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Lululemon Store Photos

Lululemon Store Photos

Lululemon Tights

Lots of Lululemon Store Photos for this week.
Did you notice since last upload Lululemon added APL Shoes to the site?

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On Your Mark Crop, Extra Mile Long SleeveLululemon On Your Mark Crop, Lululemon Store Photos Lululemon On Your Mark Crop, Lululemon Store photosExtra Mile Long Sleeve, Lululemon Store photos

Cut Above Hoodie *ExpressionLululemon Cut Above Hoodie *Expression Lululemon Cut Above Hoodie *ExpressionLululemon Cut Above Hoodie *Expression

foliage wunder under pant hi-rise nulux moody blues black
foliage wunder under pant hi-rise nulux moody blues black

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APL Shoes

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  • Do you like the APL shoes? They look cute on photos but to me they’re overpriced and overhyped (like LLL? lol). I got a pair of Tech Looms from Jackrabbit for $65 and was not impressed. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price. The colors are cute but they are stiff and I can’t see myself wearing these for running. Just for casual wear maybe some HIIT.

    • Not particularly. Some of the colors and textures are enticing but if I had money to burn on sneakers right now, I’d be getting these Adidas or these Adidas in pink are probably my top choice. I have these ones which I got back in April and have really loved them. I don’t crossfit in them but when I’m running out the door these are what I can throw on with a more put together outfit and look sharp, or I can run in, or they are perfect for travel.

    • When I checked them out in store I thought they were a bit stiff too. The colors are fun but I’m not sure I’d pay that much when there are better shoes out there.

    • I actually think it’s a little dishonest for an ‘activewear’ company to be selling fashion shoes (which aren’t even cute enough for the purpose) like they’re made for running or athletic pursuits.

  • Agreed on shoes…for running i am spending $160 for brooks ghost or glycerin…as well as Hoka shoes…clifton arahi and clayton. Superior cushioned flexible shoes for running. The apl are pretty but i already have fun colour shoez for gym.

  • Long sleeve reflectives on uk site….maybe we will get them too. Price may be similar to outlet pricing less shipping and finder fees

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