Lululemon X SoulCycle Haul and Review

January 23, 2019

Hot off the presses! My Lululemon X SoulCycle Haul just now arrived on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to try it on.

My Lululemon X SoulCycle Haul

To The Beat Sweatshirt

As I mentioned in the upload post, I already love this Motocross style sweatshirt shape with the articulated roomy sleeves and cuffed neck detailing so I couldn’t resist ordering the To The Beat Sweatshirt. I gravitated to this antique bark color and thought the reflective bits on the web photo looked rose gold, but I wasn’t sure. They are in fact rose gold and I absolutely love that detail on them. The sweater is a thin cozy Cotton Terry and it totally reminds me of the old Exhalation Pullover from 2013 with it’s feminine detailing and not so basic silhouette. This is a roomy TTS but one thing I’ll mention is I wish the length was longer. It’s not too short at all and in the back it covers most of my butt, but proportionally I think it would have looked better mid hip. I’m really pleased with this pullover and It will be put to good use as my travel outfit.

Lululemon X SoulCycle, To The Beat Sweatshirt
Lululemon X SoulCycle

To The Beat Tight Reflective

The To The Beat Tight Reflective are hideously overpriced. All of you are right about that. BUT, I absolutely love them. If you are a fan of the In Movement Tights you will love these. They are the same great fit and material. I’m such a huge fan of everlux fabric. I know most people are all about the nulu and nulux but for me the everlux material is superior. The To The Beat Tights also have really great reflective features with just sprinklings of confetti on the lower leg. If I was still into running, these would be my #1 go to for nighttime running. I never purchased the rainbow reflective Speed Tights from seawheese because the reflectivity was really loud to me, and also the retail price of $300 was absurd.

Lululemon X SoulCycle, To The Beat Tight
Lululemon X SoulCycle, To The Beat Tight and To The Beat Sweatshirt

Shop The Lululemon X SoulCycle Collection Here

To The Beat Duffel
To The Beat Tee
Ride & Reflect Jacket
Ride & Reflect Jacket
To The Beat Sweatshirt
To The Beat Sweatshirt
To The Beat Tight Reflective
To The Beat Tight Reflective
Ride & Reflect Tight
Ride & Reflect Tight
To The Beat Duffel
To The Beat Tee
Ride & Reflect Jacket
Ride & Reflect Jacket
To The Beat Sweatshirt
To The Beat Sweatshirt
To The Beat Tight Reflective
To The Beat Tight Reflective
Ride & Reflect Tight
Ride & Reflect Tight
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23 responses to “Lululemon X SoulCycle Haul and Review”

  1. Rr says:

    I ordered those leggings too. I couldn’t resist because I love a dark legging with a little bit of pattern. The price though YUCK.

  2. Elise Matulis says:

    Hi, would you say the To The Beat Tight Reflective are TTS? I’ve never actually tried anything on in Everlux?
    Thank you!

  3. DC says:

    Can someone explain to me the reason for reflective indoor cycling gear? I do not understand this at all.

    • Cristina says:

      I’m not sure of it being specifically a functional feature for SoulCycle but perhaps it gives you the option to also use it outdoors in low light. I think most Lululemon items are pretty multifunctional/multi-discipline. I believe SoulCycle is done in the dark with loud music and a night club atmosphere so it’s likely an aesthetic feature that is meant to reflect indoor light and just look neat.

  4. Justkeepgoin says:

    Love the cycle line. Honestly, have no idea what soulcycle is, but couldn’t resist the ‘ride and reflect bras’ and the tanks. I am embarrassed to admit, I also ordered ‘to the beat reflective tights’. I had to take back two pairs of hotty hot shorts to afford the exorbitant’ price. However, I had tried the black ‘to the beat tights’ in the store and the fit was amazing. The top of the waist band is definitely a bit tighter, but the fabric is so form fitting, not a single wrinkle or sag (at least new in the store). The bras are cut to give room away from armpit. this does create a concern, hoping the girls will stay in the bra. It is really only a problem for us wide-set gals. But, once you bend over to grasp cycle handles, everything settles in great and is very comfortable. Stayed away from the large SOULCYCLE lettered apparel, too attention grabbing for a 57 year-old.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Soulcycle capsule items look great on you! The price on the leggings is high, but if you love them and will get a ton of use out of them, it’s worth it. ( I feel that way about my beautiful plush scuba hoodie ?)

  6. Danika says:

    Cristina, how would you compare the Nulux to Everlux. from what I understand they are very similar, so why having two fabrics and not just one? what is the purpose?
    and what about the sheerness?

    • Anon says:

      No sheerness at all with Nulux or Everlux. I own both and would be lost without them. They work great w yoga and other cardio activities. Awesome Sweat wicking. Both fabric very soft. Nulux is shinier and more cooling to the touch. Everlux feels like tight NULU with compression. I love both

      • Anonymous says:

        I have lots of the Fast and Frees in Nulux and one pair of leggings in Everlux. These two fabrics feel and look different.

        Nulux is slick feeling, has a sheen to it, is only slightly compressive, and doesn’t collect lint/pet hair.

        Everlux is very soft, looks matte, is only slightly compressive, and does collect lint/pet hair.

        I love my Fast and Frees and am really enjoying my Everlux pair as well. My Everlux pair feels so nice on. Everlux has the softness of Aligns (Nulu) but with more durability.

        I’m not sure how squat proof Everlux is since I only have one pair in a fairly dark color. My Fast and Frees are not all squat proof. The lighter colors can be a little sheer when bending over and require skin toned underwear.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying something you love that has a steep price tag. You are obviously very knowledgeable about the product and how well it should perform. I bet you will get your monies worth from years of wearing something you love.

    As for To The Beat Sweatshirt, I really don’t like that style of sleeve. There is too much going on with the two seams, reflective pattern and so much fabric that it bunches up over the cuff. I also see in your pictures how much fabric hangs down when you have your arm lifted. For someone with longer arms I think this style would work but for me I would drown in those sleeves. I hope you have a jacket you can fit those sleeves into! I also saw this style of sleeve on a few more items on the UK site so you may want to check those out.

    • Danika says:

      haha about those sleeves fitting inside your jacket! I have the same issue each time I wear a ‘poncho’ style item. trying to fit those sleeves in is a pain! lol

      • Anon says:

        I bought the sweatshirt in heatheres black and it’s fine under my down coat. It’s so cute and stylish. I’m short 5’2” and the sweatshirt fits perfectly . It doesn’t scream lululemon .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Travel outfit? Where are you going?

    I personally find the sleeves on that sweatshirt hideous but I’m not the one wearing it. That’s the beauty of fashion, isn’t it? There are so many choices that we can all find something that appeals to each of us and don’t have to all look alike.

  9. Looloo says:

    I think the tights look great on you and if you will get lots of wear out of them then they will be a good investment. The sw reflective tights are more expensive and quite juvenile looking. Many of the women who have them dont run and are blatant about it….. I personally can’t see myself wearing them indoors to gym with so many other choices of beautiful prints and colours. But just like the soul cycle tights they are great for running in dark. Enjoy your trip to Disney. Comfort is important!

  10. JC says:

    I also ordered the To The Beat Sweatshirt but wound up returning it because it was too cropped for my liking and the neckline wasn’t relaxed enough — it was weirdly snug…almost like a mock-neck that I found annoying. I did keep the Ride & Reflect Muscle Tank and love it!

  11. CB says:

    I am eyeing up the To the Beat Tights–do they have a drawstring on the inside? Thank you for your help!

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