The Lululemon Upload is up! Nothing for me today (yet) but I am eyeing up the Essential Tank to purchase. I just can’t decide if I want the forest green or navy. I’m also really loving the new color fig and would love an Essential Tank in that color as well. Breeze By White Light Cast and Summer Haze Multi are both very pretty prints. I’m actually on vacation right now and have a nearby Lululemon and I want to run over and try the new Shaped Shorts, because they look perfectly casual for summer, yet dressy.

Did you order anything? What are your thoughts on these new colors and prints?

Essential Tank

Ugh! What color do I pick? I’m normally definitely a green person but both the green and navy are calling to me equally here.

Essential Tank Essential Tank

Essential Tank

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight Nile Blue

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight

Wunder Under Hi Rise 7/8 Tight

Pretty! I’d love this print in a pima tank.

Love Tee II Figue

This color is totally my color. I would actually probably break my CRB II ban and get it in this color if it shows up.

Love Tee II Figue Love Tee II Figue

Peri Purple

Love Tee II Peri Purple

Swiftly Tech LS Bleacher Blue

Reminds me of old 2013 Oasis Blue Swiftlys

Swiftly Tech LS Bleacher Blue

Swiftly Tech Racerback

Swiftly Tech Raceback Bleacher Blue

Sweat Date Singlet

Sweat Date Singlet

Sweat Date Singlet

Train Times 7/8 Pant

Another really pretty print.

Train Times 7/8 Pant

Pace Perfect Crop

Pace Perfect Crop

Mesh On Popover

This really reminds me of a lot of Lorna Jane designs.

Mesh On Popover

Speed Short 

Speed Short Speed Short

Tracker Short V

Tracker Short V

Shaped Short *3

Shaped Short Shaped Short

Shaped Short Sleeve

Shaped Short Sleeve

Free To Be Serene Bra

Free To Be Serene Bra

Intended Crop Tee

Intended Crop Tee

Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise Jaded

Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise Jaded

Mesh On Meh Short

Mesh On Mesh Short

Mesh On Mesh Short

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    1. doesn’t look close at all. Indian ocean has multiple colours in it. I’m wondering how close it is to Kayak from last year though.

  1. There are so many things I’m lusting over, but I’m in the middle of some major home renos prior to listing my house for sale so nada for me. I’ll be crossing my fingers for any of these things pop up on WMTM/LLL. The new colors are really nice though. I love the new pink but I know that it will look awful on me with fair skin/red hair, so I will just admire it on everyone else!

    1. i totally agree with you on the nice colors!! i also see what you’re saying with the pink and how it wouldn’t go with your red hair, but being fair skinned would go perfectly with that mauvey-pink color! im quite tan-skinned myself and i personally know that blushy tones dont work well with my warm undertones.. honestly i think the pink would look fabulous on you! give it a go 🙂 im sure you would look amazing in it!

  2. Ordered the Nike Blue FAFs to check the color. They’re not available in stores, so buying them is the only way to see what the color’s really like.

  3. No new colours in the love tees or tanks for Canadians… what’s up with that?! I feel like everyone else is getting these nice colours in the love tees and tanks but us, and we are going into summer!

  4. Cristina, my two cents, if you are only getting one essential tank, I vote navy. I’m going to be in big trouble. The colors and prints are so nice. I was trying not to spend this month so I could buy more personal training sessions but I might have to break my rule and cut back elsewhere!

    I’m going to have to try the shaped shorts because it looks dressier.

    Thanks for posting on your vacation. Have fun with your family!

  5. Lots of pretty colors this upload. I agree – figue is awesome. I got the sweat date tank in figue (I also bought the other 2 colors last week. FWIW, I sized down. It’s a little shorter than I’d like, but I still like it). I also got the summer haze multi WUs & FTBS bra. The bleacher blue swiftlies are tempting but I feel like I have enough blues. I just noticed a lip gloss SS swiftly that I might get, and like you I’d be game for a figue CRB.

  6. Does anyone know whether or not they will ever do wunder unders in luon again. I don’t like nulux or luxtreme they are both too slippery. I like some of the colors like boysenberry and jaded and would get the wunder under crops in a heartbeat if they were luon.

    1. Seriously me too!! I finally got a pair of black crops in my size (they randomly get new sizes in) and I would like more colours!!!

  7. Hi there. When I click the Love tee Figue it says sold out. Is this a new item? I sure how so. Love the Colorado. Thanks

    1. It’s still available on the US side. Just make sure you’re looking for Love Tee II. On the short sleeves page, they have Love Tee III, Love Tee IV, and, confusingly, the new Love Tee IIs.

  8. I got the Summer Haze 7/8, FnF bra and the figue Sweat Date Singlet and then went back and ordered the Love tees. I love the colors but have never tried them. They look like a size down item?? Also I think the Essential tank colors give two totally different looks but I’d like the navy if I had to choose.

  9. I ordered Speeds in breeze by, intended tee in Navy , and sweat date tank in figur. Pretty good upload !! Thanks Lulu!

  10. Anybody know what the jaded crops are in the photo of the light blue Sweat Date singlet? I want a pair of crops in jaded, but I’d prefer a pair with a drawstring. I love the Twist and Train crops, but people are commenting that they are big in the waist and slip down.

    1. I saw those too… any ideas what these are.. ? I tried on the Twist and Train and thought they felt loose.. i like a side pocket as well. ??

    2. I saw those too… any ideas what these are.. ? I tried on the Twist and Train and thought they felt loose.. i like a side pocket as well. ??

  11. I was looking forward to the Define Jacket in the beautiful color Seascape. On the Australia download, it looked sharp with the color Jaded in hi-rise crops — getting away from the rose, pink colors and into the blues. And what happened to that beautiful feminine bra, Pushing Limits? The Hint of Sheer Singlet compliments the Pushing Limits bra. That’s what I was looking forward to of all of their items for this week but not available yet, I guess.

    1. I agree that I was looking forward to the new Seascape Define, especially since I will not buy a CRB2; the original was a staple for me.

      I hope the pretty Define makes it to North America. 🙂

  12. I love the new colors and think many of them will go together well. I did get the sweat date singlet in the figue color and am interested in the summer haze pattern but need to see it in person or at least on someone else. If anyone is able to do a fit review or confirm that they pass the squat test please let us know!

  13. If the summer haze print comes in shorts I am definitely going to be giving them a try. Hope it’s the pink toned one, not the blue one.

  14. Really intrigued by those spaced shorts. I LOVE spacer fabric!!! Ordered the Sweat Date in Figue, can’t go wrong at $38!

    1. I just saw it. It’s really intense and gorgeous. It has a subtle heathering that keeps the colour from being flat.

    2. I bought the s/s bleacher swiftly and am torn as to whether I am going to keep it. It is an intense colour but I am not loving it so I think I am going to return it. When you hold it up to other blues I see it as a blue/green. I also purchased the Love Tee Crew in seascape and I am returning that one too as the colour is very muted and not what I was expecting. I think the colour looks better in pictures but IRL it is too plain and muted for me.

      1. I agree it looked blue/green in person. I was hoping it would be a lighter blue but it’s a little too bright for my pale skin.

  15. So did the fast and free tights in Blue Nile sell out? I get an error message when I click on the photo, and when I search the website, that color isn’t one of the options available. Hope more will come out in this color (I want crops) as well as in the bleacher blue.

    1. They’re there. Last week they were there and then disappeared. Not sure what’s up with that.

      Mine arrived today. They’re pretty, but I was hoping for a richer color – more of a jewel tone. They’re a little downcast. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep them or not. If I didn’t already have FAFs in Fair Isle, I certainly would, but the two are in the same color range.

  16. I’m waiting for more colors in the Hotty Hot II Long version. It’s like they released 3 colors in the new version (and no chrome!) and then gave up. Ugh. I just want a nice neutral color – chrome, black, heck, i’ll even take yet another black and white print in those.

    I have the viridian green so I have my eye on the tiger eye color of the essential tank. But I don’t understand lulu still. They re-released the essential tank in green, blue and black. Then they release 2 “new” colors – green and blue, just different shades of the same color. Was hoping for a pink shade. Very frustrating at times.

  17. They just dumped a bunch of colors of the Power Y tank on WMTM. It seems like it’s going the way of the CRB I.

  18. I want that love tee ii in fig to come to Australia so bad, it is gorgeous! So glad they’re bringing that version back it looks like

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