New pants have been spotted in store which look very familiar. They are a redux of the old Groove Pant which was an iconic Lululemon pant style. These new ones are called the ‘Throw Back Pant’.


Throw Back PantThrow Back Pant Throw Back Pant

Contour Jacket, Throw Back Pant, Raise The Bar Tank

Raise The Barre TankRaise The Barre Tank Raise The Barre Tank

Set The Barre Tank

Raise The Barre Tank, Motion Shorts
Raise The Barre Tank
Raise The Barre Tank and Motion Shorts Raise The Barre Tank, Motion Shorts

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  1. I really like that new tank but wish it didn’t dip so low in the back. Seems the dip is different on each person. I may try it if it uploads.

  2. Hahaha the first set of pics with the red head is at OakBrook Mall in IL, i used to work at the apple store there and go to that lulu store, i even know the girl in the pic! thats funny

  3. Wish lululemon would make pants longer than 28″-31″. Especially these new “throwback pants”, offer them in different lengths like the old grooves! Gah tall girl problems.

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