This was a pretty small upload, and once again Lululemon has plumped it up a bit with some old designs from last year and the year before. You may recognize the Noir Pant as old. Last week was the Sunshine Coast LS and the First Mile Jacket amongst other things. One thing to look out for this week is restocks. Lululemon has restocked a TON of stuff throughout the website. these Wunder Under Crop Roll Downs in Diamond Jacquard Magenta caught my eye – I have them from a few years ago and love them. I’ll post a lookbook at the bottom of this post of restocks I’ve noticed. Let me know if you spot something juicy that I’ve missed.  For today’s new products though, I know the Dark Olive Fast & Free Tights are getting snatched up. People have been WAITING for those. I also like the Like The Windshell in Pelt and would love to try it on in store along with the Throw Back Pant.

The Lululemon Upload is up!

Last weeks Lululemon Upload post.

Fast & Free Tight Dark OliveFast & Free Tight Dark Olive

Raise The Barre TankRaise The Barre Tank Raise The Barre Tank

Like The WindshellLike The Windshell Like The Windshell

Throw Back Pant

Vinyasa ScarfVinyasa Scarf Heathered Utilitarian


Noir PantNoir Pant

Weird. Another old warehouse item. What’s with all of these older warehouse items filling out the uploads?

Fast & Free CropFast & Free Crop Capri

Raise The Barre Bra

Align Crop II MelaniteAlign Crop II Melanite

Train Time 7/8 PantTrain Time 7/8 Pant Deep Rouge

Wunder Under 7/8 Tight
Deep Rouge Wunder Under 7/8 Tight

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  1. I got excited when I saw the Raise the Barre bra, until I saw the front. No way that would work for my big tata’s 🙁

    Nothing for me this week. OOT – where do people in Canada buy the Lulu APL collab shoes? I’m in Ottawa and of course none of the Lulu’s in my city have the shoes. I don’t want to buy from Bandier and pay $$$ for shipping and then some for duties…

      1. @ShadowyLady – I think one of the posts stated the APL shoes would be sold at LLL Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. Who knows if they would do a phone order and you wouldn’t get to try the shoes in advance.

    1. they sell the APL shoes in the Vancouver store on Robson. if you know your size give them a call and ask to ship to you.

  2. I don’t like how the Raise the Barre bra has a neck-hugging neckline on the back. That’s the only thing stopping me from buying it.

    I don’t see the Dark Olive Fast and Free II tight on the website. Did it sell out?

    Did anyone notice the Break Free tight on the Australian upload? It looks similar to the Fast and Free II tights, but without the unfinished hem at the ankle. Also has a back zipper pocket. Seems like I would like those better than the Fast And Frees.

    1. @FA – agreed, I don’t like the strap across the neck. Teal Green looks beautiful but I won’t even try it on because of that strap. Low cut I could deal with as I am very small busted so nothing to spill.

    1. I don’t think we got them 🙁 Maybe next week, hopefully. I will buy those in a heartbeat, everything else is a pass.

  3. perhaps the almafi energy bra as I love that colour. I would love a colour comparison of the new capri blue with whirlpool and amalfi. Good thing as my wallet needs a break. I scored some vivid vision tights today so need to take it easy….and the marbled speed wunders from last wmtm. Thanks for all you do! Love your blog!

    1. I second this request for colour comparison! Would be good to know. The website makes Amalfi and Capri look the same, or at least incredibly similar

  4. Does anyone here own the Noir Pant? What’s your impression? I never tried it on when they offered it in the past (wasn’t in the market for that style of pant) but I may consider it. But it’s annoying that they are bringing back old warehouse items as “new” and charging full price.

    1. I have them. I don’t think they went to WMTM, for what it’s worth. They were a Lab release back in the day when things would sell out fast. (I could be wrong about WMTM, but it would have been surprising for Lab stuff to make it there.)

      They were sized more generously then Studio Pants – not sure if they changed the sizing for this release.

      I thought the tie at the waist was cute, but too limiting, so I cut them off. They definitely look better with it if you’re wearing something that doesn’t cover it, but I found that I didn’t have enough tops like that. No regrets.

      They wash and wear beautifully. Mine still look new. The fabric stretches, so even though they’re somewhat form fitting on the backside, they’re comfortable to wear while sitting. Very nice for long plane trips where you want to get off the plane looking halfway decent, yet be as comfy as if you were in sweats.

      I work in a fairly casual office, so I’m going to wear mine to work tomorrow.

      1. One more thing: don’t look at the dreadful, new pictures of the black. Check out the original release pictures of the blue to see how they’re supposed to fit. Also check the reviews, which are really strong. I know I sound like a shill, but these are classic OG Lulu, in my book. It feels good to say something nice again!

        1. Thanks! I think I’m going to have to give them a try. Now the dilemma is picking a color. Probably black because it’s more versatile. I have to watch my spending so I can’t get both.

      2. I was thrilled to see the noir pants. Will be grabbing a pair tomorrow at my store. I checked the website to confirm they were in store. I have the cadet blue ones from first release, and love them! So easy to dress up or down and they don’t wrinkle! Light as air on. I always regretted not getting the black ones too. I kept the tie on, and yes rise and shine is quite correct when she said it can be limiting but with all the short crop tops this year I can wear them with it and the bow in the front looks adorable and I don’t show belly. I have worn my noir pants a lot this summer with the crescent tanks. They wash like a dream and still look brand new.

        1. I was a little leery of the reviews online but I’m glad many of you are echoing the same. Can’t wait to try them on today!

    2. I also own the Noir Pant. I remember it selling out fast. I love mine. It is dressy enough to wear to work and it is cute also. I typically wears size 2 in leggings and 4 in casual pants. I took a 4 in Noir and have plenty of room to be professional and comfortable.

        1. I always wear size 2 in tights and 4 in pants including the Noir Pant. The legs are wide but the waist fits perfectly. My measurements are 25/26 and 34 if it helps. I have it in black and just ordered the cadet blue.

    3. The current web pics make them look like clown pants but Google the previous release and you’ll see how gorgeous the Noir pants are. Super flattering — high waisted and very fluid. I wear mine with the tie in the back. Took my regular size. I always take these traveling with me because they don’t wrinkle and pack down to nothing. They are pretty long so prepare to get them hemmed.

  5. @Shadowy Lady: good question. I visited three LLL stores in downtown Toronto today, and have not seen those shoes.
    Re: Upload. I’m glad they uploaded some old style pants. I have a ton of those, but I felt sort of uneasy wearing them, when everybody around me is sporting pants with narrow legs.

  6. This was a terrible upload. Not only are they padding uploads with old stock, but they’re duplicating listings. The Breeze By LS, Adore Your Core bra, and Power Pose tank (and maybe more – I stopped looking) are all on the new items page TWICE. I can’t believe this is the same Lululemon I used to covet.

  7. Nothing for me this time. I don’t care for bell bottoms or wide leg pants. I prefer joggers. Not a fan of Rouge color either. Wonder when their big fall product drop will be?

  8. The APL shoes are supposed to be sold at the Yorkdale Mall location in Toronto. Pretty sure TSE post of the past mentioned this.

    Agreed, I do not care for the strap at the back of the neck for the Raise the Barre bra. Low cut I can deal with as I am very small busted and nothing to spill. But, I won’t even try it on due to that strap; and no matter how much I like the Teal Green.

    I don’t need any of their throwback items, not even this swift pant.

  9. Those Throwback Pants are *not* throwback. Sure they have a flare, but they are missing the back seam of the Grooves, or the waistband of the Astros.
    The fabric quality is also not even close. Blarg.

    1. Ahhh wish they would bring back the astro waistband on the WUP or WUC. So cute and comfy. They’re not high-waisted yet they don’t cut in.

      While we’re at it, lll needs to bring back the quilted waistbands too!

  10. I used to have to limit my choices because I wanted everything, now I can’t find anything I like for months. Looking into other brands finally. Sweaty Betty looks good!

  11. Lululemon has a 20th anniversary next year and I know many lulu loyalists including myself have been dropping not so subtle hints about celebrating this anniversary by bringing back classics designs, colours, prints and capsules. Seeing these reworked classics is promising but I would rather see original design classics return rather than tweaked classic designs. I do think it’s a strange move on their part to coincide the release of the Raise the Barre Tank with the return of the Wild Tank a few weeks ago. I am really pumped to see what treasures they may bring in 2018. I am crossing my fingers they will BRING BACK JACKETS, like the Hustle Jacket, Puddle Jumper, Record Breaker and capsules such as Run Full Tilt, colours like the original Zinfandel, classic designs like the Dance Studio Line and design details like ruffles, scallops and ruching (as we are beginning to see again in some new designs). I can’t wait!!!

  12. so instead of having a nice warehouse sale with some decent prices, they decided to re-release old item at full price. stay classy, lulu.

  13. I thought a new color was uploaded in the scuba iv, but it looks like the same grey (as is it me)?

    Is there a difference between the “heathered vapor/vapor” and the “heathered vapor”?

    Is it the same, but showing twice on the website?

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