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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live!

I ordered the On The Right Track Pant so far. I love the look of them with the ivory piping on the side. Considering the Love Tank Pleated in Honey Lemon but I want the Swiftly Tech LS/SL and Racerback in that color instead so I think I’m going to hold out for one of those. The Heathered Coral Swiftly LS is stunning but I am going to hold out for markdown since we are heading into warm weather.

By the way, now that I’ve gotten into running again (training for Seawheeze) I’ve been thinking about getting an activity tracker for my birthday. Do any of you use the Apple Watch Series 4 for running and other sports like crossfit or lifting? How do you find it for multi purpose activity. Also, do you prefer the aluminum or the staneless steel?

On The Right Track Pant

I ordered these in black/ivory. They are awesome!

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This color combination of Poppy and Hydrangea Blue is the original Lululemon brand to me. I just associate these colors to Lululemon from back in 2008. Also, firecracker popsicles.

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  • I have an Apple Watch Series 2 aluminum and love it! It’s very sturdy no scratches or dents after a year of use.

    But, I only recommend it for people who already have an iPhone! It took awhile for the watch to adjust to my runs indoors. In fact, if I’m remembering correctly, the watch tells you to run and walk outside fist before using the indoor option. It took a little while but now I find it pretty accurate in predicting my mileage on the treadmill. As far as HIIT and CrossFit, if heart rate is important to you, I find nothing is more accurate than a chest monitor. But you can still get the watch and sync the monitor and use another app on your watch if you want to skip Apples default fitness watch app.

    But things ,ay have changed since my series 2. Still I hope the info. helps.

  • Nothing did me this upload though I like that peachy long sleeve swiftly. It’s nowhere near getting warm in Ottawa (in fact we got 7 cm of snow today) so I may get that.

    I have a series 3 (I think, the one that came out last year) Apple Watch. I can not recommend it enough. I do mostly run and do power yoga now as my workouts and my watch really helps keep me on track. I stopped lifting 6 months ago but prior to that I also used it to track lifting.

  • I got the Part Ways Tee!

    As far as the Apple Watch, I got both aluminum and stainless steel in version 4 and I will say the aluminum was lighter, easier to wear but the stainless steel felt nicer, heavier. I ended up returning both after a week, I could not help but feel as a science experiment with having a device on me that tracked my every move, heart rate etc

  • Hmmn I like the peachy swiftly and the marine blue swiftly but it may be too close to Poseidon. Nothing again for me this upload. I like the honey colour but I prefer the intensity of the scuba instead of the love tank. May wait for a swiftly.
    Glad I am finally slowing down! Nothing I need to have.

  • Have Apple Watch 4 aluminum which I really like. Easy to move from one activity to another. Listen to podcasts loaded onto watch, notifications, email, calls all very easy to use. Haven’t activated the cellular capability yet.

  • Nothing for me this week.

    I do like the lab Geo Bra, but there’s no way I would ever drop $78 for it. Lab pieces tend to hit WMTM, so we’ll see then.

  • I just found this post today. Nothing strikes my fancy, but I am becoming more particular since I have the basics… and then some.
    And a belated thank you to the person who recommended Blinc mascara on a post awhile back. I haven’t worn mascara in 10 years because every brand I tried gave me raccoon eyes. Blinc’s tubular mascara stays on through my most sweaty workouts. ?

  • I have an old Apple Watch. I’ve been wearing it daily for two years. I use it to track all my workouts. The problem I have is I never use the data for anything. I rarely look at my workouts. Occasionally I’ll be intrigued by my steps and distance travelled but I wouldn’t use it for calories. My other beefs are I sometimes forget to turn off the workout function and kettlebells can be problematic. You don’t want that bell smashing down on your watch. My fix for that is to spin in around so the watch face is on the inside of my wrist. I am
    Not running much anymore and when I do, I usually use Runmeter vs the built in activity tracker. I like the way the data is displayed better. I recently bought a peloton and the calories tracked on the bike and the calories tracked on my watch are vastly different. I am using a sosche heart rate monitor for the peloton and not relying on the generic metrics. But….I do love my watch. For me…I use it to tell time. Have the current temp and use the timer function daily. All on my watch face. I have never used a different type of activity tracker so I can’t compare. I’d recommend it!!

  • Look at Garmin watches. Garmin is much better as far as running and activity tracking IMO than any of the others.

    That said, I can’t remember the last time I bought something on upload. It’s been a LONG time because none of this stuff is even nice or technical enough anymore nor does it appeal to me. Oh well, lots of money saved for other things.

  • I have the Series 4 stainless steel Apple watch. If you are prone to hitting your watch off things, stainless is the way to go. The aluminum scratches very easily and the glass is not as strong. I bought this watch to replace the Series 1 that did not have GPS with the intention of having this watch replace the Garmin watch for running. After having this watch since November, I realized I can never use it to replace my Garmin. The GPS on the Apple watch is never correct. There is always at least a .15 mile discrepancy between the two. I know the Garmin is correct based on trail markers so I run with two watches so I can track my activity with the Apple watch and my distance with the Garmin. I do like it for the activity tracking even though I really wanted it for the GPS.

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