Huge thank you to reader Ms. L for sharing with us her review of the Sayang Collection pieces she got from Carbon38. These reader reviews are so amazingly helpful because this way we can get a variety of body types and function perspectives on pieces. If you’d like to provide a fit review of fitness apparel, just shoot me an email! I have many more guest fit reviews coming this weekend, including Ms. O’s review of the Lululemon x The Class by Taryn Toomey Collection.

Ms. L’s review:

Here’s my fit review of the Carbon 38 Sayang Collection . I tried taking pics but it did not come out well so I’d thought I’d just provide a fit review with few pics. FYI- I am 5’2″, 116#s, 34C(actually 32, but get 34), athletic build., Lululemon bottoms in size 4, tops in size 4, bra size 6.

Tanjung legging

Beige in XS- loved the quality and feel of these leggings but really think this would suit a taller gal. The beautiful knot work goes down the side of leg so I couldn’t even get this altered if I wanted. Also, this was very high rise on me at 5’2″ but that didn’t bother me since the waist band was very wide. Here are a few pics. Unfortunately, I did return this as the ankle portion was so narrow and snug which made it difficult to pull the leggings up. 🙁 also, the fit on the body was nice. I felt it was little snug on the Hammies; the Small size may have fixed this, but I would still be dealing with the length and tightness of the ankle issue.

Tanjung LeggingCarbon38 Sayang Collection Carbon 38 Sayang Collection Carbon 38 Sayang Collection


Gili hoodie

Black in Small-  this was a nice soft hoodie with a nice length. Not short and not too long (keep in mind my petite frame). The beautiful work on back was very nice but little too exposed for a hoodie. This went back. Also, the S was perfect if you like your hoodies little looser.

Gili Hoodie SweatshirtCarbon 38 Sayang Collection


Cangu bra

Black in Small – beautiful bra with detailing in front and back. The small is a good fit once on but it is very difficult to take off. I’m keeping after debating over the fact it is such a mother to take off.

Canggu BraCarbon 38 Sayang Collection Sayang Collection Carbon 38


Seminyak bra

Beige in size small. This bra was very beautiful, too. It is quite plain in the front but stunning in the back. Material on both bras had this silky luxtreme type of feel. But I like this better lol. My only gripe with this bra was the lower band was little loose on me.

Seminyak BraCarbon 38 Sayang Collection

Comparison with both bras.

Carbon 38 Sayang Collection Carbon 38 Sayang Collection


Lovina Tank

Beige small. This was a nice loose fitting tank. I will prob wear as athleisure wear more than working out in. Very nice cotton and will show your bra on side and obviously back due to the detailing. . I will prob wear with a white Lulu bra.

Carbon 38 Sayang Collection

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  1. Thanks, Ms. L – love seeing this stuff here. I have been excited about this collection the way I used to be with LLL. I am really happy with the pieces I purchased and hope they restock a couple things so I can get some more. If for some reason you don’t keep your Seminyak bra, please let me know!

    1. I will make a note of it! And yes, this collection is so unique and beautiful. I used to be one of those people who waited for the weekly Tuesday upload, but definitely have not been excited about Lulu’s collection in the last few years. I hope Lulu gets their vision back. 🙂

      1. Same here! I get so dissapointed with the weekly Lululemon uploads – the brand just doesn’t seem that innovative anymore & I just have lost interest. I knew this Sayang collection would sell out quick – I have the Seminyak bra & the Lovina tank – love them both! I don’t wear the tank in the gym, it’s too pretty!

  2. Ms. L, thank you! I was really curious about this collection. Do you think you would wear the bras for a workout? Or is this collection more athleisure?

    @LS, do you wear your Sayang collection for workouts?

    It’s such a unique collection.

    1. I wore both bras for working out. the plain front ones for yoga and the smaller more ornate front bra for Barry’s Boot Camp. Both worked out great. I love their material. Worked out well for me. I’m 34C and bought small in both bras. It’s a pain to get into since i have super wide swimmer’s shoulders but ones they are on, they felt really good.

    2. Hello! I have not worn the bras but they are definitely seem supportive enough for workouts! Also, very happy about the removable bra pads. I usually don’t wear my workout clothes I workout in for “athleisure” wear, but in this case I may need to with the bras. I noted above I would wear the tank for athleisure wear because it is too thick for me to workout in. It is more of a summer cotton terry weight.

      1. And I agree with @anabelle… personally, I have been working on my lats..(but don’t have that beautiful swimmers back), and the bras were really hard to take off, esp the black Cangu bra!!!

        1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that struggles to get bras on/off but still wear them because they are cute! There used to be a time when I was younger that I could slip on any sports bras over my hips and remove the same way so I didn’t have to deal with the shoulder/lat issue. And now that my shoulders are not as flexible/mobile, I have a harder time. Oh, the joys of getting older!

          I actually wear all my workout gear as athleisure. It’s just more comfortable to me. I’ve found the non-workout athleisure wear (I’ve gotten some cute mesh tanks) tend not to hold their shape and when it gets hot are not sweat wicking. Besides if I had non-technical athleisure wear, I’d have no room in my closet!

    3. I’m planning to primarily wear the things I bought casually, but I think the Cangu bra, at least, is definitely supportive enough for active purposes! I was really impressed, especially because LLL has so few cute bras that are also supportive for people large than a B cup (32DD/E here).

  3. OT … This is a great collection. Love the bras…so unique. If you are in canada there are some good deals on alo leggings on the bay website….i caved on the half price muted lilac colour of the lace ones…kinda reminded me of colours of new taryn collection.

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