I absolutely love these STELLA MCCARTNEYULTRABOOST X PARLEY SHOES on Mrs. O and am adding them to my Christmas wishlist. Thanks again Mrs. O for your amazing reviews!!



Ever since I purchased my first pair of UltraBOOST on Cristina’s recommendation, I’ve been obsessed with Adidas UltraBOOST line of shoes, including PureBoost, Adizero and Edge Lux shoes.  I really believe Adidas has stepped up its game in performance shoes and the design aesthetics are fashion forward and fun.  I also like that most of the shoes are environmentally friendly.  I used to be a Nike run shoe only girl but recently I find that Nike shoes aren’t as comfortable or stylish.  Adidas’s UltraBOOST technology is so comfortable and perfect for running and walking.  I really like the difference between the women’s and men’s line because Adidas has taken into consideration the difference in foot strike and arches in women and men.  Unfortunately, UltraBOOST shoes will always be excluded from promotional sales (like friends and family) because Adidas does not own the technology.  They license the technology from the company that developed it.  Nevertheless, I believe the UltraBOOST shoes are well worth the price.   (However, the PureBoost, Adizero and Edge Lux do go on sale and qualify for promotional discounts).
These Stella McCartney + Paley collaboration UltraBOOST shoes are great!  They were on my wishlist for my birthday and my hubby got them for me.  I generally wear a size 9 in shoes but I size up to a 10 in sneakers.  I like wiggle room for my toes.  So, these olive green/navy blue sneakers are a size 10 and fit perfectly.  Because of the way the laces tie, I feel there is more support around the base of my foot and arches than the standard UltraBOOST.  They seem to have more stability than the others.  I cannot wear UltraBOOST for heavy weight training (with lots of legwork) because there is no side support around the feet.  But these are perfect for running, walking, and agility and upper body workouts.  The fact that the arch is raised from the sole of the shoes makes arch support very comfortable.  I have flat arches but these give me enough rise in the arch to better support my ankles.  Others that have high arches have told me the rise of the arch works for them as well (i.e., my trainer).  These shoes have a lower profile around the ankle than you would expect.  The sock fit makes them very comfortable and there’s no fear of developing blisters at the back of the ankle.  The color offerings in UtraBOOST are fun and varied — something for everyone.  These neutral olive green Stella’s go with everything.  I like the color of the olive green Stella’s more than the olive green UltraBOOST.  The non-Stella UltraBOOST olive green has more brown in it.  The Stella’s are more vibrant.
I highly recommend anyone that runs to try UltraBOOST shoes.  It’s like running (and walking) on clouds.  I’ve never had a more comfortable pair of shoes.  It’s worth saving up for them or trading two pairs of Lululemon tights for a pair of UltraBOOST.  Like Cristina, I’m going to save for my next pair of UltraBOOST in either the trace pink, core black, pearl grey or easy coral.
  1. Agreed on all points. I just bought a pair of Pureboosts a month ago or so (the black and white speckled ones) and now barely wear my Nikes.

  2. You should try the Pureboost X Trainer Zip sneakers. The black and white pair is currently on sale in sizes 9, 9.5, 10 and 10.5. I have gotten so many complements on them and they are really comfortable. Adidas just came out with this season’s version of the zip shoes.

    I hardly grab my Nikes anymore. Adidas has taken over the number 2 spot in athletic shoes (Nike at number 1 but not by much) and passed Nike’s Jordan brand.

  3. I love the Boston Boost by Adidas. The ultraboost were a little mushy for me, but these are perfect, and they look cute, too!

  4. They look awesome on you. Love the look. I will admit I’m a little bitter about Adidas x Stella McCartney sneakers because they max out at a size 10.5. I wear a size 11 in sneakers which frankly I don’t think is that unusual anymore, so I get irked when designers cut off their sizes at a 10 or 10.5. Often brands that do make 11s aren’t well stocked anywhere and sell out quickly. For that reason I’m pretty much always wearing Nike because they offer a nice range of sizes and are well stocked on their website. I used to wear Adidas but found my nikes were better for HIIT, and I like minimal drop shoes. But in terms of style, I’m totally bored by them!

    1. Thanks! I agree; size 11 is not that unusual of a size these days. I didn’t realize Adidas maxed out at 10.5. I don’t see why they can’t max out at 11 (even if it means there’s a lower number of available pairs in that size). It’s a bummer you can’t do Adidas. I just love the Adidas style so much better than Nike. I used to love Nike and thought the styles were nice. But they’ve become kind of bland these days.

      1. Well oddly Adidas go to size 11 but the Stella Mccartney styles only go to 10.5. It’s really strange! Your post prompted me to look into it again tonight. There are non Stella ultraboost styles available in my size, though the reviews on sizing are inconsistent so I’m not sure of the fit. It’s just really too bad some designers haven’t bothered to get with the times and cater to us big footed gals lol. And to be fair most sneakers are available in size 11 which is what makes Stella stick out in a negative way. I’ll live vicariously through u for now-these shoes are awesome ?

        1. That is really odd. It’s only a half size bigger. Bad Stella McCartney! LOL. I’ve found the online reviews on sizing (on Adidas) is all over the place. When I placed an online order for sale items, I bought several sizes before they sold out to figure out about the sizing. I found a lot of people gave bad advice. Consistently, my TTS in sneakers was right on for the Adidas sneakers I ordered. There’s one style that I go a half size smaller than my usual but I was able to try them on in store. Generally, for Ultraboost if you stay TTS, it should work for you. I don’t know if size 11 is your dress shoe size or sneaker size so I wouldn’t know if they would work for you.

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