I love jeans more than any other type of clothing purchase and this year I went ham and purchased a bunch of different brands and styles that I haven’t tried before and I’m going to review them all for you once I’ve worn them. The first pair that I detagged is the Mother Denim Jeans that a reader recommended to me. I’ve been wearing them for two weeks now and really love them.

Mother Denim The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer
The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer
Mother Denim The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer
Thunderstruck Racer
Mother Denim The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer
Thunderstruck Racer
Mother Denim The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer
The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny Jean
Mother Denim The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer

Mother Denim, The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny Jean, Thunderstruck Racer

When this brand was first recommended to me, I added it to my ‘must try’ list but didn’t really seek them out in store. These jeans jumped right out at me from the rack. The combination of the sweatshirt material racing stripe in the soft blush pink and the really great mid-tone blue in this incredibly soft fabric made me snatch them up for a try-on. 

The store only had my size down in these which were way too snug but I was at least able to try them on for fit to determine if the cut worked for me and I later found my regular size online. It’s so hard to find jeans that fit me well because not only am I curvy-petite, but I have a long hip, long torso ratio and short legs so I need a higher mid rise and plenty of room in the rear. If the rear rise is too short by even an inch, I’m constantly tugging my jeans up. These have a higher rise in the back than at the front. These are TTS and have a bit of stretch but although I could fit the size down and zip up, it created unpleasant creases in the back of my thighs.

The Details

The material is very high-quality denim made in the US, and it’s cut on the bias which is a great feature on designer denim. Bias cut denim is more expensive to produce but creates a better fit overall, and better wear. The denim blend is 92% cotton, 6% polyester and 2% elastane. The polyester is added to provide awesome dye and colorfastness, and the elastane provides stretch.

They are a 28 1/2 inch inseam so for those of you that are tall, these will be crops on you and that is how they are meant to look. I can wear them full length, or fold the cuffs slightly and because it’s a raw edge I get a really nice fold. 

Having worn these for two weeks now on repeat I can safely say these are a very worthy splurge and a new favorite for me. I especially recommend these if you have large quads and glutes but a small waist and struggle to find jeans that fit well. These are squat worthy jeans!

Mother Denim The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny, Thunderstruck Racer

I love the waistband detailing on these and how it’s sewn with hidden seams all the way around. It really gives the jean a casual look overall and provides a smooth waistband under shirts. The racing stripe is also really cool because the stripe closest to the back is wider than the front stripe, and it’s a really visually slimming effect. The material used to create the stripe is a knit like sweatshirt material, but it’s actually a much tougher fabric so although it looks like sweatshirt, it’s more durable. 

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  1. Lulumum- can you recommend a few good blog sites for high fashion? You are my go to…wanted to add to my fashion reading pleasure 🙂

    1. Oh what a great question! Maybe I’ll do a post soon on what fashion authorities I follow. Off the top of my head I really love reading Business Of Fashion, Coveteur, Man Repeller, The Sartorialist (on instagram). I follow a lot of fashion sites for a lot of different reasons and some of them are inspiration, and some of them I consider authorities. Let me mull this one over and I will do a comprehensive post soon.

  2. I tried these one and passed … but now I’m thinking they are unique and I should have kept them. I don’t get to wear jeans all that much though…weekends only! They look nice on you

    1. Thanks! I think it really depends on if you can get a lot of wear out of a more casual pair of jeans. These are pretty casual thanks to the stripes so they may be a bit limiting. You get more versatility from a dressier pair that you can wear to work on casual days, date night or daily vs. this more sporty look.

  3. I tried on a pair similar to these, and I liked them. But I didn’t take them home because I didn’t know what kind of top to pair them with! I know a basic tee would work, but with the stripes being a color, it has to be the right color of tee. I got overwhelmed.

    Just curious – what kind of tops have you been wearing with these? They are really cute.

  4. I have two pairs of Mothers and can attest they get far more wear than the JBrand, AG, or Fidelity items in my closet (not knocking the others, I just love Mother so much).

  5. After reading post went on line and found Mother jeans at Nordstrom Rack. Bought two pairs to try and agree that they are very comfortable. Thanks for your clothing updates. I enjoy them more than the LLL ones lately. I find LLL boring lately.

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