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Sneak Peek: Foreign Site Lululemon Sneak Peeks Uploads

Sneak Peek: Foreign Site Lululemon Sneak Peeks Uploads

Raise The Barre Tank

Lululemon Sneaks Peeks are up!

Raise The Barre TankRaise The Barre Tank Raise The Barre Tank

Pewter Swiftly Tech LSPewter Blue Swiftly Tech LS

Capri Fast And Free TightCapri Fast And Free Tight

I’m curious about this Capri Fast & Free Tight. I picked up the Swiftly SS in store the other day because in person the color is incredibly vibrant and lively. For some reason it doesn’t photograph true on the website but in person this color is stunning and probably the most electric blue color I’ve ever seen Lululemon do.

Knot A Problem TankKnot A Problem Tank

Melanite Define JacketMelanite Define Jacket

The Space In-Between Vest

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Box It Out Tank

This new tank comes in heathered ‘oxblood’, which is probably a new version of bordeaux drama.


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  • I think someone at Lululemon needs a lesson in colors…that’s not even close to Oxblood (and talk about a trendy color that’s already had its day).

  • Raise the Barre Tank looks interesting. I’ll have to check out the new blue swiftly. A couple months back I bought a really bright Swiftly LS. I’m curious to see how the new one compares.

  • A colour comparison of the new capri blue with whirlpool and amalfi would be great. I bought the almafi tank, speed shorts and ss swiftly — agreed, very electric colour. I have fast and free in whirlpool so now I am wondering if I should change for the capri – it is so hard to compare unless they are side by side.

  • The new oxblood tank is part of the box it put collection and the UK had quite a few items in this range. I think though the tank is the nicest looking item. Not impressed at all with the tights…I really dislike waistbands like that, which accentuate any midsection issues that you would like to not show! I hope more heathered viola and viola items come through this month, the colour is gorgeous!

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