I had a real moment with Vince this year and I can’t stop thinking about some of these pieces. You will see a lot of bloggers purchased the Vince sweaters from this sale. Sadly I didn’t get to try any sweaters on. It was quite by accident that this Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies and Haul post is entirely dedicated to Vince. Going through my photos, I was picking out items I liked and grouped them together. I didn’t realize until later that they where all Vince. I loved the style and quality of all of these pieces. If budgets where not a thing I would have purchased any one of these items and been very happy.

Thoughts On The Clothes This Year

I had such bad luck with the fit and style of most of the clothing this year which is why these Vince items really stand out to me. Generally, I didn’t like much. The exception was jeans, Vince of course and a few other really great gems. The stand out pieces where the L’Agence Blazer and the ALLSAINTS leather jacket.

I gravitate to well made quality pieces and I like to spend my budget on really special items. The trendy in house brands don’t resonate with me at all for this type of sale. Some in house brands are really high quality like Nordstron Signature and Louise Et Cie, but those price points compete with other brands for my attention.

I feel like this year more than any other year the bulk of the sale was in house brands. Also, there where a lot of brands I usualy look out for missing from this sale. I was surprised we didnt see any Mackage puffers. It also struck me that the blogger brands Nordstrom is putting out is really just another house brand, and marketed in a different way. This disapointment in the selection was a good thing for me though beause it helped me to really see Vince and now I know it’s a brand I want to pay closer attention to.

Besides this, I felt like I shopped really well this year and zoned in on great items.

Dressing Room Selfies and Haul

The Best Plush Jacket + Favorite Jeans

Double Breasted Plush Jacket VINCE
Double Breasted Plush Jacket VINCE
Double Breasted Plush Jacket VINCE

Jacket – Large | Jeans – 30

This is not a jacket style I normally go for but the brown plush called to me from across the departments and I snatched it up to try on. There are several plush jackets this year but this one is the best. The other one I liked in a more casual and affordable category is the Alo Foxy Faux Fur jacket which is activewear if you are looking for more casual and affordable.

This jacket looks so retro glam 70’s but at the same time it makes me think of bowling and chicken wings. It was a lone size large and I’m not sure if it’s too oversized and I needed a size down, or if this was the right size. I loved it and I want to try it on again, which may mean waiting until the Canadian Anniversary Sale. Although this is really well made and high quality, this is a pretty trendy piece. Buy it if you can incorporate it in your wardrobe with several different items and for several occasions.

You Can Buy It Here

The Sexiest Silk Top

Side Drape Long Sleeve Silk Blouse VINCE, Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies
Anniversary Sale 2019 | Side Drape Long Sleeve Silk Blouse VINCE

Top – Large | Jeans – 30

This was another 70’s glam look I loved. Super elegant and sexy but so comfortable. The quality of the silk on this top was unreal. Substantial silk in a liquid satin finish and it’s hand wash, not dry-clean only. I really wanted this top and took a lot of pictures of it. I just felt so great in it!

Ultimately I put it back because I had already spent so much and I wasn’t sure what to put back in it’s place. I also like to buy things at this sale that I can enjoy right away and I think this top would have to wait for a special dinner out or fancy party. It is a very classic item though and a worthy splurge. Decision fatigue was kicking in hard a this point. I think I may pick this up at the Canadian Anniversary Sale, but there is also the option below.

You Can Buy It Here

Another Great Silk Top

Shirred Neck Silk Blouse VINCE, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies
Shirred Neck Silk Blouse VINCE
Shirred Neck Silk Blouse VINCE

Top – Large | Jeans – 30

I loved this top a lot too and even though I liked the top above even more, I think this would have been more easily justified as the style is more casual and I’d wear it more often. BUT, I loved the other top more. The silk on this one was just as lovely, not satin finished. This hits the perfect note for an office wardrobe because it’s an elegant, sophisticated and modest top but it’s very edgy and young. Another item I’m considering for the Canadian Anniversary Sale. Glad I get a bit of time to decide.

You Can Buy It Here

The Best Anniversary Sale Wool Coat

Double Face Wool Blend Coat VINCE, Anniversary Sale 2019, Nordstrom, Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies
Double Face Wool Blend Coat VINCE
Double Face Wool Blend Coat VINCE

Coat – XL (two sizes too big) Jeans – 30

So many luxury brands have beautiful coats out in this chalky blue color and I’ve always wanted something in this shade of blue. Last winter I fell in love with a Fleurette wool coat in this same color but it was out of my price range. The leather jacket I ordered looks like it’s this similar shade of blue with slight grey undertones. I really hope the website photos are accurate.

This jacket was only available in XL and it was about two sizes too big for me. It felt really overwhelming to my shape but I think it was more because the size was wrong and it was really big in the chest. I possibly would have needed a petite version of this jacket in a large instead of a regular version of this jacket in medium. I had to make a choice between this coat and the leather jacket and I opted for the leather because that is more of a year round jacket for me than a wool coat.

You Can Buy It Here

The Shoes I Purchased

Anniversary Sale Try-Ons and Haul | Havana Notch Bootie VINCE
Havana Notch Bootie VINCE
Havana Notch Bootie VINCE

Boots – Size 9

This boot is so flattering for short legged gals. The notch at the front of the leg, the seam down the middle and the pointed toe all really helps to elongate your legs. I love boots but tall boot lengths are really tricky for me so I’ve learned to stick to this style of short boot.

The leather on these is so supple and quality and the heel is short enough for every day. I liked the other two colors as well but didn’t love the feel of the suede compared to the feel of the leather. I liked the edgy vibe of the black.

Vince shoes run slightly bigger than any of my other brands (about 1/2″ bigger or a bit less) but not enough for me to size down. I think the price point of these shoes is just fantastic, especially looking at the quality and the versatility. I had to order these at another store because the size I wanted was sold out.

I posted an outfit shot of these along with the jeans I purchased earlier today.

You Can Buy Them Here

I have more Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  1. My favorite items from the Anniversary sale over time are all Vince. I love all of these pieces on you! I bought the black cashmere cardigan to try and the sleeveless black top. I was hoping for the green cable sweater this year, but I missed it. There haven’t been many restocks or returns on anything I’m watching. After this post, I’m going to back through the Vince items. And buy the boots.

    1. I know, I’ve been checking frequently for vince sweater returns. No luck so far. Definitely get the boots, they are awesome!

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