your Depth Long Sleeve

Show your Depth Long Sleeve

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High Lines Pullover

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Cloudscape Jacket

Cloudscape Jacket, Lululemon Upload

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7 responses to “The Lululemon Upload”

  1. Stacy says:

    I’m confused about why they are selling sunscreen, body glide, shampoo, etc. from other brands. Are they trying to add a Sephora element to the website? Throw some Coola Sunscreen in with your swiftly purchase….it’s so odd to me.

    I’m liking the powdered rose swiftly relaxed ls. The color looks pretty online. I’d like to check it out in store.

  2. Ashley says:

    Nothing for me this week. I like the waistband on the Always On High-Rise Tights, just wish they were made in Nulu. There was a similar pair in Nulu that I like but they discontinued it after the first run. The only items I’ve been purchasing are Aligns, Back In Action LS, Brunswick Muscle Tanks and Emweald LS, but I really don’t need any more and I’ve been finding better prices on the secondary market. I have the Winter Warrior Parka from last year and love it. I wish they’d bring back a couple older pieces like the Yogini LS and Yogi Racerback…. these new items just do not interest me.

  3. Lacey says:

    Oh my – that yellow jacket is lovely! I have been eyeing yellow pieces since the Honey Lemon stuff dropped, but I haven’t actually pulled the trigger on anything.

    I’m kind of at the point where I’m not willing to pay full price for much anymore. With 400+ items on WMTM, I figure I can settle for a different color and be fine or pick it up later from Poshmark. I have also learned my lesson not to buy marked-down styles I’ve never tried from since they are final sale. LLL really needs to review that policy since many of those items are NEVER available in a local store to try on. I get that they want to get rid of them, but it sucks for the customer.

    I’m also with @Ashley in that I have found a few short list of staple pieces that work for me (Swiftly Tech Racerbacks, 7/8 Aligns, 7/8 F&F, 2.5 Speed-Up Shorts) and stick with those.

    Nothing for me again this week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I always loved reading the comments here after an upload and it’s been quiet for weeks:(

  5. Ecop says:

    There’s not that many new things to say about a continuing long trend…

  6. Anon says:

    15% discount on RAKUTEN on Lululemon orders! winning!!

  7. Cin says:

    Ebates/Rakuten is now 17.5% in Canada and 15% in the U.S. Wow I don’t recall it ever being this high.

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