Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is Here!

Yay! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is Here finally! This is my internal debate right now as the clock is ticking down on the website. Pink jacket or blue? I love both equally, but one will be more flattering on my skintone and more versatile. I suspect it’s the blue… gah! But the pink is such a pretty pink.

These are all the items I have bookmarked in browser tabs, ready to pull the trigger tomorrow at 9:30am PST. I’ve been busy at work over the past few days collecting landing pages for products. I currently have four browser windows open because each one has a million tabs going.

This year my strategy will be slightly different. Originally I was really bummed out that I wasn’t able to time a trip into Seattle close enough to the start of the sale. This afternoon the opportunity to switch some things came about and the stars aligned so I will be going in tomorrow after all. So excited!! The other difference this year is that typically the NSALE has gone live at midnight, but this year it’s going live at 9:30am. I’m considering placing my order online and then doing store pickup…. but I’m worried the store pickup won’t be ready by the time we need to leave. Instead of staying up all night tonight posting about the sale, I’ll get to stay up tomorrow night and post my try-ons and fit reviews.

What are you guys planning on getting? have you joined the NSALE Insiders The Sweat Edit group?

Click on any item in this image to get the details on that item!

By the way, my fellow Canadians. I was so excited to learn that this year Canada gets our own exclusive items and the items happen to be pretty awesome. Smythe Blazers!! This is Canada’s version of the Veronica Beard. I love both brands but as far as quality and cut the Smythe Blazer wins out.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Smythe Blazers, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is Here

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access - In My Shopping Cart
  1. The only thing I’m ever interested in from the Nordstrom sale is the Natori bra Feathers. But my size (30H) is literally never available at my store. I have better luck getting my bras at local bra boutiques here in Ottawa since they have sales too. Unfortunately due to my tricky bra size I can’t shop at “the mall”.

    I tried the circle cardigan everyone seems to love last year and I just think it’s too casual for me to wear outside the house. I can see it working well for someone who works form home as it is very cozy.

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