Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons Part 7 Jeans! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get to the Nordstrom Vancouver store but for some reason, my kids were very keen to go. I think they were in the mood to try on Stella McCartney Metalic Platform Wedges again so they can pretend to be rockstars. Crazy kids! I’ve done a few other NSALE Denim Reviews here Rag & Bone, and here Veronica Beard, and here Frame.

The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny Jeans MOTHER The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny Jeans MOTHER The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny Jeans MOTHER

MOTHER The Looker Frayed Ankle Skinny Jean

These awesome jeans where a recommendation from a reader the day before the sale went live. I didn’t order them and hoped I’d get to see them in store on Sunday when I went to the Seattle store, but they weren’t in stock.  The Vancouver Nordstrom had them in today but they had a super limited size run. My size down was there so I grabbed it in hopes I could get an idea of how the jeans fit. I LOVE THEM! These are not classic jeans and they are not ‘dressy’ jeans but they are amazing every day, casual wear denim. The denim is this thick, incredibly soft cottony feeling denim, with a little bit of stretch. Canada is sold out of my size nationwide, and I think I may have preferred my usual size, however, on the site, the size I chose corresponds with my size in the size guide. I also did a poll online with people that have tried it on and it seems most people size down in Mother. I just love them and I love the soft pink jersey stripes on the sides. The top two photos here are true color representations but for some reason, that last photo is very washed out. Have you tried Mother Jeans before? How do you size in them?


The Farrah Ankle Skinny Jeans AG The Farrah Ankle Skinny Jeans AG

AG The Farrah Ankle Skinny Jean (7 Years Astro Azure)

My usual AG Jeans are The Legging Ankle Skinny Jeans and I hadn’t had a chance to try on the Farrah yet. I didn’t think my favorites could be improved upon but man, these Farrah Skinny Jeans are even better. They are what I love about the Legging Ankle, but with a higher rise and a beautiful gradually darker blue that is very leg lengthening. I love that these have no distressing on them whatsoever, and the hems are finished off nicely. They are a bit long but not long enough that I feel the need to hem them right away. I usually like to do a few washes before I hem jeans anyways. I highly recommend the AG Farrah Ankles, especially if you are looking for a dark wash non-distressed pair of jeans. The whiskering on these may make them inappropriate for casual Fridays in a formal work environment, but they are dressy enough for going out in.  These are TTS.

The Legging Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans AG The Legging Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans AG

AG Legging Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans

This is another AG style that I hadn’t tried before. I was looking for non-distressed jeans to try on today and didn’t realize these were a distressed pair. I tried them on anyways. These are pretty much the same fit as my usual AG The Legging Ankle, but they have some design details at the ankle with the raw edge and notched cut on the outside of the ankle. The distressing on this pair isn’t too much since it’s not gaping open and doesn’t seem like it will run the risk of expanding into a large hole. I really love the wash of these and the fit. They are TTS.

  1. LOVE all the jeans on you! Thank you for all the try-ons!

    Have you decided which pair(s) to keep? I am definitely keeping the AG ex-boyfriend jeans but unsure about Rag&Bone black jeans. AG is my all time favorite. I wonder if I should try to get my hands on a pair of the AG skinny ankle.

    1. Thank you!! and you are so welcome!
      I haven’t fully decided but I’m definitely keeping the Farrah. Uncertain about keeping the mother in the size down, but would be certain if it was my usual size. The ex-boyfriends are so great! Great choice. The Rag and Bones are a beautiful black for a black jean so if you don’t already have a good pair of black jeans, these will be versatile. If you already have a black jean, maybe get the AG Skinny instead.

    1. So far I know I’m keeping the Farrah for sure, and I grabbed the Mother jeans but would like to find the size up, and have the black Rag & Bone as well. I can only keep two pairs of jeans.

      1. I have two pairs of Mother (wearing one now) and I grabbed my TTS in both and probably couldn’t size down. That said, they really don’t stretch too much!

  2. I recently tried on a pair of Mother crops at a denim store in Toronto that were 2 sizes smaller than my normal size. The salesperson told me that in that pair at least, they would stretch everywhere but the waist – it was a bit surprising to have her bring me 2 sizes smaller, but they were the correct size. Didn’t end up buying them, but the denim was super soft.

    1. Hmm, interesting. These do feel like they will stretch out a bit and I was able to fully zip them up and do squats in them. They just have those crease lines across the back of the thigh where it’s tight. If those lines would relax out I’d be happy with this size.

  3. I was looking forward to a jean review, thanksss!! Those mother jeans look soooo much better on you than the model. I would keep them for a fun alternative to a casual jean. Don’t wash them until they mold to your body – that what I do with tighter jeans. I like all three pairs on you. Thanks again for the review 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad it was helpful. I really would like to keep the Mother Jeans so I think I probably will.

  4. I got the Farrah’s as well. AG is my favorite. I know I will wear them daily. I need to talk about the Vince tennis shoes though. First I ordered my usual
    Size…my feet were swimming in them. There was a huge gap around my heel and ankle. Soooo off to Nordstrom’s o went and tried on. Half size down. I only tried on the right shoe and now that I am home and have them both on…the left shoe is narrow and tight and the right feels good. Anyone else have any wonky size issues with these shoes? I am hoping the right just got a little stretched out from try on’s and the left will soon break in the same way.

    1. Oh no!! is there any way you can order that same size online again? I would try and get a new pair of the half size down but hang on to the ones you have until the new ones ship, just in case. They will definitely stretch out since they are leather but you want them to stretch out evenly and mold to your feet. I was really torn on sizing. The TTS felt a little big, but the half size down was hard to put on and the tongue kept bunching up. So annoying but I guess getting stretched out shoes is inevitable with a sale this popular. This is why I prefer online orders most of the time.

  5. Hi! I’m on the Nordstrom website planning to order a bunch of jeans (on sale) in different sizes, can I return all that I don’t want (to the store or by mail)? Thanks for all of your reviews!

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