Here we go! We are finally seeing Lululemon Fall/Winter 2017 items. More Jacquard items I’m not crazy about but I am loving the floral, violet and Aeon, and I’m loving the new Extra Mile Jacket. I’m wanting to order the new In Movement Tight or Crops which is made of the new everlux material. It’s a combo of luxtreme and nulux which feels a little bit like spacer. I love some of the more thin and stretchy spacer fabrics so it has potential for me. I also want to order the Violet Swiftly Tech LS and Run On Jogger.

Extra Mile JacketExtra Mile Jacket Extra Mile Jacket Dark Olive Extra Mile Jacket

Extra Mile Vest Extra Mile Vest

Rest Less 1/2 ZipRest Less 1/2 ZipRest Less 1/2 Zip

Rest Less Pullover Rest Less Pullover

Run On Tight nouveau mach blue black
I need dis.

Run On Tight Run On Tight nouveau mach blue black

Run On BraRun On Bra

In Your Pace TankIn Your Pace Tank

  1. I might have to check out the run on tight in noveau starlight print. Depending on the fit, I might exchange my wu 1/2 tight in noveau starlight for the run on tight. I got the viola swiftly LS the other day. It’s such a beautiful color and definitely a must have!

  2. I love the “I need dis” lol

    I’m keen to see the In Movement crops (I’m composed almost completely of legs, so I already know the tight will probably be too short) – I already am eyeing the shorts

  3. Nothing for me thank god. I finally pulled the trigger on Melanie aligns and decided to keep both pairs of Box it out tights. Also eyeing fresh in mesh tight.

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