May 9, 2017

What did you guys order? I’m loving Royal blue which is funny because I was completely disinterested in Blazer Blue, Blueberry and Midnight Navy (and all the others this past winter). This morning I purchased the Royal Blue Sculpt Tank II but am undecided if I prefer that one over the Royal Blue Swiftly Tech SS. For the upload I ordered the Sun Setter Bra which is a new style of bra for me, but it occurs to me that that bra will look great under several dressy tanks and tee shirts I have for the summer time, so I decided to see how it looks in person. I ordered the three colors but I will likely just keep black. I’m also eyeing up the printed bottoms in the black Sun Setter Bra photo – I’d love to see those in a hi rise wunder under crop, or a run crop of some sort. The Sun Setter Crop in Royal also interests me but I didn’t order because I think it’s really limited in what tops I can wear with it. I’m also loving the Lean In Bra but I can tell that it’s going to be limited to A-B cups. I really like the style though so I will reserve total judgement until I’ve tried it on. I know these colors aren’t bright and vibrant jewel tones but Royal, Deep Forest, Black Grape, Quicksand and Deep Currant are all very springy colors to me. Much better than White/Black/Navy.

Align Pant Boysenberry

Align Pant

Train Times Crops

Train Times Crops Train Time Crops

Sun Setter Bra

Sun Setter Bra Sun Setter Bra Sun Setter Bra

Sun Setter Crop

Sun Setter Crop Sun Setter Crop Sun Setter Crop Sun Setter Crop

Wunder Under Hi Rise Crop Royal

Lean In Tank

Lean In Tank Lean In Tank Lean In Tank

Lean In Short Sleeve

Lean In Short Sleeve

Lean In Short Sleeve

Lean In Crop

Lean In Crop Lean In Crop Lean IN Crops

Sculpt Tank II Royal

Sculpt Tank II Royal

Swiftly Tech SS Royal

Swiftly Tech LS 

Swiftly Tech LS Swiftly Tech LS

Lean In Bra

Lean In Bra Lean IN Bra Lean In Bra

Run Times Shorts

Run Times Short Run Times Short

Cool Racerback II 
Cool Racerback II

Align CropAlign Crop Deep Forest

Lean In Long Sleeve

Lean In Long SLeeve Lean IN Long Sleeve Lean In Long SLeeve

On The Fly Pant

On The Fly Pant

Train Times Pant

Train Times Pant

Unchartered Waters Top

Unchartered Waters Top

Unchartered Waters Bottom

Unchartered Waters Bottom

Endless Horizons Top

Endless Horizons Top

Endless Horizons Bottom

Endless Horizons Bottom

Rising Tides Top 

Rising Tides Top

Wild Abandon One Piece

Wild Abandon ONe Piece

Sea Courage Rash Guard

Sea Courage Rash Guard

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  1. Ella says:

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but does anyone recognize the floral leggings on the model wearing the black sun setter bra? Have we seen those uploaded yet?

  2. Kara says:

    Nothing interesting. Overused, annoying colors

  3. anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s a whole lot of “nope” :O It’s all just so, so horrible looking.

  4. Rise and Shine says:

    Not loving the dark colors or that there are so many similar, but distinct colors. Boysenberry looks like the bastard child of Black Grape and Black Currant, while Royal looks like a Poseidon twin. Odd and a bit annoying.

  5. janine57 says:

    To look at the colors you would think it’s fall. I honestly think they want to fail bc reading the blogs it’s clear what the people want. Or maybe they don’t care what the majority wants? The sheep will continue to buy but they won’t make much profit. They have truely lost their way.

  6. LW says:

    Every week I find myself asking if I would have purchased any of this stuff had it been released during ‘peak’ LLL, and the answer is almost always no. The bar has been lowered so much.

  7. danika says:

    I do not like not even one single item from this upload. Usually I like at least something. But today it is an epic fail for me.

  8. Rise and Shine says:

    Here’s something else I don’t understand: why do they keep making so many new items? THREE new crops this week. Why not re-release an old favorite? If people saw Rundays (for example) on here, they’d say, “Oh, I love the pair I own! They’re flattering and have held up well, but I could use a new pair.” Click to purchase. Easy sale. But they offer new stuff that we have to make the effort to try on and then take a gamble that it will perform. Thanks, but no thanks. If the new styles were really compelling, it would be different, but they’re pretty ho-hum, so who’s feeling motivated to bother? Not me.

    In fairness, I have managed to purchase a fair amount this year, but most of it falls into the category of basics, like a couple of hats, and there are very few new styles I like. Even the items I’ve enjoyed – like the Arise LS – are heavily dependent on materials. The designs themselves are unremarkable.

    I’m baffled as to why the design team is so very lost and why there hasn’t been a staffing change. Everyone has a bad season from time to time, but this is ridiculous. Fall was bad, Winter was bad, and Spring is completely ludicrous. On thing I’m pretty sure of though, is that after having to basically apologize for bad design at the last quarterly call, if Potdevin doesn’t take action soon, it’s going to be his neck on the chopping block.

    Sorry for the negativity. I don’t know why I can’t look away from this train wreck. Clearly, I need to move on.

    • LW says:

      That’s what I don’t get, either. I’m less inclined to spend money trying new styles than I am to buy products that I know already work for me. Most of those are now gone, so I’m just not buying – a big part of this is that LLL seems to be releasing fewer and fewer technical styles that actually perform. It was hard enough to predict when new versions of staple/much-loved styles would be released, or to find a style again on the LLL site after trying it out and finding it works. I like to buy multiple versions of things that work for me; there are too many unknowns between new materials and styles (to say nothing of cost-cutting construction/production methods) and few items seem to live up to the hype over the long term. I feel like they recognize that they are now in large part trading on name alone, and the tradeoff is to release a ton of different styles that are overall poorer in quality, fit, construction, and durability instead of offering core styles that are reliable and consistent. Look at how many people are endlessly willing to keep returning the same newer styles over and over again (and even acknowledge how poor the quality is) for a new pair that will have the same issue in three wears (I don’t trust anyone that recommends the Align pants with a straight face). So many styles confuse the buyer and take the burden off of LLL to produce quality clothes because people seem to now accept their quality issues as a given. I’m not willing to beta test LLL’s clothes for them, regardless of how many returns and exchanges are offered. It’s so incredibly wasteful if nothing else.

    • danika says:

      this 100%!!!

  9. Carol says:

    Hoping to see more pieces next week in Dark Adobe!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where are the capris in new prints? Summer is right around the corner and the last thing I want is full or 7/8 pants!

  11. CT says:

    I bought the Royal Swiftly s/s and that’s it. I stopped buying Swiftlies because I was so sick of heathered and ugly patterned ones so now when I see a nice solid colour I go for it. I saw the UK got Royal Run Times which I will buy if they come to Canada. I too am really liking black currant, black grape and dark forrest and now this Royal Blue but I have to say I am curious as to what their summer palette will be like, muted or vibrant?

    As for the Lean In line, the tops are horrible. No one has commented on the Sun Setter Crops, would anyone here wear crops with mesh all the way up to the waist? I know I wouldn’t. I am rather surprised their drop just before mother’s day is kind of blah and nothing that really jumps out at me style wise. I am big time missing a nicely designed and detailed running jacket, all the cropped jackets this year have been a big no for me.

  12. Klo says:

    I am boring and I ordered the perforated black speeds. No reason for me to buy a new pair of crops now that summer is here, besides the fact that the colors are sooooo similar and muted. You can’t tell one from the other on the mobile site. I did recently buy the embossed WU’28 and the Forrest sleeves swiftly. Love both. And have worn multiple times since I received them. No cute fun speed short patterns…where are the cute plaids, stripes and chevrons. We get enough seriousnous in today’s politics. Let’s have a little fun with our clothes huh??

  13. Lulu in Calgary says:

    I’m confused why you didn’t feature the Made to Shade wrap/scarf! A Lulu scarf with UV protection?? Yesss count me in! I hope they come out with this in more colors!

  14. Gymmie says:

    Nothing for me again..so im happy as my wallet needs a break. I did get the speeds in the aeriel drift colour. Was waiting to see if fast free would be released in that print….maybe not. I have so much lulu that it needs to be cute print for me to get something. So keep producing black grey and dark purple burgundy…i will save lots. I may go back and consider some past colours in crb and speeds if they are at stores. I certainly lost fomo and do not order much anymore. If i am at store i look around but i dont hunt down a particular item anymore.

  15. Lisa says:

    I ordered the sun setter bra too! It’s definitely very different from bras I usually wear, but it is just so dang pretty–I am hoping I will be brave enough to wear it to work out in by itself (it feels like a nice transition into being able to work out at crossfit in the summer without a full coverage tank).

    I am curious how you plan to style it with other tops! Maybe do a post showing it with different tops if you like it??? 🙂

    I am boring and just wear cool racerbacks 99% of the time.

    • lulumum says:

      If it looks how I hope it will I will definitely post. I have a few wide necked/boat neck off the shoulder type tops that I think it may look nice with. I also have a sheer lace black top that I have been wearing with a back tank underneath. I think a tank is a bit much, but so is just a bra – so this type of a bra may be the right solution.

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