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Fenty Beauty By Rihanna on Sephora

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna on Sephora

I broke down! I haven’t been interested in any of the celebrity makeup that’s been hyped up like KKW or Kylie Lipsticks but for some reason, I’ve been intrigued by the Fenty Beauty debut ever since I saw the empty displays at my local store, and saw the hints on Instagram. I think it’s because I love complexion based makeup over eyeshadows, and I really like highlighters which this line has a huge selection of, and I’ve been drawn to Rihanna’s dramatic makeup looks even though they aren’t really ‘my look’.

In the 90’s it was the celebrity endorsed perfume lines like Brittany and J-Lo, and now it’s celebrity branded makeup that seems to be the endorsements darling. Do you think Taylor Swift will ever come out with a makeup line? I can see Taylor Swift doing juicy dramatic lipsticks, and eyeliners.

Interestingly the Fenty Beauty line doesn’t have a full lipstick line despite having 40 shades of foundation, which is unusual for most makeup brands. Typically, they are in the 20-30 range, with 30 being considered ‘good’. It’s expensive to create a very diverse range, but it should be standard.  Overall there isn’t really a huge amount of products launched but there is a big variety of highlighters, oil blotters, and foundation.  I wonder if she will ever do a full comprehensive makeup line (like Marc Jacob), or if it’s just this specialty accessory makeup product line. I’m curious to see if the quality is there (which I assume it would be since it’s sold and promoted by Sephora), and if the packaging is solid and in line with the pricing. I’ll definitely do a review on the line if you guys are interested in this, but let me know in the comments. I’m not at all a beauty guru but I do love makeup. Just don’t ever ask me to do a winged liner because I cannot get that figured out.

I think this line definitely skews young, as do most celebrity makeup lines, but I really like mixing up fun and unusual makeup pieces with my everyday makeup. There is a place for blue mascara and gold highlighter next to my very serious bobbi brown foundation stick and nude lipsticks.

Do any of these Fenty Beauty products speak to you? will you be trying it out?


Fenty Beauty

I stayed up for tonights midnight product drop on, and immediately the website crashed. There was an interesting waiting room that kept automatically refreshing every 60 seconds, and eventually, it let me in. Unfortunately, when I was let in, I kept getting bumped out until finally I was able to actually click on products and put them in my shopping cart. I wonder if this was a marketing ploy to create hype, or if the site was really overburdened.

I was finally able to order and what I chose to order first was this really pretty gold highlighter. There is a video on the website of it swatched and it’s so pretty. I think I plan to use this on my collar bone, and in tiny strategic spots on my eyelid, like an accent eyeshadow. I wonder how subtle it blends out, or if it’s meant to be a very obvious, very theatrical highlighter. I hope I can subtle it down.

The gold highlighter is used on this model shot, on her cheekbones, and on her lips.

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Fenty Beauty

The foundation has an incredible range of 40 colors which is an unusually high number for most brands. I would love to swatch this in store (possibly in the morning) to see what the formula is like, and the coverage.

Fenty BeautyThe foundation brush is so pretty!

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  • I’m actually interested in her makeup line. Mostly because I like how she does her own makeup. But mainly I’m interested in the brushes. I need another lipstick like I need another hole on my head lol. Last time I did an inventory I have 185 lipsticks!!!
    I’m a total makeup addict, doesn’t seem to wear off now that I’m 35 either.

    • lol, I’m with you. I do not need anymore liptick. my favourite lipsticks of the moment are the Charlotte Tilburry ones I posted recently.

      • My favorite lipsticks are By Terry because they are so moisturizing, long lasting (high quality pigments) and amazing colors. I also like the nude colors from Nude Envie.

    • You don’t want to know how much I have in my makeup collection. I think it gets worse with age and more expensive! No more of the “cheap” stuff we could wear as teenagers. I’m just glad I got into makeup later than most. LOL. Ask me about my nail polish collection. It probably rivals your lipstick collection! Haha.

  • I’m interested in getting the foundation and matchsticks! Just need to go to a sephora near me (closest is 2 hours away) so I can swatch and decide on shades and colors in person.

  • So I swatched a bunch of them and I’m going to return the gold killawat highlighter when it arrives. The powder one has a lot of flecks in it, while the stick version (blonde ) is more like a gold foil which is what I liked. The stick blends out to the more subtle look.

    I ended up getting this in Yachtlife (more like a blush) and Starstruck (more of a highlighter).

    I actually also really loved the contour color amber which is funny because
    I typically hate contour colors. This one blends out really nice and it’s a really pretty cool tone. I didn’t buy but would like to at some point . I also really liked this Metal Moon Killawat powder

    Sorry, this is me, Cristina. Not sure why it defaulted to anon.

  • I don’t wear any lipstick. Only chopstick . I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m a dental hygienist and wear mask all day and it would smudge any lipstick or lipgloss so I’m not wearing it. I like everything else though . Thank you for posting this Christina, I would have no idea otherwise . I also wanted to thank you as well for posting about Deciem brand long time ago. I got a couple items and liking them. Wish they were making night creams

  • Taylor already did a collaboration with Cover Girl a while back and it was lipstick. I think it coincided with her Red album. Of course it was red lipstick because Taylor is boring AF.

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