The lululemon upload is up! Very light upload today, and especially light for Canadian shoppers. For some reason Canada didn’t get the It’s a Tie Tank or the Deep Forest Tight Stuff Tights. I think I may have liked the Mash Up White Black print in a pair of hi rise wunder under crops, but it’s way too hot out now to wear full length luxtreme leggings. I was excited to see a minty color but I was hoping it was Bali Breeze or Menthol, or maybe something new. Toothpaste was too pale of a mint green for me when it came out last and it looks more like an aqua blue in person. Final Lap crops are interesting since they are nulux and have finished hems which the fast and free do not. I’d like to try them on.

It’s A Tie Tank

Hotty Hot Shorts Toothpaste

Lulu Addict is on to something when she suggests that these where probably cobbled together with old toothpaste material.

Wunder Under Hi Rise Pant

Final Lap Crop

Align Pant II

Tight Stuff Tight II

Pack Light 1/2 Zip Pullover

Tracker Short V

Breeze By Muscle Tank

Final Lap Short 

Final Lap Tank

Final Lap Tank

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  1. Lots of markdowns on the Australian site, it’s their home page
    I hope this means NA will have some good markdowns this week.

  2. Wee are from space Train Times crop and Mash Up WUs for me. If you want an awesome tie-back tank, I suggest Carbon38’s Rally Tank. I recently ordered a couple and absolutely love them. They seemed to sell out quickly but hopefully they’ll restock. For reference, I wear a 4 in Lulu tanks and got a size small and it’s perfect.

  3. I thought the Breeze By Muscle Tank looked cute at first. On the website it kinda reminded me of those old soccer jerseys that you wear during a scrimmage. I’d like to see photos of someone trying that tank out in real life.

    1. I also thought this tank is appealing especially with the summer heat coming but I just purchased the foresr green in the love tank and have too many black/white/navy tops as it is.

  4. Absolutely nothing. As usual. Was hoping they would release more tanks in quicksand, but I think that’s too much of a spring/summer colour for them. After all, we are only heading into June. ??

  5. Nothing for me as per usual. I did pick up a pair of speeds in crome last week, it’s a decent neutral with a tan. Was hoping to see some more tanks in quicksand. But I think that’s too much of a spring/summer colour for them. After all, we are only heading into June. ??

  6. Lol that floral design looks a lot like my seawheeze shorts! Guess they couldn’t think of anything original?

    1. I know! I saw it up close today and it’s the same digitized print base. SW just has a few more illustration layers.

  7. Nothing for me this week. So disappointed in most of their designs this year plus their colour choices are so boring and repetitive in black, white and navy. In Mr. Potdevin’s last conference call for the 4th qtr results of 2016 he blamed poor sales on lack of colour and said they would be putting out colour ASAP so we get leftover fabric from years past like orange and toothpaste? I was in a store yesterday and from what I saw in colour selections I could have sworn it was October and not May. So I guess the decision makers and visionaries at LLL thought it was a good idea to give us fall colours in summer, really what were they thinking? Now in their scramble to get some summer colour product out to market they are pulling old fabric rolls from inventory, dusting them off and making whatever they can with however much fabric is left on the roll. So I expect the colour theme for summer to remain muted with a pop of colour here and there from old unused fabric from years past.

  8. Bought the breeze by muscle tank when it first came out last December/January. It’s comfortable and soft, doesn’t show off too much skin despite the dropped arms, and works well on warm days. I took my regular size 4 but probably could have sized down if I wanted. The band around the bottom/hip would have been tighter though.

  9. Lulumum- When you warned us last summer that some of your insiders were saying there would be a lack of colors with just a neutral color palette. I honestly thought, okay, Fall/Winter this will be their trend. I never dreamed that it would be a year later and we’d still be seeing black, navy, static prints in items that are so close to each other in design, they all look the same. And it makes me wonder who really thought that this was the way to go?? Did they really think that their consumers would like to buy similar pieces in the same colors over and over? And that these similar designs and neutral colors would pull in new customers as they passed by the store? It seems like a terrible way to run a clothing company. Like a newbie is running the show, and that’s coming from someone who knows nothing about business.

    1. You would find it hilarious to know what emails I got about that telling me how misinformed I was. 8 months later, exactly what I said in August came true.

      1. That’s so funny!! You have always had great intel sources. And I am very thankful that you warned us! It prevented me from purging a bunch of stuff (I was stuck in that buy, purge/sell, buy cycle) and I would have regretted it all year!!

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