Part 3: Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies

Part 3! This instalment of Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies includes sweaters and cardigans + a few Rails items I liked, some beauty and my yearly underwear restock. The next instalment coming up tomorrow will be coats and jackets. There where a few items I considered purchasing here. I walked around the store with a Rails top for a few hours deciding wether or not I was going to bring it home. I also had some fails. I really found the fit of a lot of items this year really weird.

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Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies | ALLSAINTS, Rails, Something Navy, Madewell and More

Restocking Basics | The Best Underwear

Anniversary Sale 2019 | Hanky Panky

This is a perennial favourite of the Anniversary Sale and how I first discovered the very best underwear several years ago. Hanky Panky is a one size fits most underwear and somehow, it lives up to the sizing. My best friend wears them too and she’s a size 4, and I’ve worn them as a size 8/10/12 without noticing any difference. I prefer the regular rise in this but you can also get a lower rise and full brief, boyshorts and bikini.

Hanky Panky are durable, comfortable and show no panty lines at all. I know you are looking at them thinking there are hundreds of lace underwear that look similar, but I assure you they are not. I’ve purchased some of those lookalikes at The Bay and after one or two washes they look ratty with elastane threads peaking through. I stock up on these during the sale because they have a 4 for $59 deal, but I also buy them individually once in a while. It’s just nice having a drawer full of good underwear that you feel good wear everyday, but that are sexy too!

If you haven’t tried them yet, you should really give them a go.

Buy Them Here (plenty of stock!)

A Holy Grail Beauty Product

Anniversary Sale 2019 Dressing Room Selfies

I don’t want to tell you too much about this item just yet because I have a post coming soon about it. If you are hunting for a great natural deodorant to try, this one should be on your list. I’m annoyed at myself for only getting this one set because this brand is hard to find in Canada. I figured this was kind of a sleeper item at the sale since it was sold in the mens beauty section but today when I went to order a second one it was sold out. The regular non sale size is still available though, and an Anniversary Sale sized body wash which I really like as well.

Buy The Single Size, or the Beauty Exclusive Body Wash Here

A Cute Top I Almost Got

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Whitney Print Shirt RAILS
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 | Whitney Print Shirt RAILS Star Print

Shirt: L | Jeans: 30

I love Rails shirts and have a few but I wasn’t in the mood to get another plaid shirt. This short sleeve intrigued me though. I loved the little colourful star icons all over it. I also really loved the fit. It was really relaxed fitting and airy. I might pick this up at some point during the sale.

Buy It Here (still In stock!)

A Cute Top I Didn’t Want To Get (this time)

Anniversary Sale 2019 Dressing Room Selfies | Rails Hunter Plaid

Shirt: L | Jeans: 30

If I had been in the mood for another plaid shirt from Rails, it would have been this color. This color was actually part of last years Anniversary Sale, and I had ordered it online but it got cancelled. It never restocked and I was so sad about it.

Buy It Here (Some Colors/Sizes still in stock)

Lightening Bolt Tee

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 | Cara Tee RAILS

Tee: Size L | Jeans: Size 30

I love linen t-shirts and I love little icon prints. The lightening bolts where so cute. There was also a kissing icon version. I was going to buy this one but then I ended up in the shoe department and got boots so things had to go back. I was surprised at the fit of this. It was nicely relaxed in my TTS. It is slightly sheer as linen tee shirts are. I like that though because I just wear a cute contrasting bra underneath, or a nude coloured tee shirt bra.

Buy It Here (Different print still available)

The Blogger Favorite Nordstrom Brand

Anniversary Sale 2019 | Cozy V-Neck Cardigan SOMETHING NAVY
Anniversary Sale 2019 | Cozy V-Neck Cardigan SOMETHING NAVY

Cardigan: M | Jeans: Size 30

This is the Something Navy brand that is all over instagram and featured on tons of blogs and YouTube. You probably saw the leopard print that sold out in a nano second. Something Navy is a Nordstrom house brand that is partnered with the blogger Something Navy.

I liked the color of this cardigan a lot and actually liked it better than the leopard print version. There is also the matching sweater below. Of all the affordable cardigans in this sale, this one was my favourite.

Buy It Here (Still In stock)

Anniversary Sale 2019 | Flecked Crewneck Sweater Something Navy

Sweater: M | Jeans: Size 30

The sweater sister of the Something Navy Cardigan above. Although this one was the same color and material as the cardigan I didn’t like this one. It’s very large and I didn’t like the cut. The dropped shoulder seam was not flattering.

Buy It Here (Still in stock)

Anniversary Sale 2019 | Madewell Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater

Cardigan: Size L | Jeans: Size 30

I love Madewell but these long cardigans with horizontal stripes do nothing for a short petite person like me. Cute and soft though. Great for the right body type.

Buy It Here (Still in stock)

Anniversary Sale 2019 Dressing Room Selfies | Cassia Stripe Boat Neck Sweater ALLSAINTS
Anniversary Sale 2019 Dressing Room Selfies | All Saints

Sweater: Size L | Jeans: Size 30

I ‘get’ the oversized sweater trend but this one was extreme. I am pretty consistently a size L in sweaters and even when they are a bit big on me they don’t look this sloppy. This looked really sloppy and weird. The bubble hem and cuffs just make this look like Violet Beauregarde eating everlasting gobbstoppers. I think the model online must have had clips in the back. Disappointing from ALLSAINTS.

Buy It Here (still in stock, two colors)

  1. Wow! Glad you didn’t buy that giant sweater. Some of the other things you tried on do not work with your body, but that huge sweater is just bad. Seems like this sale might be best for some of the basics, like the undies and jeans.

    1. There where a lot of items this year that did not work for my body type. Mostly the more affordable store brand items where cut for a very specific body type and where not tailored very nicely. That huge sweater was awful on me. Jeans are always my #1 recommendation, folowed by jackets (not store brand) and then undies. There are always some outlier amazing pieces that don’t fall in those categories but this blog really focuses on the high quality, great investment pieces.

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