The Lululemon Upload is live!

Not a huge upload (again!) this week but there are some definite treasures. I’m liking the floral lace detailing Lululemon has been adding lately. Last week was the In Depth Jacket Lace (Love it!) this week it’s the Fabled Forest Jacket and Shorts and the Wunder Under Lace.

The In Depth Jacket is a bit of a tricky fit. I typically buy a size 10/12 in Jackets and lately it’s been a size 12. The size 12 in this jacket was way oversized, and my store had 8’s but no 10’s so I tried on the 8. The 8 fits perfect! Plenty of room. The only thing I sacrifice with the size 8 is the proportional length, but I don’t consider it an extremely cropped jacket. It still falls over my natural waist and hits my jean waistline even though I have a long torso. I think this is an excelent jacket as a topper for an outfit, not just a to/from gym jacket. It’s very light and airy thanks to the mesh/lace construction. It’s one of those jackets I will reach for a ton thanks to it’s style versatility and comfort. Check it out here!

PS. Are you guys following the Tati Wesbrook James Charles Drama? I have thoughts that I’m dying to share. I can’t believe this is being spun so much in her favour. If you guys want to chat about it, I am thinking of making a post like I did with the other Beauty Guru Drama.

Fabled Forest Jacket

Fabled Forest Short

Fabled Forest Short

Wunder Under Crop *Lace

Essential Tank

Scuba Hoodie

Pace Rival Skirt Extra Long

Renew the Day Short Sleeve

Renew the Day Short Sleeve

Hotty Hot Short High Rise Long

Hotty Hot Short, Hi Rise, Long Length

In Flux Jacket

In Flux Jacket

Every Journey Hoodie

Every Journey Hoodie

Swiftly Tech SS

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Pink Shell

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Spring Break Away Short
Gotta Hustle Jacket
Time To Sweat Crop
Define Jacket
Here To Move Jacket
Wunder Under Hi rise crop lace
wunder under hi rise tight lace
in depth jacket Lace
In Depth Jacket Lace
Fabled Forest Short
Fabled Forest Short
fabled Forest Jacket
Fabled Forest Jacket
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  1. Happy to see some colors restocked in the Wunder Unders and Align, snagged a pair of True Navy and Dark Olive in the 25” WU.
    I think the Renew the Day tee is cute with the drawstring but think I want to try it on first…

    Thank you for your thoughts on the in depth jacket! I am not close to a store and was unsure about sizing!

  2. I think regardless of what James did, he is a kid, a teenager. He has a lot to learn. She did way too much for him and that’s on her, we can give young people who need help tools to success, but it seems like she chewed it all for him and put it in his mouth. She is in her thirties and I think should know better than get into the drama and be so hurt by a young boy. I’m not on either side but I do think that she went overboard in her bye sister video. She should know better. Dying to know what you think!

  3. I think she’s being so disengenuous to claim mentorship over him. They are competitors and equals in the industry. His career tragectory has far surpassed hers. Any mentorship she had over him was slimy AF, manipulative and leveraged in her favour. Claiming her husband would not take on management was so skeevy. He wouldn’t take him on simply becasue there was a HUGE glaring conflict of interest. I also found her mention of his sexuality really inapropriate. If he is the sexual predator she is insinuating he is, she would have addressed that immediately and outside of this business conflict, not wait until it suited her.

  4. Could not have said it better myself, exactly, she waited to spill it all when it suited her. She should have more class than that.

  5. Well nothing for me again this week. Stuff isn’t technical but then again how much more do I need.
    Lots of leisure items that are trendy but I prefer to buy similar at a fraction of cost so it can be disposed of when trend is over lol. One season.
    Thx for your blog.

  6. Honestly I am not liking any new product so far this year. I do like some new colours but the styles are just not doing it for me. I agree with Gymmie about trendy items and being able to buy better for less elsewhere. LLL used to make product you couldn’t find anywhere else but now so much new product is just ho hum and not special. About the only thing they still do better than others are colours. I really like the new Grape Mist s/s Swiftly uploaded in Australia this week.

  7. Nothing for me today but I definitely want to hear your thoughts on Tati/JC drama. I also have some opinions on it 😀

  8. Fabled Forest jacket looks possible, but otherwise, I really don’t know what to say. If I were the new CEO, I’d be very nervous.

    I haven’t been exercising much lately, so I would expect some decline in the amount of workout clothes I’m buying, but my Lulu spending has dropped precipitously. I’ve spent less this year than I had by January 9 of 2018. Previous years were similar. They have to turn things around, because most people will simply give up on the brand if they keep being this dull.

    The old cuts are gone, so people won’t buy the brand for the fit. Color is back, but what good is it if nothing fits and there’s no function? No style? No interest? They can’t ride on the old reputation much longer.

  9. Another week with no purchase. ? it’s finally Spring and I’m looking for some vibrant colors and what is being offered as “new” in Fast and Frees?… dark olive and melanite (good basics, but not new or Spring like).

    I did try on the “Every Journey Hoodie” in store . I loved the length, the softness, and the asymmetrical zip, but it sort of bunched up in the midsection when zipped. Adding bulk to the belly immediately disqualified the jacket. I walked out of the store with no purchases once again.

    Since I haven’t bought any new items for a long while, I got some things on Poshmark and Ebay. I am loving my new (previously worn) dance studio pants II with a 34” inch inseam. It’s great having pants that have some extra length for tall girls. And all three pairs were a reasonable price and in wonderful condition, so that’s a win. ?

  10. I ordered the incognito camp multi grey/black in the Hotty Hot Long shorts. I’m obsessed with camo. But other than that nothing has caught my eye lately. I want bright summer colors but it seems the trend lately are the muted/natural colors. Just not for me. P.s. has anyone here tried the amazon leggings that are supposed to be a Lululemon dupe? I just can’t imagine they are that good but I’ve seen so many bloggers post them!

    1. I am extremely dubious about most of the amazon trends that have come out recently (bathing suits, onesies, leggings) but that said I haven’t tried them on myself to know if they are good or not. There is a ton of spaming going on in blogger world.

  11. Nothing for me this week, but I love all the lace! I thought both the jacket from last week and the leggings were gorgeous in person, not excited about the prices though. I’m probably going to wait and see if I really want to pay full price on any of the lace stuff or just keep my fingers crossed for a WMTM discount. For now, it will hang out in my cart.

  12. I’m happy to have recently fallen in love with Speed Up shorts and picked up the green camo print from my local store over the weekend. I’ll be perusing Poshmark to find some good deals. The challenge is that most sellers don’t know the difference between Speeds, Speed Ups, and Run Times, so it’s a bit of a hunt!

  13. Everything CAMO CAMO CAMO and PINK PINK PINK I went crazy buying a lot of camo to last me a for at least the next 5 years . Camo and pink look so HOT together

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