The Lululemon Upload is live!

Finally! The Swiftly Tech Racerback in Honey Lemon we’ve been waiting for finally uploaded. I ordered that of course. It’s been years and years since I’ve purchased a Swiftly Racerback Tank. Hoping we see a short sleeve and long sleeve in Honey Lemon soon.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Golden Lime Fast & Free Tights and Crops we’ve been seeing in sneak peeks. Today was a Golden Lime parade of new items. Also new today are the Into Something Good Tights and Into Something Good Pants and Jacket. I’m just really not a fan of cupro. I think I object to renaming polyester something fancy. I love this disclaimer that comes with the cupro items: “To revive it, wear your garment. Warmth and humidity will help restore its natural texture and drape.”

Did you order anything today? Do you reject Cupro like I do, or do you love it?

Fast and Free Crop

In Movement Tight

Hotty Hot Short

Hotty Hot Short II Long

Swiftly Tech Racerback

Into Something Good Tight

Moments Like These Tank

Dare To Drop Tank

Define Jacket Nulux

Define Jacket

Goal Up Tank

Into Something Good Hoodie

Into Something Good Hoodie

Free To Be Serene Bra 
High Neck

Free To Be Serene Bra  High Neck

The Rain Is Calling Jacket II

Sleek and Strong Tight

Into Something Good Pant

Guys, thanks so much for all of your Apple Watch recommendations! I got my first apple watch over the weekend and have been really loving wearing it. I didn’t take out out for a Seawheeze training run yet. I did a long run on Saturday and then got the watch on Sunday. I can’t wait to see how it performs as a fitness tracker. Maybe today while my kids are at dance I can get my short run in. I am excited to get the heart rate info tracked on my runs. I’ve already learned through the sleep tracker that although I get enough overall sleep, I’m not getting enough REM sleep. I definitely want to improve that since interupted REM is linked to health problems.

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  1. Sadly I’m not enjoying the uploads lately. I especially do not like the greens and yellows, not those shades anyway. I just want to buy but it’s been soooooooo long

  2. I am loving the vivid aqua colour of the ebb to street tank. I may wait to see if a crb or other tank or swiftly comes out in that colour.
    I do like the yellow but waiting for short sleeve swiftly. I like the lime colour but have a swiftly from last year in a very similar colour…forget the name of it.
    I like the print of the speed shorts and sculpt tank. May wait for wmtm as I have so so much.
    I did wear my windbreaker jacket in the lovely fiery red colour. The only downside is that it doesn’t have mesh armpits but the swift fabric did wick fairly well and I didn’t overheat in my armpits lol.
    I have slowed way down on purchases as nothing has really been sparking joy. My wallet is liking these uploads!
    Love your blog!

  3. Golden Lime is so fun, but it’s all wrong for my skin tone. I like the Honey Lemon Swiftly Tank but would prefer it to be solid and not heathered with white. If it hits WMTM, I’ll consider it again. Nothing for me this week.

  4. Anyone else notice that most of the models are also on the Nike website aswell. On another note the yellow is nice but sadly not for my skintone

  5. I’m dying for some fun bright prints! Could be FF Crops, Run Times, Trackers it Hotty Hot shorts. Just something more summery!

  6. Not into any of this. I’ve pretty much given up hope for this company. It’s just boring and ugly, ugly and boring. Nothing fits anymore, so even if there’s a color I like, it won’t look good the way the old cuts did.

    Sorry to be such a downer, because I do love this community and really appreciate all your hard work, Cristina.

  7. Nothing for me this week. I’m not a fan of the look of the cupro items, especially the “Into Something Good” tight and pant. The fabric looks cheap and the ruching above the knees looks really strange.
    I looked at the “Sleek and Strong” Tight. The seam in the back practically cuts the models’ butts in half, which is not a good look.
    Some of the items are just kind of strange. I agree with Gymmie that nothing is sparking joy. Maybe next week will be better.

  8. @Carolina –

    It’s been like this for awhile. A few are on the Athleta site as well. Lulu no longer has their “own” models anymore and they pull from a model pool/agency everyone else does and have for a few years now.

  9. I’m tempted by the golden lime F&F crops. I only have two pairs of F&Fs and I find myself wanting to wear them all the time. It’s starting to be hot where I live, and I’m digging them for hikes and outdoor workouts. I did click on every product in golden lime just to see what colors they are pairing it with, and I was surprised to see so much blue with it! The brighter blue seems like a strange match, but the more muted grey-blue kind of worked. I wouldn’t wear it that way though. It’s too bad they didn’t release a print with golden lime in it. It would be nice to have a printed top to go with it (like they used to do with more mix and match pieces each month.)

    I don’t like cupro either and for the same reasons. The note about wearing it to “freshen it up” is funny! I do like all thr ruching on the leggings, but not in that fabric.

  10. @ Rise and Shine

    You’re not the downer, the upload is! I feel the same way about their products. There are only four items that work for me from their current line up; Fast & Free 7/8 Tights (only this length and they can’t be shortened), Aligns, Brunswick Tank and Emerald LS. I used to spend thousands on their products and lately I’m only purchasing an item hear and their from WMTM. Oh well, it’s nice to save money.

  11. I’m curious about the polyester comment. There’s plenty of polyester in lulu clothing. What is your aversion to polyester?

    1. Not necessarily polyester but cupro specifically. Although I do avoid polyester in things like tops. Usually when it says ‘sweat wicking fabric’ in a material that appears to be cotton, it’s blended with polyester. I find it hot and less breathable and I just don’t like the feel. Nylon is a much nicer material.

  12. To the person who said the 7/8 FF can’t be shortened – that length is the only one I buy (the crops ride up like crazy) and I’ve had every one of them shortened to little below mid calf (I’m 5’5″). Only once did one of the sales woman try to tell me they can’t be shortened – I told her she was misinformed as the other 9 shortened pairs I had at home said otherwise. I’ve no idea why they keep making the crops, everyone has problems with the unfinished edge riding up. Or maybe that’s the plan on their part – make me buy the more expensive one to shorten them.

  13. I’m interested in the Golden Lime F&F. May get those. I would pair them with bright blue or navy tops.

    Yes the uploads aren’t as exciting as they used to be but tbh it does not bother me at all. I’m 37 years old this year and have been buying from Lulu constantly since my early 20’s. I have no need to buy something from them each month, let alone each week.

  14. I just noticed Athleta did a pretty big product drop. They are killing it lately, the opal contender capris are beautiful!

  15. omg some of their prints are stunning!!! the wildflower, the herb olive, the opal…. DAMN you Athleta for not entering the Canadian market!! I am gonna cry….. LOL

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