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Gather & Go Jacket Gather & Go Jacket Gather & Go Jacket

Gather & Go Jacket

Because I was pleasantly surprised with the Scuba Hoodie *Glyde, I wanted to try this on because I liked the Glyde fabric.  This jacket was below my radar because of the wide, gathered cuffs.  And, as I suspected, I didn’t like the fit of this jacket at all.  It is a very roomy TTS.  I probably could have sized down but it may have been too snug at the waist (even though there’s a good amount of give).  I though my TTS fit great on the waist.  Other than the fabric, the fit across the waist was the only other thing I liked about this jacket.  It’s too short and the cuffs are too wide.  Had it been a couple of inches longer (more traditional bomber jacket length) with narrower cuffs, it might have worked.  It also  bagged out awkwardly in the torso area.  The pocket placement was odd.  For busty ladies, I think the pockets would have looked even weirder.  Who wants pockets right under their boobs?  Even the model on the website looks awkward with her hand in the pocket.  This is a definite pass for me.


Gate Keeper Short Sleeve Gate Keeper SS

Gate Keeper Short Sleeve

I finally got a chance to try on the Gait Keeper SS in Heathered Bonfire.  I really love the burnt orange color.  Actually, I’ve always been partial to orange even though blue is my favorite color.  I think orange works with my skin tone.  This SS is really lightweight and breezy.  The fabric has a nice texture and although it feels delicate to the touch, it’s durable.  The shirt is a baggie TTS.  The store didn’t have a size down for me to try.  (Don’t mind the crinkled seam on the right side.  I think this shirt was crinkled in the box when shipped.  None of the other shirts had that issue).  I actually think it would look really cute with jeans, slightly tucked in the front with a loose fitting, mid-thigh sweater or jacket.  Because the shirt was so airy, I think I would try wearing it spinning.  The shirt is definitely cropped length.  So, for you taller ladies (I’m 5’6″), you might think it’s too short.  Since I’m still on the ban island, this shirt is on my wishlist and I’m waiting to see if the color comes out in any other offerings.


Gate Keeper Jacket Gate Keeper Jacket Gate Keeper Jacket Gate Keeper Jacket Hang Tag

Gate Keeper Jacket

I love peplum detailing especially when it’s in the back.  For me, the heathered black was my favorite color.  This is a slim fitting jacket with a similar fit as the define but slightly longer.  The shoulders fit better in this jacket than the define does in my TTS.  I tried on my TTS and a size up (6).  Although I liked the fit across the chest in a size up, the waist and hip area became too baggy and billowed out a lot more.  I thought it added weight on me and it ruffled too much in the back.  The Ed thought between the two sizes, my TTS fit the way it is supposed to.  It’s meant to be slim fitting.  I liked the hidden thumb hole feature and the inside cuff, which was soft like nulu.  Also, no matter the size, near the pockets it wrinkled a bit because it’s a hidden zipper pocket.  All of my items with that type of hidden zipper pockets does the same thing.  (Does anyone else have that same problem?  I think the website photos are heavily airbrushed).  For those of you ladies that are curvier than me, a size up might work well for you around the hip area.  If you’re a true hourglass, I’m not sure how it would fit across the chest for you.  That’s just going to depend on your personal preference.  This definitely is on my wish list.  I’m really liking the fact that Lululemon is adding more feminine details.



  1. Thank you for your review. I’m considering buying Gate keeper jacket on md. I’m actually liking wider cuffs and that it’s short. But I’m only 5”4 so short jackets look good on me

  2. Thank you Mrs O for the ongoing fit reviews, they help a lot. I know you had mentioned you lost some weight recently (you look great in everything!). Would you mind sharing your weight loss strategy? (and totally understand if you would prefer not to..).

    1. You’re welcome! I never know how helpful my reviews are. Thanks! Lol. I’m good at picking things that’ll look decent on me. Sometimes I take one for the team because everyone is interested in an item.

      I work out 6 days a week and have been doing that consistently for 6-8 months. It’s only in the last couple of months that I’ve started to lean out. Per week, I spin 3 times, barre 1 time, Pilates 2-3 times and weight training 1 time a week. My personal trainer created an eating chart for me. I don’t count calories. I limit my carbs, eat lots of veggies, lots of protein and I don’t really pay attention to fat. For example, a typical day would consist of: (1) bullet proof coffee with collagen peptides (2-3 scoops); (2) a double portion protein smoothie made with Greek yogurt, kefir, matcha tea and a handful of berries; (3) 2 small snacks either dairy & carb (like cheese and crackers), protein & carb (boiled eggs and slice of bread) or fruit or veggie (4) salad with protein or protein with veggies and/or with a carb. I’m in my maintenance phase now so I have more flexibility with what I eat. On my chart I have an “other” category, which usually means I eat out or treat myself to pizza or something else. There’s also room for a dessert (typically ice cream or some homemade goodie from my pasty chef sister).

      Because I spin 3 times a week, I think I have more wiggle room with my eating. But generally, I cook most of my meals and don’t splurge too much. But if I want chips or a big bowl of rice or pasta, I eat it. Then I go right back to my “regular” eating without feeling guilty or continuing to do it over and over. It took me a long time to relax about splurging and getting to the point that a treat hear or there won’t hurt. If I consistently workout and do my best to eat well most of the time, I’ll be fine. I honestly didn’t think I’d lose as much weight as I did. It was a pleasant surprise.

      Thanks for taking an interest. If you want to talk more, feel free to email me at ToContactMrsO @ yahoo .com.

      1. Thank you Mrs. O for sharing your strategy! It is great you have worked out such a balanced approach of exercise and nutrition. I have always been active and love cardio! (past year spin 2-3 x per week and trail running most days) but I struggle to consistently incorporate strength training and minimize reoccurring bouts of low nutrient carb/stress eating (hello New Years resolutions for both). I actually have lost some weight this past year (30 lbs) and kept it off through daily intermittent fasting (eating between 5-9 pm only and as nutrient dense foods as possible – ~2000 calories worth – but not eliminating anything) which has been literally like a miracle for me. But I have now plateaued since October at about 10 pounds away from my goal weight and a lot of this is due to the increased carb/stress eating I inevitably succumb to in fall/winter months (for eg. last night the limp ends of the bread in the freezer my kids won’t eat suddenly seemed appealing, perhaps a new low…). I realize a lot of this is mental/hormone induced and more mindful eating/balance is something I need to get better at. Ironically for me I think even the cardio I love (and cortisol it produces) can sometimes help fuel the stress eating later in the evening – finding the balance is definitely no easy feat. Thank you again for your reviews and inspiration!

  3. that Gather & Go jacket is terrible. it looks like you washed it in the temperature and it shrunk! shorter ladies might pull it off, but anyone average height or taller will look simply ridiculous in it. it reminds me of trying on kids sizing.

    1. That’s what’s called, “Taking one for the team.” Thanks, Mrs. O! I thought the jacket looked quirky and modern, but I’m three inches taller than you are, so I won’t bother to even try it. (I’m also a size or two larger, but I don’t think that’ll make up for the height difference.)

  4. I love the look of the Gate Keeper Jacket. I will try it on in person as you say it may be tricky on hourglass figures (i’m one).

    That orange ss though <3 love it on you!!! I’ve been tempted by it too. Love the unique kind of orange it is and also the breezy-ness

    1. I really do love the orange color. I’m hoping it’ll go on MD and Lululemon will have my size left. Definitely try the Gate Keeper Jacket in person. I think it will work for you and it will really accentuate your hourglass shape. Lucky you! 😉

  5. Mrs. O, thank you for your review as always! The burnt orange color caught my eye when it first came out. I loved the fit in my size down but did not bite the bullet at the price. Your review convinced me that I NEED it in my collection. It is a nice piece and has a unique color.

    1. It really is a nice piece and the color is so unique. I think the color is even better because of the texture (and very slight sheen) of the fabric. I’m beginning to think it’s a NEED for me also! I’m glad you decided to add it to your collection. 🙂

  6. The Gait Keeper jacket looks really good – and fits like it was made for you!

    It reminds me a little of the dear, departed Forme jacket, but with a peplum hem. One thing I don’t understand, though, is why they made a jacket for running in the rain in grey and black. I recently went running in one of my Hustle jackets, and I was glad it was bright pink. Even though it was mid-afternoon, when it’s rainy, it can be hard to be visible.

    1. Adidas UltraBoost + Stella McCartney in black/silver metallic. It was a shoe from last season. I was eyeing these the moment they came out. When they went on sale at year end, I bought it immediately.

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