Mrs. O has provided some really great fit reviews for us on some of the Athleta pieces I was window shopping in a post last week. I’m so grateful because I’m not easily able to order Athleta items in Canada as it’s expensive to ship, so if I order something I have to be absolutely certain. I’m really hoping to get to the Athleta store in Seattle this summer but I don’t think it will be in the next week or two. Thank you Mrs. O for the fit reviews!! She has several more from Athleta so this is part 1, and I’ll have the part 2 post up a little later.

Threadlight Relaxed Tee and Mesh Shine Salutation 7/8 TightAthleta Threadlight Relaxed Tee and Mesh Shine Salutation 7:8 Tight 2 Athleta Threadlight Relaxed Tee and Mesh Shine Salutation 7:8 Tight 2

Threadlight Relaxed Tee and Mesh Shine Salutation 7/8 Tight

After seeing Cristina’s post about Athleta window shopping, I decided to go to Athleta before meeting my friends because I had time to kill.  To be honest, I want to disclose my bias against Athleta.  I’m not sure how helpful my fit review will be for you, other than showing you how some of the items look on a “normal” person that doesn’t have a model’s figure.  So, for those of you who love Athleta, my fit review is not a commentary on your opinions or styling and is in no way meant to dismiss your honest personal opinions about Athleta gear.  When I first tried Athleta (when they first entered the market), I absolutely hated the styles, fabric, sizing, etc.  Because so many of you rave about Athleta, I decided to give Athleta another chance and keep an open mind.  But I agree with many of you, they have really upped their game.  My fit review is coming from the perspective of self-professed Lululemon snob.  LOL.
The lighting in Athleta’s dressing room was very dim.  So, I apologize for the darkness of my photos.  When I used the flash, it made the picture worse.
I really love modal and have many, many non-athletic modal pieces.  I tend to wear modal pieces as athleisure wear rather than workout gear.  I just find that it gets in my way and isn’t technical enough.  It’s the same with some of LLL’s pieces, i.e., the Another Round Tee is an altheisure piece for me.  But I may consider trying a modal tank to workout in.
I am a size 4 in LLL tights and most tops, except tight tops (size 6) and shorts (size 6).  In Athleta, I was a size xs.  The sales clerk did not recommend I try on a size small because she said the fabric loosens up over time.  She said the size xs fit perfectly on me.
The Threadlight Relaxed Tee was very flattering, especially the color.  Athleta also offered it in black, heathered gray and silver gray.  It was very comfortable and I liked the length.  Quality-wise, I’m not sure it is comparable to my designer (non-athletic) modal pieces I wear.  But I didn’t do a direct comparison, which I intend to do sometime this weekend.  It is definitely higher quality than GAP’s modal pieces.  My only hesitation with this tee is the fact that I had “bat wings” under my arms when I lifted my arm.  Although I don’t have a picture of it, I liked the shirt when I adjusted the neck to side so it was close to being off my shoulder.  I am undecided on this piece because I have so many similar modal pieces which are higher quality.
The Mesh Shine Salutation Tight had a slight shimmer to it (the fabric next to the mesh).  I could not tell if it was sheer in the navy (which had a similar tint to jaded).  I felt it was a bit sheer, maybe 8.5-9/10, but I know so many of you have commented that powervita is completely opaque.  So, it may have just been the lighting.  I need to try it in natural sunlight.  I would describe powervita as a cross between nulu and luxtreme.  Soft like nulu (with a brushed feel) and compressive like luxtreme (but not as compressive).  I felt the mesh was a slightly delicate.  The shine from the fabric above the mesh seemed like the shininess you get if you’re wearing a LLL luxtreme tight that is too small for you.  (You can’t see it in my picture.  So, definitely check out Athleta’s site (Mesh Shine Salutation 7/8 Tight).  I wish they had the mauve color in my size.  I don’t think this is the right tight for me to really gauge my opinion on powervita.
So, the tee is a maybe and worth a second look.  The tight is a no for me.

High Rise Tight Paradise Floral Chaturanga TightAthleta Womens High Rise Paradise Floral Chaturanga -Clear blue Athleta Womens High Rise Paradise Floral Chaturanga -Clear blueAthleta Womens High Rise Paradise Floral Chaturanga -Clear blue

High Rise Paradise Floral Chaturanga -Clear blue

First, my pictures don’t do any justice for the color of these tights.  It’s a beautiful sky blue with bright contrasting flowers.  This tight is made from recycled polyester.  It is similar to full-on luxtreme but it felt hotter to me.  This pattern is printed on a white background.  When you bend your knee or do the bend text, the pattern whites out a bit but I don’t think it was sheer.  It seemed fairly opaque to me.  I liked the pattern placement on the front of the tight but not so much on the back.  I think the left leg had too much pattern on it.  The pattern on the tights is not as even as the pattern placement on the model online.  I really loved the colors in this tight.  It was so refreshing against the dark colors we’ve been seeing everywhere.  I can tell many of you will like this tight.  I am not really a floral person although I love it on other people.  It was also a very comfortable fit.  I can’t remember if there are any waistband pockets in this tight.  The waist band was not too high so there was no rolling down factor (at least from my brief try on).  There are two reasons why I did not purchase these tights.  First, it felt too hot to me.  Today is a very hot and humid day so I know that was influencing my opinion.  Second, as much as I love the colors, I’m not sure I would wear these tights often enough to justify the purchase.  I think I’d wear them a few times and then they will go to the bottom of my list.  Sort of like my LLL kindred spirit multi black WUs.  If I really want to give Athleta a chance, I need to find a tight I will go to often.  This is not one of them.  But, I’m still undecided.  So, it’s a maybe and worth a second try on.  I’m definitely going to have to go through the stack to find a pattern placement I like.

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  1. Wow you look great in all of the pics…but the floral tights do look great. I am like you…I buy other brands…alo and stella mccartney and kdeer and pay as much or more than lulu and dont tend to wear the pieces more than once or twice…and then there is no resale. But werkshop too has cute stuff and I cant pull trigger because resale not very high and I tend to reach for lulu more. I have to get over it….better yet I have to slow down because some items or prints are worn once a year as I try to cycle them in. Thanks for fit reviews. The mesh shine tights are nice too…the mauve is pretty. Now those I think I would wear more often…perhaps because they are solid colour. Good luck with your choices…and then there is Tuesday upload. Hopefully no new prints again…my wallet needs a break.

    1. Haha! You sound like me, I also tried to stray a couple of years ago and bought few items from Carbon38 .Also only wore them once or twice and couldn’t resale. I tend to reach for lulu more

    2. for what its worth, i have found werkshop to have pretty decent resale. i have sold many of them over the past year (i switched sizes), and the range of what they sold for was $50-$70 (they are $88 full price). they hold up perfectly too, so there is very little risk of the quality deteriorating across wear and washes.

  2. Thanks Gymmie! I don’t know if it’s just my stubborn bias that prevents me from really incorporating other brands into my wardrobe. As much as we all complain about the lack of color or changes to the cute details we fell in love with LLL, LLL is still more functional and technical for me. A lot of other brands copy the pocket details, etc. but something is always a little off with placement, etc. I love a lot of the Alo pieces but every time I try it, I just don’t think it looks right on me. I was thinking about ordering an Alo tight from the Nordstrom sale but the reviews were mixed regarding sheerness. I may just order it today before the sale ends and check it out. I liked the edgy moto style tights that were on sale. It’s hard for me to go to the Alo store because while the distance is close, the location is a bear to deal with.

    I too need to slow down my spending. I’ve just purchased too many things.

  3. I’m the same! I’ve tried Anthro and FP workout gear and it is definitely more athleisure than functional. I’ve branched off to other brands too but finding the right fit for me is more difficult when I know what LLL size I usually opt for.

    Thanks for the Athleta reviews! I do like the looks of their stuff but I’ve only tried one thing from them. This blog is what made me even consider Athleta.

  4. Mrs. O, thank you for your reviews! They are always timely and informative! I love the floral tight on you but agree that you will probably not reach for it often enough to justify.

    I am glad that I am not the only Lulu snob here, lol. I did buy Athleta’s tie dye and mantra crops for workout because of their pattern/design and the devine powervita fabric. Let’s see how often I will reach for them when weather gets a bit cooler. I do like Athleta for casual wear and own one studio wrap, two cozy karma dresses, and two joggers. Unlike for Lulu, I never pay full price for Athleta since they run promo and sale often.

  5. I went back to Athleta today and tried on a few more things. I took a second look at the modal stuff and it is definitely lower quality than the designer modal I have. And it is lower quality than LLL modal. I don’t mind a lesser quality but I’m not going to buy it at that price point. There was a modal loung-y tight I’m considering. I like the detailing on the calf because you can pull the tight over your heel. I didn’t like it all scrunched up though.

    I liked the mauve colored mesh shine salutation 7/8 tight better than the navy. They didn’t have my size but I tried the size small and am considering placing an order to test it out.

    I’m still not completely sold on Athleta. I’m not sure when I’m going to pull the trigger and try one thing out.

  6. Great reviews. I have a couple things coming in the mail from Athleta this week, including the top you tried on (but the crossback tank version) as well as my second studio wrap–it’s amazing! I’ve turned all my lulu $ into Athleta money these days — their CS is amazing and I love that they feature models of all shapes, colors and sizes. For similar price points to lulu I think their designers are more creative, too. I love their sales, and I love that I can use GAP Rewards there.

    I still have a ton of lulu I won’t part with — some items are gems!! — but new workout gear and athleisure dollars have been going to Athleta for the past year.

  7. I’ve dipped a toe into Athleta and also tried on the blue floral in review but didn’t think it flattered my petite frame. My two Athleta recommendations:

    I bought the black and white stripe chaturanga crops that are similar to parallel stripe (which I sold a while back because the thin white stripe didn’t pop for me). The powervita fabric is more like luon and since lulu seems determined to make all wunder unders in luxtreme this may have to be my go to in the future. The Athleta black/white stripe look great on and the stripes match!

    I wear them with the Lululemon black/white daisy energy bra and with Athleta’s version of the tie back tank (essence) which I greatly prefer and recommend. Both of these items washed well.

  8. I find both pairs of Athleta crops that I have (purchased over 3 years apart) both to be very “hot” in the wearing.

    1. So, it wasn’t my imagination that I felt hot. I usually don’t feel that way with LLL items, even when they’re made for cold weather. Good to know I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

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