The Lululemon New Product upload is live!

Pretty colors this upload! I ordered the Everywhere bag as stated below, and one of you lovely readers confirmed it has a laptop pocket + a crossbody strap, so I will very likely keep it when it arrives. I’m loving Vintage Rose and am feeling tempted by the In Movement Crops in that color. The In Movement has become my favorite crops and pants for Olympic Lifting. The luon based pants seem to really scuff up bad from the bar grazing up my leg. I like that the In Movement has the breathability and lightness of nulu, but it’s not delicate like nulu, it’s more like luxtreme. Plus, they don’t slide down on me as much as the Fast & Free line does.

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Did you guys order anything? Try anything on today? let us know in the comments.


Ease Jacket

Vintage Rose Align Pant II

Align Pant II Vintage Rose

In Movement 7/8 Tight

In Movement 7/8 Tight Lululemon New Product Upload

Hotty Hot Short II

Hotty Hot Short II Monochromic White:Monochromic Black

Festival Bag II

Festival Bag II Sun Dazed

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Mesh 28"Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7:8 Tight MESH

The Easy Bodysuit

Lululemon The Easy Bodysuit

Rejuvenate Wrap

Rejuvenate Wrap

Ahead By Miles Short Sleeve

Ahead By Miles Short Sleeve

Play Off The Pleats Skirt

Play Off The Pleats Skirt - Fuchsia Pink

On The Fly Short

On The Fly Short On The Fly Short

Full Freedom Long Sleeve

Full Freedom Long Sleeve

Find Your Flock Jacket

Find Your Flock Jacket

Energy Bra Soft Sand

Energy Bra

In Movement Crop

In Movement Crop

Rejuvenate Crop

Lululemon Rejuvenate Crop

Cloud Crush Jacket

Cloud Crush Jacket - Antique Bark

Serene Crop

Serene Crop

I just purchased this Everywhere Bag. I don’t actually need a new gym bag or carry on bag at the moment but I do have some travel coming up and if this bag has a laptop pocket (I suspect it doesn’t) it may be a good buy and I’d love a new pretty pink bag. I really love the color. Lululemon hasn’t come out with a gym bag in several years that I’ve liked and I find myself looking at all the great older bags on eBay all the time. I purchased this amazing Lululemon messenger bag last year on eBay and it just reminded me of how great the prints and designs used to be. That being said, this bag in pink attracted me enough that I’m splurging on it despite not actually having a need for it. I do use gym bags a lot now for oly lifting since I carry shoes, straps, water and wrist wraps.

Everywhere Bag

Everywhere Bag

Lululemon On eBay. Finds inspired by this Upload

  1. I’m disappointed the Festival Bag in Quicksand is not available. I fell in love with it when you posted a pic from the Australian upload.

  2. I was also disappointed that the quicksand festival bag was not available.
    I did however order the “monochromatic” align crops & hotty hot shorts.
    I also ordered a memoir multi energy bra, as I have been waiting for weeks for a dusty dawn energy bra (to match my purple memoir multi bottoms!).
    I just realized that the radiant jackets are back in stock, so I ordered one of those too.

    1. So disappointed by that. I really wanted that Festival Bag. I think the big gym bag may be more useful for me though at this point.

  3. Christina, it does have a laptop compartment! It is shown in the pictures of the green version. It has the cross body strap, that’s the feature I can’t live without.

    Well, the In Movement Tights in Gravity are tempting.

    I actually purchased shoes after just reading Mrs. O’s shoe review….. but went with my usual Brooks Glycerins ?
    Next time I’m at the mall I will try the Ultraboosts, I have to after hearing the two of you rave about them!! Just concerned the sock fit won’t work with my narrow heals. Worth a shot though!

    1. Oooh yay! That means I’ll probably end up keeping it. The crossbody strap is also a feature I won’t live without which is why I gave this shape of a bag a chance. lululemon rarely includes a crossbody strap with this shape.

      Definitely worth trying them on. The sock style isn’t for everyone but if it works for your foot shape they are so comfortable.

  4. Hi Cristina, do you know the brand of the white sneakers featured in the Rejuvenate Crop? You seem to know a lot about latest trends. I need them, they look more comfortable than the Adidas.
    Thank you! I love your blog.

  5. Really liking the new Swiftly colour shown with the All the Right Places Pant so I will be keeping an eye out for that in the coming weeks. Was in store this morning and not impressed by anything I saw. So disappointed that Lulu changed the fit of the Run Times Short, Street To Studios and Dance Studio Pant.

    1. That swiftly looks like a nice colour…i like the blue top paied with the speed up shorts in blue glow…i will watch for that too.

  6. Wondering if the vintage rose is bright or if it has brown undertones like the so merlot colour. Other than that i am not sure i am gravitating towards anything this upload…which is 3 or 4 in a row.. Helps me save lol

    1. The vintage rose is a brighter pink that so merlot. No brown undertones. It’s a beautiful color. I ran out of time to try on the In Movement Crops in Vintage Rose. But I tried on the Ease Jacket. I’m definitely getting one or two things in the vintage rose!

      1. How did u like the jacket? Very interested in the rose color as well as the Monochromic Black Emboss. Thx

        1. I liked it especially because of the color. It’s made out of Nulu so even though it’s form fitting, it’s comfortable and stretches. I stayed TTS but I didn’t try on a size up for comparison. In all honesty, it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference. It’s a cropped jacket. The bottom hem reached the top of my hips. It has a feminine shape.

  7. Hi Christina, I didn’t get an email notification from you on the upload today. I bought the granite in movement pants, the new mesh pants in all three colors and the love tank in the gray stripe. Whoa I’ll have to try them on and make some decisions cuz I went way over budget. I’m thinking the granite color might be similar to some other colors so they might go back if not unique enough. The vintage rose aligns are intriguing but I’d like to see in person, I couldn’t pull the trigger on another pair of pants.

    1. Ah sorry, I made a last-second decision not to send it out. They don’t really get opened (and I can’t blame anyone since they are the same one each week) so I assumed they aren’t helpful. I’ll make sure to send it out next week but I do want to revamp it and include other useful information.

      1. Please keep the email upload notices coming. I do open them every week. Often the only way I can access new items for the first few hours is through your emails. Thanks for all you do Cristina.

  8. The Rejuvenate Wrap is really cute, but where are the sleeves? If I am chilled enough to need a wrap, I want it to have long sleeves!

  9. I love those monochromatic Hotty Hots and hope they make them in the long version.

    Has anyone tried the CRB nulu? I have quite the collection of original CRBs but wondered if the nulu was a nice change?

    1. I have a Nulu CRB. It’s amazing! Sooooo so so soft! Tbh I think I prefer it in this fabric than the regular fabric. It’s more form-fitting but also more stretchy so stay TTS. It’s so comfortable I would buy them as pyjama tops if they weren’t so expensive lol

  10. Hi! Do you know which pants are pictured with the Ahead by Miles short sleeve? Loving them but don’t see them on the site.

  11. The pant (wunder under?) paired with the rejuvinate wrap is super cute, guessing it’s new? Any insight? Is the color new too?

    1. Those look like Aligns. It is a new color — kind of denim-y. I saw it in store today but had no time to inspect all the new colors. I was so excited that the Century City store had a bunch of the new products from today’s upload.

    1. Black 100%. Can’t even imagine all of the sheerness and sweat stains that will occur with the white.

  12. Does anyone by chance know the fabric composition of the Gather Up Jacket? Looks cotton based to me but the website doesnt say. Thanks!

    1. Not cotton. I don’t know content but I tried it on in the store. I love the grey one and waiting to use a gift card I’m expecting for my bday

  13. You just made me buy the Everywhere Bag with this post XD Going on a trip in a week, and this will be the perfect ‘purse’ to carry on to hold all my things

  14. Does anyone know if those cute denim-y washed blue ish aligns are in stores at all? I love them. They keep showing up in photos but not for sale!

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