Thanks to Ms. O for her review of the Sit In Lotus Wrap II and the Forever Warm Pullover! I have a bunch more fit reviews from Mrs. O but wanted to post this one tonight since there has been quite a bit of discussion in the comments about these ones. I actually purchased the Sit In Lotus Wrap II last upload it and really love it. I ordered both the Starlight and black and returned the starlight because I will wear the black a ton, and the grey may have slightly less use. Although I do want them both. I also have been eying up the Forever Warm Pullover but I’m going to have to wait a bit on that one.

Sit In Lotus Wrap II Sit In Lotus Wrap II

Sit In Lotus Wrap II

Neither the Sit in Lotus Sweater or Forever Warm Pullover were on my radar but I was pleasantly surprised by both.  I’m really not in the market for another sweater or pullover but these two items might make me change my mind.
I loved the fit of the Sit in Lotus Sweater.  It was oversized but not sloppy just like the Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic (which I would have preferred in an xs but they were sold out.  It’s a bit too long but I still love it).  The sweater was TTS and fitted through the sleeves.  I probably could have sized down if I wanted a less baggie look.  But I thought it draped nicely and I liked the oversized look and feel of it.  The length was perfect for me — not too long and not too short).  It was very warm and cozy and I can imagine myself snuggling in it watching movies or lounging in it during a lazy weekend.  The black cherry color was really nice.  So was the white.  I have enough black sweaters so that one would not be an option for me.  I’m going to seriously reconsider if I “think” I “need” another sweater!

Forever Warm Pullover Forever Warm Pullover Forever Warm Pullover

Forever Warm Pullover

The Forever Warm Pullover was also very comfy and warm.  It was just what I needed the day I tried it on.  It took away the chill.  It is a slightly boxy fit and a generous TTS.  Sometimes I have problems pulling pullovers over my head because of shoulder mobility but I didn’t have any problems with this one.  The underside of the pullover was very soft.  The quilted pattern just made it feel cozier.  It had a nice weight to it and was very warm.  For me, the neck was a bit too high but zipped up, it definitely retained the heat.  I think I preferred the collar tuned down and the pullover partially zipped.  The length was ok but I wouldn’t have minded if it was an inch or two longer.  This is a pullover I’ll keep my eye on.  I’m not sure if I really need something that warm.
  1. Thanks for the fit reviews Ms O. I tried on the Sit in Lotus and my tts was too big and was too much fabric for my frame. I also tried on a size down and it was much a better look and fit except the shoulders and sleeves were very snug. I didn’t buy it because I would only be able to wear a very thin s/s top underneath and just not practical for me.
    I ended up not keeping the Warm and Restore Pullover because it was not stretch french terry but a stiff cotton terry without any give so getting it on and off was a nightmare so I checked out the Forever Warm Pullover too.
    The fabric was thicker and cozier than I expected and with the zipper it was much easier to get on and off versus the Warm and Restore. The zipper is very substantial and like you I found when zipped up the neck was a bit too high and the zipper became bothersome. Although this pullover needs a zipper I didn’t like how shiny it was and it stands out too much for my liking. I liked the length especially longer in the back but for me this felt more like a jacket due to the thickness and I don’t think it would fit underneath my winter jackets. The design of this pullover is a bit boring and not very lulu looking and I think better colour choices could have gone a long way to making this pullover look more interesting.

    1. You’re welcome. I think the Forever Warm Pullover would be better as a zip up jacket. It would have more versatility. If I were to pick one out of the two it would be the sweater. I’m going to try it on in a size down and see how I like it. Then I may decide that I “need” it. LOL.

  2. I tried on the wrap when I was in the store today. Very boxy in the body in my tts 4, did not like it enough to bother with the smaller size.

    1. I agree it is boxy in the torso but I don’t mind it. Because the sleeves are slim fitting, I think it makes the boxiness work. It’s kind of awkward looking like the Free People Sweater but somehow it works.

  3. I like the quilted look of the pullover! I think I’d like it more if the zipper were hidden like in other Lulu pullovers. The wrap is really cute on you, too!

    Thanks for all the fit reviews, Mrs. O.

  4. I tried on the Forever Warm PO in store and I agree with your review Mrs. O. It was very cozy and warm. I was actually surprised how thick it was. I was tempted, but something about the fit felt slightly off. I wanted to try my size down, but they were displaying them at the very front entrance of the store and my toddler was refusing to make the walk back and forth. I’ll try it sized down on my next trip. I also live in California, so I worry that be too warm and not get a lot of use at that price point. (I think it is way overpriced!) But I will be keeping an eye out for it on MD.

    I didn’t like the Sit in Lotus. It was too oversized and not my style. But it did look adorable on one of the Eds, so I can see why people like it.

    1. I agree; the forever warm po is definitely a markdown item for me. If it’s cold enough to wear it, I think I would prefer a jacket rather than pullover. But I do have to say, it was surprisingly cozy.

  5. Hi Cristina and Mrs. O!

    Thank you for the reviews of the SIL Wrap II, very helpful. I am having trouble viewing the Starlight color though. To me it looks like it has a faint bluish hue, but Cristina you mentioned it is grey? Thank you for any clarification.

      1. I have it too and it has a blue undertone to it. I love it. I found it to be much softer than the solid colors in the wrap. I returned the black cherry. It did not compare to the fit and softness of the heathered starlight.

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