The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live! For the men’s line there is a new Lululemon X Robert Geller collection that uploaded last night.

Yet another little itty bitty upload. I’m surprised there isn’t more in this upload. Nothing for me this week but I have been eying up the In Depth Jacket *Lace. Have you tried it? I’d love to know your thoughts. Last week the Above The Clouds Jacket I ordered arrived and I absolutely love it. I haven’t loved a Lululemon Bomber Jacket until this one. It’s definitely a light, warm weather jacket but such a great style piece.

I’m also really surprised at the timing of these light uploads. The men’s line gets an awesome collection this week with the Robert Geller capsule (right before Mothers Day?), and there are rumours that Lululemon is planning a shoe line created by them (alo yoga already does this) and that is why the APL shoes got discontinued from the stores. Why are they putting so much focus away from their core customer and core product lines? They are really missing out on Mothers Day shopping with this upload. Half a year is already past with week after week of small cobbled together uploads. How long do customers wait for the product to ramp up back to normal before completely losing interest?

The Lululemon Upload

Every Journey Hoodie

Lululemon Upload

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight Lace

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25" Lace

These are beautiful. I saw the white ones in store earlier this week and the white seemed nice and thick.

Lead With Your Heart Sweater

Delicate Day Tank

Delicate Day Tank

Pace Rival Crop

Pace Rival Crop

Tightest Stuff Tight

Find Your Twist Short Sleeve

This is such a pretty green!

Energy Bra

Energy Bra

Love this Wasabi Green as well!

Pretty new pink called ‘Jubilee’

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew, Flamenco Red, Lululemon Upload

Love this Flamenco Red color!

Graceful Embrace Wrap

Graceful Embrace Wrap, Lululemon Upload

Seek Simplicity Tank

Seek Simplicity Tank, Lululemon Upload

Wunder Under High-Rise Crop

Lululemon Upload
Lululemon Upload
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  1. Wow nothing for me again this upload. The lab stuff is hideous. I normally refrain from making comments as some people do like it. I may get the floral spritz shorts even if they are longer length. Hoping backgrounds is navy and not black.
    I didn’t even buy wmtm last Thursday. Nothing that I must have. The prints get old quick.
    Will recycle from my hoard lol some still with tags.
    My hubby and wallet are happy!
    Thx for your blog

  2. men’s stuff Robert Geller IMO is HIDEOUS! OMG. My husband wears a ton of lulu for working out , golf and casual. He saw the new Robert Geller line in the shop and was like WTF

  3. This is 6 weeks in a row of no purchases for me. I was hoping to see Hi-Rise Speed Up Shorts–but no. I don’t get why they don’t offer these year-round. It’s already pushing 90 degrees in Texas, and I need more of my favorite shorts!

  4. Something weird is going on. I can’t figure out if my tastes are changing or just boring uploads. I haven’t purchased a thing in over 5 months. I use to purchase items weekly!!!!!! I can’t even believe this.

  5. Wow… another week with no purchase. And Lululemon totally missed the mark by not having some special items for Mother’s Day.
    The “Every Journey Hoodie” is cute, but the colors are dull. I would have purchased if it in cake in a bright, pretty color.
    I’m at the point that I don’t even expect that I’ll order anything from the uploads. I do have my eye on a few basics to land on WMTM, but that’s about it.

  6. I do like the new blue color in the crinkle vinyasa. (Trying to start off positive.)

    The wunder unders lace are hideous. There’s too much going on! Simplicity please–less is more.

    And I had to laugh at the white lab coat that looks like, well, a lab coat.

  7. I bought the lace wunder umders in the night/teal color. Tried them on in store and they were gorgeous!! Also got the new floral print in WU, and the aligns in the palm court color. Had my eye on those for a while now. There was a beautiful shorter jacket in store too with lace but left it for later due to budget constraints. I feel that the online photos just didn’t look as good as the items did in person

  8. That lace jacket is a thing of beauty, and something I don’t have in my extensive Lululemon collection. But at $138 + tax, I’m not exactly running to the store to get it. In our short summer, a lace jacket is pure luxury. If and when it goes on sale in my size, I might consider it.
    Yes, I agree, Lululemon dropped the ball on exciting new offerings for Mother’s Day. But I always wait for sales anyway, and am happy with the huge inventory on WMTM, where I can find something almost every week (unfortunately for my poor wallet and bursting at the seam closets).

  9. I don’t know, most people aren’t going to be ordering this close to Mother’s Day, so I think last week would have been the time for that upload.. And they did have a page for that, although not a lot of new items.

    I like wasabi green and hope to see more.

  10. I am also obsessed with that lace jacket. Unfortunately, my store didn’t have it 🙁 I might just have to pull the trigger and order it from the site.
    I really like the new spacedye WU’s (especially the pink!) so I will definitely pick up a pair of those. I am also interested in the Speed Up Long *updated fit – has anyone see/tried these in store that can comment on the difference? I am hoping for a wider leg opening, maybe? With all my cycling recently my thighs are hulking out!

  11. I like the lace jacket too but on someone who is not me lol! It’s just to lose fitting for me to like it on my figure. I also like the Wasabi green, will need to see it in person to see if it’s flattering on me.
    I have that Flamenco Red swiftly already. I think I bought it 4 months ago? Or is it a different red?
    Nothing for me this week either. I’m not mad about it.

  12. Flamenco red is from last summer. I got the short sleeve swiftly then as well as speed shorts and I believe the bra and more recently the skirt. Love that colour.

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