1. I saw the pink swiftly paired with the dark gray (maybe it’s black) bottoms and I’m sold! I really like that bag too. The love tank rose quartz color is pretty too. I like a higher neckline for the gym so I’m leaning more towards the swiftly. 😀

  2. The pink Swiftly reminds me of the shell pink one I have in my drawer that is so old it’s covered in sweat stains and holes, but I refuse to part with it. I have bought so many other pink swiftlies trying to match the shell, without succeeding. Fingers crossed.

  3. Not to forget the culture clash print that’s out in a few pieces too in the UK! Love the rose quartz, though I wish it was a tee and not tank

  4. I have been waiting soooo long for a light pink Swiftly and this one is gorgeous. Hopefully this isin’t see through. It’s been quite frustrating for quite a few years with all the different shades of grapefruit and coral but no real pink until now. I remember when Vintage Pink came out how I wanted a Swiftly in that colour but that didn’t happen, I did get Run Times in that colour and I love them. As for the Speed Up Shorts, 2″ & 4″ inseams, does anyone else find it strange that these shorts look identical to Run Times but offered in two inseam lengths? Could these be replacing Run Times and maybe Speeds??

    1. I was wondering the same- if the new “speed up” shorts will be replacing the old speeds and run times? I hope that would mean that the 4″ style will finally get some better colors and patterns !!

    1. I tried on the speed up in the new multi colored print – the waist band felt a tiny bit bigger than my normal speeds but otherwise they were exactly the same with a 2.5″ inseam – there is also a version that is 4″. For the life of me the waist band didn’t feel any different and I couldn’t detect significant changes in the pocket configuration. It might have something slightly longer in terms of pockets.

      I guess customers have complained about speed short waist bands being too heavy and too sweaty? That hasn’t been an issue for me.

  5. I have a few Enhearten tanks and love them so I will grab this one if it shows up in Canada. Loving the pink swiftly too

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