The Lululemon Australia Upload is live!

Some exciting things got uploaded today on the Lululemon Australia Upload! I am in love with that Quicksand festival bag. The floral print is kind of wild with the clashing red and green. Here are last weeks Lululemon posts: Lululemon New Product ReleaseThe Lululemon Upload

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight MeshWUNDER UNDER HI-RISE 7/8 TIGHT*MESH - Lululemon Australia Upload

Cool Racerback II Nulu Monochromic Black

Cool Racerback II Nulu Monochromic Black -Lululemon Australia Upload

Cool Racerback II Nulu Monochromic Black

Zen Garden Multi Print Wunder Under Tight

Wunder Under Tight Zen Garden Multi Lululemon Zen Garden Multi Print Wunder Under

I need this festival bag!

Festival Bag IIFestival Bag II Quicksand Festival Bag II Quicksand

Everywhere Bag

Everywhere Bag - Quicksand Pink

Shop the Lululemon Austalia Upload here (if you are in Australia)!


  1. Thx for all you do! I think the tights in white look like Alo…so cute. The wild zen print might be ok in speed shorts…it is growing on me…but along the lines of the memoir print…just different colours again. The bags are cute too…thank goodness Im not needing any.

  2. Oooo! I hope those high rise tights show up tomorrow! I would definitely be interested in purchasing those!

  3. I’m tempted by the quicksand festival bag too. I usually don’t get the solids, but this one is nice. Quicksand matches so many things I have.

    The white pants are pretty. I don’t ever wear white pants, but if I did, I’d snap those up. The lines are flattering. I hope they are opaque foe those who want them.

  4. That floral print is so 70s bad. I can’t recall a Lululemon floral print that I’ve liked or thought didn’t look mass-produced in the worst way. More definitely isn’t more.

  5. I wonder if that print looks better in person. My initial reaction was “whoa.” As it is, it looks like a Christmas wreath. I think I’d like it if it weren’t red and green–maybe blues or purples instead.

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