The Lululemon Upload of Metallic Tights! Finally! I did a mini review earlier today of the metallic Train Times 7/8 Tights – I was lukewarm on them but I want to try on the Wunder Under Hi-Rise version of the Luminosity print so I ordered those as well (although I am on ban island for tights, so….). I’m thinking I won’t love those on me either but I don’t want to miss out on them since they are a highly anticipated tight. It’s officially ‘hoard everything during holiday returns period’ time!

I really like the Lilac Quarts swiftly tech SS but I’m holding off on getting it. I think that shade of dusky pink washes me out, but I need to see it on me to decide.

Did you guys order anything today from the Lululemon Upload? Actually, what have you been buying lately from any retailer? I love knowing what you guys are shopping for.

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PS. This scuba hoodie photo really bugs me. In the picture, it looks like the material is full on metallic sparkle and shimmer but it’s not. It’s just a matte speckle print.
Luminesce Splatter White Black

Scuba Hoodie Special Edition Floral Flocked

Floral Flock Pullover

Tied To It 7/8 Tight

Tied To It Bra

Tied To It Bra

All In A Day Hooded Honcho

See You In Savasana Long Sleeve

Water Repellent Speed Up Tight

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Lilac Quartz

Laced With Intent Long Sleeve

Laced With Intent Long Sleeve

Align Pant II


Wunder Under Hi-Rise Mixed Mesh Tight

Speed Up Shorts

Train Times 7/8 Pant

Speed Up Tight Luminosity

Speed Up Short Hi-Rise

  1. Wow no blue or punk ombre wu. Just pink ombre speckle shorts….ordered! I think i may pull trigger on foil wup too but i want to see in store. Hope they dont sell out. And the rest of upload is blah. I had 25% military to use but nothing much to buy….wow. My wallet is doing the happy dance. I have been pretty good with spending in anticipation of christmas items. So i will save a bit this holiday season!

  2. I ordered the Luminosity Wunder Unders but wish I’d checked your site first. They are not as metallic as I had hoped, but maybe they will be flattering. Alo Yoga has some very metallic tights right now, I am tempted to try them. I also ordered the Awaken Wunder Unders in Dark Shadow and just received the Radiant Jacket II in Heathered Core Dark Grey today and I love it!

    I’ve been buying more from Athleta lately. I love their Powervita Salutation Tights for Pilates, yoga and basically anything other than running outside/longer runs. I just received the Laser Cut Salutations in Light Plum today and can’t wait to wear them. The fabric is lighter and softer, more like the Aligns, I hope they hold up better though. I also purchased the Stronger Luxe Hoodie in Oatmeal Heather and have been wearing it in place of a coat for errands.

    I realize I am probably in the minority here, but I really do not like the flocking and floral stitching Lulu is using. It looks dated to me and even if I did like them, I doubt I’d get much use out of them like a basic piece. I would have purchased one or two Toasty Tech 1/2 Zips by now if it wasn’t for the shoulder details.

    1. I’m with you, I don’t like the flocking and floral items at all. They look dated and cheap. I miss the old floral and lace designs from the past. I haven’t bought one item since October.

          1. Agree with all of you. I don’t like the floral flocking and the stitching they did on the Toasty Tech 1/2 zip plus the short length made it an easy pass. I would have liked a new tech fleece 1/2 zip this year but will have to wait to see what comes out next year. Nothing for me this week.

    2. I tried on the Alo Metallic High Waist Airbrush. They are thicker than the regular solid colored airbrush – which means they are super opaque but also will run on the hot side. I considered them for running around pants. The metallic blue is beautiful deep blue. My favorite was the white with silver metallic. The slate black would be the closest to the luminosity – unfortunately silver/pewter color isn’t flattering on me so I think I’ll pass on the luminosity pants and try it out in a bra.

        1. Thank you so much! I have not tried any pair of Alo tights but have wanted to. It helps knowing how sizing compares and about the opacity, I’ve been wondering. I tried Teeki and was unfortunately disappointed.

          1. I’m the same as Sarah. Opacity depends on what tight it is. Sometimes I get disappointed that the style works in one color/pattern but not another. Alo sizing if fairly consistent. The only item I’ve had to size up on was a sweatshirt. The cut was so small and the terry fabric had no give in it so it was very hard to get on and off, which is why I sized up twice. I could have gone one size up but it was too bothersome for me. I’m a 4 in Lulu tights and an xs in Alo tights. I’m a 6 in Lulu bras and a s in Alo bras. I’m a 4 or 6 in Lulu tops/jackets depending on cut but am consistently a xs in Alo tops/ jackets.

            1. Thank you Mrs. O, I think I would have ordered the wrong size. I wear a 4 in most Lulu leggings but don’t measure a size 4. Often when I try other brands I end up having to exchange for a size smaller. I really wish one of our local (Iowa) stores sold Alo, but I have yet to find one. I’m going to be brave and order a pair this weekend! Thank you!

              1. I definitely do not measure as a Lulu 4 — in fact, I measure between 6-8 for Lulu. But 6 or 8 is definitely too big for me in Lulu. I am consistently a 4 in Lulu leggings except the Speed up Tights. Just shows you how different body types with the same measurements convert to different sizes. I thought I’d be an Alo Sl but I’m definitely not. The Alo XS fit much better. Definitely check Zappos, Nordstrom or Bloomingdales for the leggings you are looking to purchase because they have much better return policies than Alo itself.

    3. Lin and Anon, thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It will be interesting to see what their new creative director brings to the table.

    4. I feel exactly the same. I don’t like the floral type stitching. And I too wanted the metallic to be really obvious or at least even a little obvious. Lol

  3. I was considering the foil, but if they are flat gray, no thanks. I was already a bit meh on them because they don’t come in full length (look how short the WUPs are on the model – I’m not believing they’re really 28″), and I just don’t like any of the basic styles that Lulu offers anymore. I don’t need plain tights (WUPs), don’t like Speed Up Tights – a poor man’s Speed Tights, can’t fit in Speed Up Shorts – now that they’re a half size smaller than Speed Shorts – and the others are just not for me. I’m feeling the same way about the flocked Scubas. The look is good, but they’re Scuba IVs, which means – in my view – they’re crap. They’re thin and ill-fitting. So, they have an attractive finish on the shoulders, but it’s kind of lipstick on a pig, y’know?

    While they’re turning things around, if they’re keeping the lousy Holman cuts, I just can’t see spending the money.

    1. Checked the foil in store, and while they looked great on the mannequin, they weren’t great on me. That’s mostly my issue. I’ve got some extra weight to lose and it’s hard to be excited about how clothes look right now.

  4. I got the ss pink Swiftly and some stuff for my husband. Wanted to get the WU metallic but need to see it in store. If they sell out by the time I have time to go the store, it wasn’t meant to be

  5. The grey shiny line (Luminosity) do not look as shiny as they do in the stock photos. Not even close imo. I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures today and i was kind of expecting them to be REALLY metallic. Must be studio lighting. Even so, I wasn’t interested in buying. I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been feeling guilty about buying stuff for myself during the holidays so that is keeping me out of the buying game for the most part.

    1. Joanna, don’t feel bad about buying for yourself for the holidays! I’m doing the same, but I’m still shamelessly spending on Lululemon too. One for you and two for me…hehe.

  6. I have not been excited about Lulu for a while. The Luminosity line piqued my interest. Ordered Train Time 7/8 pants (only 5’1″ here so hopefully not too long on me) and energy bra. I prefer them to be more muted so we will see what they look like IRL. I also ordered the white/black striped swiftly this morning when my size was restocked.

    1. I’m with you. Also ordered Train Times , I’m 5”4. Also prefer them to be muted vs shiny metallic . I hope I can wear them to the gym and people won’t be seeing their reflection in my pants like in the mirror ?

  7. Wondering if anyone has seen the floral flocked tops, in particular the pop over. Wondering what the flocked material is like as well as stretch and sizing overall. Been waiting for the wool content 1/2 zip swiftly but don’t want it in the 1 color offering. TIA

    1. I’ve seen them in person. They are Lulu’s terry fabric similar to the scuba hoodie and other hoodie pullovers. I’m trying to remember what jacket I saw in store. I thought the fabric was nice. I’m just not interested in the floral flock items so I didn’t try it on. For some reason I can’t find the jacket I saw in store to refresh my recollection.

  8. I too purchased the Athleta luxe stronger hoodie and just got it yesterday, so soft. But I can only get one hoodie this season (cannot justify have too many scubas). Wondering if the flocked scuba is worth it in exchange for the Athleta hoodie. I’m thinking no. Is the fit of this scuba baggy and unstructured? Have not been to a store in forever. TIA for any input on scuba fit!

    1. I didn’t like the fit of that scuba. It was loose around the waist in kind of an awkward way, like the front pocket area pooched out. However, I do love my Stronger Luxe!! I find the fit much more flattering and the liner is super cozy.

  9. Can’t believe scuba’s are still so big. They are so fug and not flattering on anyone except maybe a 10-16 year old girl. Yawnnnnn!!!!

  10. I’m going to try the luminosity energy bra and the lace up energy bra (although based on how I fit into an energy bra and the width of that lace up I fear it might be a bit too revealing (I like a peak). I’m also interested in the return of the swiftly long sleeve breeze (looser fit). I got it on sale in black and for my 5’4″ petite frame it was a winner over the regular swiftly which is way too long.

    In other holiday purchases I have bought at Athleta the Cozy Karma asymmetrical zipper pullover in the heathered oatmeal with rose gold zipper and their reflective tights with all the bright colors – they are amazingly bright reflective and fun. I also picked up 2 pairs of reflective pants at the Gap because night time running and not very expensive. Lulu really missed the boat on reflective this year! I bought 2 pairs of Alo airbrush in solid colors and their pure tank in distressed sand color when they had Black Friday 25% off.

    Lastly I’m hoping for the pink ombre wunder unders and that they will look as cute as they do in the photos.

    1. I was told that the swiftly breeze is a seasonal item around spring/summer time. I too snagged a couple more on markdown. I like both types of swiftlies but the breeze is nice if you just was a slightly loose fitting and shorter ls.

      1. Checked out my local store – got the breeze in the black/white flecked – i love the look on me – slightly loose and shorter just as you said.

  11. Only ordered Train Times in LF yesterday, but still considering Laced up LS. Maybe when Ebates goes back to 10%. I’m actually pretty happy with current lulu offerings . I like the colors and styles . I also understand that since lulu caters toward broad market and different age groups I don’t have to like every piece of clothing they make . I stoped buying from other brands like Carbon38 due to no resale market. I get tired of my workout clothes quickly and usually sell my stuff after several wears. That helps me to keep my closet size under control and allows to buy more. My husband calls it constant rotation. Well anyways lulu items usually hold their value while other brands not so much.

    1. I am with you about buying mostly Lulu although I am learning to shop in my own closet more often, lol. The resale value for Lulu has dropped lately due to mass production and drop in quality.

    2. I buy mainly Lulu because it’s a reliable fit for me and more technical than the other brands. I do venture out here and there (like Alo or Adidas or Beyond Yoga) but I definitely don’t wear the other brands as much as my Lulu stuff. I really should do what you do and sell some of my stuff so I can order more. But there’s very few items I buy that I don’t like. My problem is the fear of selling and then wanting to wear the item down the road. Like Wei, I need to shop my closet more. 🙂

  12. I’m waiting on the down the line long sleeve…. love the pima long sleeves! I wonder if we will get it before the 25th in Canada?

    1. I’m hoping we get that tee too! I returned my Emerald Long Sleeve because it did feel rubbery and would like a basic cotton long sleeve.

  13. I ordered everything foil. Energy bra, 7/8 train times and wu tight, speed up tight, and speed up short.
    I went to the store and got the wu crop high rise.
    I love that they don’t scream out attention. They are calmer than I thought. In person they are more beautiful. I would love to get foil fast and free tight ?

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