The Lululemon Australia upload is up! The big excitement in this upload is The In Movement Tights. The In Movement Tights have been spotted in some stores already (Robson St.), and have been given to educators to wear. The eds at my store were all wearing these on Friday and they looked amazing so I’m definitely interested! They are made of a new material called Everlux which we’ve seen released a few months ago in the In Movement Short. Sort of a hybrid nulu + luxtreme + nulux

In Movement Tight


Rulu Joggers are must have for me. If the Box It Out Joggers didn’t work out for you, these look very promising.

Run On Jogger

I saw this print earlier this month in the Wunder Under Crops. The print is a knit and incredibly soft and stretchy. I don’t typically like knits but I really liked this one.

Run On Crop

Run On Tight

Wunder Under Hi Rise

Back In Action Tank Back In Action Long Sleeve

Run On Tank

Wunder Under 7:8 Tight irregular denim twill print dark olive black

Last Weeks Upload

  1. I love my Back in Action Long Sleeves and really hope we get them again in new colors. I really like the one shown. And thank you for the heads up on Everlux, it sounds like it has the potential to be wonderful.

    1. I saw them in at least 4 new colors at my local store last week! 🙂 I bought 2 — figue (the pink shown here) and a pale green (color code MITO which I think might be misty moss?). I also saw a greyish blue (maybe seascape) and a purplish grey (like the Back in Action Tank above).

  2. I actually saw the knit in the speed up version (I think — it definitely had side pockets) and I agree, it was very soft. I was surprised I liked it but I walked away because I just shouldn’t buy anything new right now.

    I’m looking forward to the new rulu joggers with a real waistband instead of elastic. The rulu is so luxurious in a jogger.

    Can’t wait to try on the in movement tight in everlux!

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