The Lululemon Canada 150 Special Edition items have been added to the website!

These special edition love tanks are themed with ‘We Are What We Practice’ and a tiny little red maple leaf, and then Love, Solidarity, Peaceful and Positivity. Two of the four of these are in French. These are to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday on Saturday July 1 – so sadly these likely won’t ship out in time to arrive before Canada Day (actually I’m seeing a header that says it will!).  I’m actually surprised that Lululemon didn’t put more into these since many retailers (MAC for example) are making really great commemorative Canada 150 items. Ivivva got some really great Canada 150 items last month – red and white leggings and cool racerbacks.

I’m not purchasing one because I have a luon Cool Racerback from a few years ago that says ‘Home Is Here’ with a larger maple leaf on it.

*Ok I lied. I just purchased the Positivity one.

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  1. I’m super underwhelmed with their Canada 150 offerings. I thought for sure I’d be scooping up whatever was uploaded as soon as it hit. I saw these a couple of hours ago and am leaning towards not ordering anything. Seriously considering seeing if these make it to wmtm. I can’t believe this is all they’ve done. Around 2010 during Olympics, we had such better choices, why didn’t they do something similar? Come on Lululemon! For being a “Proud” Canadian company you sure don’t show it. Could that maple leaf be any smaller?

  2. Yes…i dont mean to be negative nelly but i was expecting something with colour…like ivviva….maybe a bit bigger leaf… I am not going to be buying and i had saved up for this. I already have a tank with words on it…not sure i need another. Think i will wear my true red rivals white tank and red ftbw to gym on that day….or some combination. My wallet needs a break…so this works well for me!

  3. Ah! Those ivivva tights are cute!! Can anyone comment on fit? Any crossover from the lulu sizing? And will the ship from store phone order like lulu? Thanks!

    1. I believe stores will be getting them in over the week….or at least they are expecting to get them….though i think vancouver stores were wiped out from resellers picking them up for us folks etc. Good luck…hope you find one! Probably one of those buy now think later items.

        1. Surprised stores allow one person to buy 40 tops at one time and clean out stock. .but i guess its easy sales for them. I can see at outlets as they are unloading junk that no one wants albeit some things are good finds but by the time shipping and angel fee is added it really isnt much cheaper than full price. As i tell my daughter…its only a great buy if you are going to wear it often….so buy full price something you really want than 5 items at markdown that are ok but you are just buying because its a deal. Ive learned from experience lol. Enjoy the weekend. I see more stores have the tanks now….so those wanting should be able to get.

          1. These are different times for Lululemon and they need to encourage sales any way they can.

            I have a similar philosophy on markdown shopping. I only buy things I already really wanted at full price, but for whatever reason couldn’t buy at the time. I’m not really motivated to buy anything just because it’s marked down – a $9 lululemon item that I didn’t really like at full price or half price doesn’t suddenly become appealing to me, and it takes up too much valuable real-estate in my closet.

  4. I think these are brutal! Not cute at all, it’s weird how they split up the words, and why would they put all kinds of busy writing on the stomach? Not a spot where I want people’s eyes to focus on! I was hoping for some true reds and maybe a jacket or hoodie that I could wear proudly year round! These look like any other tank you’d get at any other store.

  5. Reading the letters on these tanks is like doing an eye exam. Canada’s 150th Birthday and this is all Lululemon could come up with?

    1. I thought the same! They kind of look like an eye exam chart, lol! I like them, but I suspect it’s mostly because I’m in the US and it would be it be cool to have one. If they were selling the same ones here with a little US flag swapped for the maple leaf, I don’t think I’d be as interested. In any case, Happy 150 to my Canadian friends!!!

  6. Aw, I feel sorry for Canadian Lulu fans who were excited for this release! I would be bummed, too. On a sort of related note, are the Love Tanks and Yogi Racerbacks similar in shape/size?

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