For those of you with the special runners access, the Seawheeze runners store presale is live! For the rest of us, this is just a sneak peek of some of the designs that will be available at the Seawheeze expo next month.


*To clarify some false information. My blog, nor any other blogs that I’ve seen have provided a link for early access before it was widely published by Lululemon. As a former seawheeze runner it really angers me that that happened, and this level of competitive shopping is the reason I am not attending this year and the reason I am not shopping it. I knew the link was shared last night and I chose not to publish it as it gave an unfair advantage to arbitrage shoppers.  The ‘leak’ of the link for early access was disseminated in an angel group last night unfortunately. Someone provided someone in that group the early link, and that person published it.

Seawheeze Presale Store

  1. I like the colors a lot. The coral and the blue are so pretty together. That being said, this doesn’t feel special to me. In the past, the SW items were really unique and stood out to me as specially designed for the event. These seem like slight variations on things that have been offered in store over the past 6 months. Hopefully, the full line up will offer some really cool items for the runners! I look forward to the SW store posts and hauls!

  2. As a long time Speed tights fan/hoarder, I was pretty unhappy to see them offered here, and without the BS mesh that has ruined most of the pairs they’ve released in the last year. It shouldn’t be this hard to get staple items like this. Also – aren’t these just the strive multi speeds in a different color?

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