The Lululemon Upload is live!

Very tiny upload today for the last few days of August, but a few goodies did pop up. I like the Swiftly Relaxed Long Sleeve in Smokey Blush. I’m also liking the cute On My Level Crossbody.

Nothing ordered for me today. The Fall Sezane Capsule should be coming really soon and I’m excited to post (and hopefully shop) that when it drops. I have to do a post soon for you guys of the items I purchased during the Sezane Archives. I posted a few items on Instagram but a lot of what I got are fall/winter sweaters so I wasn’t feeling try-ons in mohair. Also, those items are all sold out so it would only be helpful to you in general terms of fit/style of the brand. I’ll get that post up before the new Fall capsule!

Did you order or try-on any of the new Lululemon items from this week?

Those of you that had huge shipping delay issues from Lululemon, let us know if you finally got your orders.

The Lululemon Upload

Every Journey Hoodie

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Swiftly Relaxed Long Sleeve

Swiftly Relaxed Long Sleeve

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Going Places Hooded Jacket

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Rain Rebel Jacket

Rain Rebel Jacket, Frontier, Lululemon Upload, Lululemon Rain Jacket

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Fast and Free Tight

Fast and Free Tight II, Marvel

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Fast and Free Tight II Nulux

Fast and Free Tight II

Shop The Nulux Fast and Free Tights Here

Breeze By Long Sleeve

Breeze By Long Sleeve, Lululemon Upload

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Swiftly Speed Long Sleeve Sheer Stripe

Swiftly Speed Long Sleeve  Sheer Stripe, Lululemon Upload

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Swiftly Speed Racerback

Swiftly Speed Racerback, Lululemon Upload

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On My Level Crossbody

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Shop The Lululemon Upload Right Here

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  1. Hi, I wanted to let you know that there is a problem with your email upload link today and also last week. It sends me and probably other Canadians to the US site, not the Canadian site. Last week, I thought it was probably a one off mistake so I didn’t comment. You might want to check what is occurring.

  2. At first I thought it was a super tiny upload, but the US site is now showing quite a few new items. I did a double-take at the Deep Rouge Speed Up 2.5’s–used to be *obsessed* with that color, but I’m actually going to pass.

    I was hoping for more Vitalize Multi, but no such luck.

  3. Is anyone having problems placing orders through the Lululemon website on their iPad or iPhone?

    Not getting much help from Lululemon. I was advised to place an order through a desktop which I did and it didn’t work.

  4. ^ Yes, I noticed that also. I was refreshing and waiting for the new upload, then got super confused when I realized your weekly post had items that had already been posted. I double checked the post date to be sure! Weird…

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