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Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty Essentials

I love checking out other peoples makeup bags so I thought I’d share with you what was in my makeup bag including my summer makeup essentials. When I travelled to Las Vegas this month, since that was the kick off for my ‘summer essentials’ makeup routine and my need for special beauty product considerations, I took some time to switch out my beauty products, streamline it and also take out products that I don’t use in the summer.

My #1 essential item is sunscreen of course, especially since I have rosacea which is seriously aggravated by hot weather and sun exposure.

Now that I’m 37 I’ve clung to my sunscreens and am as fanatical about not leaving the house without sunscreen as I am about not leaving the house without wearing pants.  My La Roche-Posay is great because it’s so thin and liquidy that it goes on quickly and easily and feels like I don’t have anything on.(Ulta currently has that sunscreen on for buy one get one 50% off). I’ve read that this particular sunscreen makes for a great makeup base and I agree. Another item I found really helpful while on a sunny vacation was my It Cosmetics CC cream because it really had great coverage without looking matte, and had the benefit of SPF 50. I really didn’t need concealer when I used the CC cream because it fully covered the redness on my right cheek from rosacea, so this was nice.  I love having high coverage but without a caked on makeup look, so the fewer products used to achieve full coverage the better.  The packaging of this CC cream is also very ideal for a travel bag since it comes in a tube with a pump at the end, and a lid. I highly recommend streamlining your products like this foundation + SPF combo when you travel. Another streamlined item I keep in my makeup bag is my Bite Beauty Multi Stick in Mascarpone and Papaya (love both of these colors and yes I need both on me at all times!). This multi stick works as a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow and it’s really very functional for all three. I love the matte stain I get on my lips with it though and that’s my main use for it but I like having an eyeshadow option in my bag just in case.  I also recommend using your Sephora points perks for those mini makeup pieces like my blush and my mascara – I save those for travel!

Two more items that travel with me and get constant use in my summer bag is the Deciem Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser and the Photography Fluid. This cleanser is really unique and something a lot of people struggle to get used to – it doesn’t smell pretty, it smells like coffee or bread. It stings your eyes if you get it in, and it needs to be washed off with a wash cloth. High maintenance for those of you not super serious about cleansers. I love it though because it washes off all of the oil from the surface of my skin and the pores and makes my skin feel super clean, matte and poreless. After a few minutes my skin starts reproducing oil again so my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight, just extremely clean and rebalanced. Perfect for sweaty sunscreen skin in the summer! You can also use this cleanser as a mask, which I do about once a week. The photography fluid is something I put on as a primer under my foundation and it gives a really pretty glow and blur to my pores and imperfections. I especially love this primer for when I know I’m going to be in a lot of pictures.

The rest of the products shown are a nice dry shampoo, setting powder and the Caudalie Beauty Elixer is a really nice setting spray for makeup that is also very cooling. When I use face powders I always use a setting spray like this that also has glycerine in it so that my makeup blends together and doesn’t look cakey or powdery.

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  • Thanks so much for this post. I have rosacea too and have to wear sunscreen all the time. Since I have a dog, I’m out a few times a day and hate to reapply sunscreen over and over again.

    Do you find reapplying the La Roche-Posay sunscreen easy? Some sunscreen tends to be difficult to spread when you reapply again and again.

    What about the It Cosmetics CC cream? Is it heavy to reapply, and does it make you look very unnatural with a few layers of the cream on?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

    • You are welcome!
      I’m not reapplying the it cosmetics (I think that would get too thick) but I do reapply the la roche posey and it’s easy and doesn’t get gunky. I would actually look into sunscreen sprays like this one to spray over makeup once you already have a layer of sunscreen + makeup and just need a touch up of sunscreen.

  • Thank you so much, Christina. Really appreciate your advice! Do you have a promotional for I didn’t see the buy one get one 50% promo for Le Roche Posay sunscreen. Thanks again!

    • I don’t. I only noticed it pop up yesterday with the buy one get one 50% off but I just looked and I don’t see that offer pop up anymore. Poop! Are you in Canada? if so, I often buy my La Roche Posay products at shoppers drug mart when they have the value packs available which are an awesome deal.

      • Cicipast baume B5 is another LRP item that I purchased in a value pack and I really love this as my night cream. My kids use it too on their eczema.

        • Thank you, Cristina! I live in Canada and will check out Shoppers. I’ve always loved your blog and it’s even better now that you’re sharing reviews on sports brands other than Lululemon as well as beauty products! I’m sure a lot of people appreciate your hard work like I do. :>

  • I am a Dry Bar products junkie. I own dry shampoo and dry conditioner and I use them religiously. i have long straight hair. Although I don’t need to have my hair blown out there, I still use their products. Smells great and fresh.
    I have very fair skin and never leave my flat without SPF. One of my favourite face cream is La Roche Posay and Mychelle SPF products. I also love Caudalie and use their face moisturizing spray. Especially in this hot dry weather. It works great on my face. Smells nice also

  • Thanks Christina for sharing the products you use as I have rosacea as well and it’s nice to know what works well with others who have this skin condition. I am fair skinned and have had sun damage to my forehead that has lead to skin cancer which I have had removed. I am very diligent now about applying sunscreen and will try La Roche-Posay. I think I will try the IT Cosmetics CC cream too, do you buy that at Shoppers as well?

    • I’ve only ever seen the It Cosmetics at Ulta in the US when I’ve travelled but Ulta now ships to Canada so I will be purchasing online from there from now on. It’s definitely a repurchase item for me. At first I thought it was pretty expensive for a foundation I expected to be mid market, but actually the quality and ingredients make it priced very fairly.

  • I use La Roche Posay as well. I think it’s the best for ease of application, coverage and price point. I’ve tried so many other sunscreens and La Roche Posay is my favorite.

    My favorite cleansers are Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme, which is a powder you use wet. It foams up really well and gently exfoliates. It rinses well and you don’t feel any residue. I also use Tatcha Camilla Cleansing Oil, which is an oil you put on dry then rinse off. When you rinse off, it turns milky. I usually don’t like cleansing oils because I feel like it leaves a greasy residue. But this one doesn’t! It completely rinses off and your face feels very soft and supple. It doesn’t dry out the skin. As I’ve gotten older, my skin is drier.

    I also use Dr. Sebagh’s Serum Repair. For a moisturizer at night I use La Mer Moisturizing Cream. For mornings, I use Tatcha Water Cream. I use Dr. Sebagh Supreme Eye Cream for under my eyes. I love the fact it comes with a roller to use instead of fingers. I think it’s gentler than using fingers.

    For a light foundation, I use Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation and Cle de Peau Pressed Powder.

    I use Cle de Peau Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact.

    Lipsticks and glosses range from Cle de Peau, by Terry, Nars, Nude Envy (various shades of nude lipstick), Kevin Aucoin, Givenchy and Chanel. I love the Kevin Aucoin water proof mascara. It doesn’t smudge (most other mascaras smudge on me) but its really easy to remove. It clumps off when you’re removing it with cleanser.

    I use Hourglass bronzer.

    Eye shadows come from various brands listed above. I especially like the Givenchy cream eye color and the Kevin Aucoin cream blush.

    Thanks for the recommendations re make up setting spray and spray sunscreen over makeup. I’ll check those out.

    This was a fun post to share. LOL, I could go on and on with all the make up products I use.

  • Thanks for this post! I’m in the US and I get my La Roche Posay at CVS – it’s on some sort of special very often. Right now I think it is buy one, get on 50% off, but I usually wait until it’s like $19.99 or whatever because I don’t like to buy two at once.

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