After a year of Lululemon featuring APL Techloom Phantom Running Shoes on their website almost exclusively, they have partnered with APL to create a Lululemon X APL Colab shoe which will be sold in strategic stores. It’s looking like Yorkdale in Toronto will sell them, and I’d heard Edmonton would sell them. I’ll be very surprised if the Canadian flagship store at Robson in Vancouver doesn’t sell them in addition to these other stores. The New York flagship store on 5th Avenue has them available already. The official release date is August 8th, and I’d anticipate these being available at the Seawheeze showcase store in Vancouver and possibly here on the APL website. 

What do you guys think of Lululemon’s latest colab with APL Shoes?


Instagram photos of Lululemon APL Techloom Phantom Running Shoes:


UH OH! #lululemon #5thAve #APLshoes

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UH OH! #lululemon #5thAve #APLshoes

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    1. APL sneakers run between $150-$250+.
      I wear mine for long distance running and love them. I wear Nike Flyknit Lunarlons also and they seem to fit similarly. I own many pairs of APL since I have to change sneakers every 5-6 months from putting many km on them.

  1. I am always in need of good running shoes as I do wear mine out fast. When I find a pair that fit well and don’t end up bothering me in anyway I usually buy a another pair as back up in case they are changed in any way the following year. I would love to check these ones out. Is there anything on them that shows that they are a colab with LLL such as their logo? I can’t tell from these photos.

  2. I’m also wondering what details LLL is bringing to this collab. Too bad some of the photos are removed. I’ve never tried APL but I do need new shoes… Hehe.

  3. They look nice. I’m interested to hear reviews on how they hold up for circuit training and running. I like the aesthetic appeal of APL shoes but haven’t bought any yet. Waiting until I need to replace one of my many Nikes.

  4. The last year of grim colors, boxy styles and bad alterations to classic designs has almost cured me of my lulu addiction. (I think there have been a few cute pattered tights, like Dottie Tribe WUPs, but I need dark solids on my short, muscular legs.)

    That being said, I have liked Lulu’s collaborations this summer.

    I think these shoes are adorable — if they are as functional as they are cute, I will likely buy a pair.

    Similarly, I love the Misty Moss (a dupe for Earl Grey) Wrap Sweater and the Faint Mauve (really more of a pale lilac grey) Awakening Tank. Admittedly, I am just under 5’3″ so the TT items might be too cropped on a tall woman. That being said, I enjoyed LLL’s effort to produce something pretty and flattering.

    BTW, I also find the reflective SW bra/tights enticing, though I won’t be doing the race this year. (It conjures mermaid for me.)

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